Komiyo Care – Spoof Video on Holy Cow – Nakkalites

Komiyo Care – Spoof Video on Holy Cow – Nakkalites

Get lost you scumbags… Heyy Mukesh, I know you will listen to me… Get down NOWW NO!! I will not listen to you anymore… I will not come down Everything we did was for your good… come down now Like hell you did!!! Get lost now you scoundrel!!! Listen you wretch… you haven’t had your breakfast… you are gonna faint and fall for real Run away before I hit you with stones… you were nothing but an imp you were nothing but an imp Listen to me this once Mukesh… drink a glass of cow muthra… you can be saved from this mental deviance Ohhh Uncle listen to this nonsense… drinking muthra… he wants me to drink muthra… get lost you idiots… Yes Ready Never mind the steep fall of Indian economy… for a more important event… a youngster falling from a hilltop is the hot news now Come let us inquire this considerate man who’s shouting on top of his voice Sir, Do you know Mukesh? Ofcourse, he is my best friend Why did he decide to end his life? Ohh that is a long story… That’s not a problem, we can air it in the show “Sach baliye/Suicide Idol” Mukesh was not well for quite sometime… then his cough got worse… so we took him to Dr.Pasupathi… Who is the Patient? Reports? What a wizard!!!!! Date of birth? 12 12 1992 Time of birth? 12 A.M Sign? Star? Sign is human. Human? Star? Star is Comet. Comet! Patient has Cancer Doctor!!!! What are you saying?!!? It is not me… His astrology says so… And also the name M.U.K.E.S.H. No hope with Numerology either. It is definitely Cancer Are you a fake or something? Did you think Iam a doctor who would start with scans, biopsies and chemo therapies??? They are allopathy doctors. Then who are you? ORGANIC Doctor. Ohh okay. What treatment would you give? Komiyo Care What? It is D & U Medical technology. Health ministry has already approved this. Cancer’s nothing. It can even cure A.I.D.S Start this therapy immediately and save my son Doctor stop it Uncle!!! This is absurd… Doctor I don’t believe you… How can you be so sure???.. You did not even take an X-ray Remove your shirt As if you need a X-ray for this body Just spray a little water and see with the help of torch Confirmed… It is Cancer Can we save him? Ofcourse ofcourse… But we have to admit him immediately Yes Doctor we will.. we will… What happened then? Was Komiyo Care treatment given? Iam Mukesh’s brother sir… we admitted him in the hospital… and then… Listen carefully… this is treatment’s first step… Do not mess the steps Mix 2 kilo cow dung with 1 litre of cow urine. Apply the mixture all over the patient’s body What happens is… I die of stench Heyy no no don’t call it stench… call it ‘Aroma Therapy’ Aroma Therapy!!? Doctor you said something about D&U Technology Correct. Correct. Definitely. It is Dung and Urine Technology. It is very powerful We presumed it to be science… but you ask us to mix shit… Listen brother, ‘If you say god… it’s god If you call it stone… it’s stone If you say science… it’s science If you call it shit… it’s shit If you call it shit… It’s shhiittttttt He is sure to die of treatment before he dies of cancer You, Bullshit! What are you even irked about? When Iam yet to start the ‘Ratolio’ Therapy What’s a Ratolio Therapy!!!??? Oh that’s nothing… Only the white rat’s feces is immune to cancer What about black rat’s? No.. Never Think about black… Black is DRAVIDIAN… To many side effects… Very Complicated.. It never fits with anything… okay let us start the treatment… come on… come on Uncle, why did you accept to everything he said? He was being completely ridiculous Do not provoke him… What if he starts to ask for monkey’s droppings or squirrel’s. are fortunate he stopped with rats… Idiots… come now Don’t jump… Mukesh… come down…” Here is one of the chief person who made Mukesh take such a terrible decision Let’s inquire his Uncle Mukesh is going to die a very horrible death. Are you happy now? ohh it’s heartless… Don’t say that Iam his uncle… Do you know how I struggled to save his life? What did you do?? I admitted and took care of him without sleep or water. On the third night, do you know what happened? Doctor is going to start that new treatment for Mukesh Okay In the early morning, Cow’s first dung is too rich with anti-bodies to fight cancer. So? Song:Let us all have the midnight Pooja Song:Let us all have the secret sacred dharshan You Idiots… it is the time see my wife’s beautiful face … but here Iam watching the cow’s rear… Don’t make noise Uncle… You’re making the cow nervous Listen carefully… the dung must emerge without any strain or stress… … like a flowering bud… only then its powerful You might even ask me to lure it with flowers and sweets. Pay attention Uncle. Now dung is the god to save our Mukesh. God’s Place is Temple. We are almost sitting in the back enterance of a temple. Don’t be blasphemous. Show the light properly All my dreams and sense floats Over this stream that flows Let us hear from Doctor… who is the reason behind Mukesh’s suicide Why did you try to kill an youngster with your Komiyo Care treatment? You’re mistaken … Iam not the reason behind his suicide If you are not behind this, then who is? Sir, Nagasena is the culprit Heyyy who are you? Don’t come without Permission. Who are you We are NAGASENA Do you need any treatment? We have come here to treat you What are you talking about? Were you planning to destroy Mukesh’s nest? The nest you are talking about is his cancer. It has to be treated What did you dare say about our divine nest? This is a sacrilege. Such arrogance should be crushed. Sir listen… to think it divine it’s not a snake nest… it is cancer nest If you call it disease one more time I shall stab right through your mouth. All nests are sacred. From now Mukesh is our responsibility What are you going to do? ha haa haaaaaa Doctor, you said it would be Komiyo Care but now why am I dressed like a snake’s nest? Nothing in our hands anymore Mukesh… they have changed Komiyo care to Cobra Care COBRA CARE? I’ve been ruined Mukesh’s piteous state should never happen to anyone else. Let’s talk about this to Mukesh himself Don’t come closer… I shall jump Ohh I have come to aid you in your jump What??!! Uncle… I would serve you good to die than live eating and drinking dung and muthra Dung ka Dum. What happened in the life of an innocent that drove him to take such a horrendous decision? To know further keep watching Shika TV Subtitles by : Priya

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  1. கிருஷ்துவ முஸ்லிம் பற்றி எல்லாம் ஒரு படம் எடுக்க முடியுமா? அவர்கள் மூட நம்பிக்கைகள் பற்றி எடுக்க திரானி இருக்கிறதா?இப்ப என்ன rss ன்னு முத்திரை குத்தி பேசினால் நீ ஒரு isis

  2. சோதி நல்லா தூக்கி காட்டு சித்தப்பா. சித்தப்பா உங்க Dialogue Thaan highlight pa

  3. cobra care😂😂😂😂😀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  4. Tamil ayya, chemistry sir, sassi, Arun.. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌👌

  5. Anna super naa. I Love you sassi and Arun… Anna neenga seekaramaa cinemala kalakanumnaa. I am waiting for that…

  6. கோவை குசும்பு தாங்க முடியாது இதுல extra இந்த comedies.
    Congrats nakkalites

  7. Science endral science sani endral sani than………😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😙😙😙🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸👏👏👏👏👏music 🎶 awesome ❤❤❤ vera level

  8. விடியக்கால போட்ற முதல் செட் சாணி …..முடியல சிரிச்சி வயிறு வலி

  9. மாடு சாணி போட்ற வரை வெய்ட் பன்னி கேமராவ அங்க வெச்சிங்க பாருங்க ,…. அங்க நின்னுட்டிங்க தல..

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  11. Paaaa superb vera level Nakkalites team.
    Intha yearkana Oscar nominees neenga tha awesome 👏. Keep it up

  12. 🤣🤣🤣😍😍😍😍🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻✌✌✌✌✌👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  13. Nan unga short films ah romba rasichuruken. Bt idha Enna solli asinga padutharadhu nu theriyala. Avlo kevalama iruku. Indha cancer la badhicha oru uyir edhavadhu oru muraiyila kaapaatha patraadha nu eangura andha uravugaluku dhan pain theriyum. Romba asingama iruku indha film… Uyir Mela oruthanuku evlo aasai irukum nu idhula baadhucha oru kuzhandhai ah poi GH la paathu 10 nimisam pesunga. Nenga evlo kevalama film pannirukenga nu puriyum. Adhula oru kuzhandhai indha vedio paathu sirucha Nan indha padhivuku mannipu keka ready ah iruken. Unga team ah nenaikave asingama iruku…

  14. Aama yenakku oru doubt ,appo namma veedugal la athavathu namma antha kaala ootu veedugal la saanam pootu mezhuguvaangaley athu yen.!!!!!enna va irukkum

  15. Yeppa ippotha parthe antha motha settu Sani vera level 😂😂😂😂😂😂 sirichu vairuvaliyea vandhuruchu Da yeppa

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