kutte me khujli rokne के 5 आसान तरीके। itchy dog

hi friends how are you, long time didn’t made any video Lets make today’s video. Why your dog is itchy, Its raining as you can see Rain came late, right now it is raing and i am stuck in clinic In this type of climate i get so many cases of itching Therefore, lets see, why your dog itches and how to prevent it from happening Itching in dogs occurs for two reasons One is environmental Truely speaking this can be called allergy this happens due to food allergy, contact dermatitis atopic dermatitis second reason of itching as you might already know is .. due to ticks, mites, fungus or broadly speaking parasitic now lets talk one by one for non specific allergic itching you may apply coconut oil for that you rub coconut oil on both hands and then massage it in the body of dog another thing you can do… though i do not want to say it to you better to visit a vet. but you may give antihistaminic medicine such as cetrizine, allegra but this drug will only help to itch temporarily, won’t cure as long as the cause is not addressed beside these you can change your dog food may be to other brand or other range of product relieve your dog from food allergy then comes atopic dermatitis sometimes when all other things fails atopic dermatitis is the cause even vets find it hard to diagnose you may apply Takfa from Intas pharmaceutical or allederm of virbac now lets come to second cuse- parasitic for removing ticks you may use anti tick shampoo such as clinar pet or anti tick spray such as Effipro For mites you may use dermichlor spray or ivermectin tablet or injection if all of this fails , then contact a vet the vet will perform Skin Scrapic test they will scratch out a tiny portion of skin and examine under microscope to find out the problem under microscope ticks, mites, fungus all become visible ok see you again its still raining here today i got time to share information with you since it is raining very few pets have come today

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