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  1. I finally agreed to medication. I was feeling too afraid bc I have a LOOOONG history of addiction in my family. I try to put off getting prescriptions, for anything, until it can't be avoided. My meds aren't right yet but I have more good days than before.

  2. If you look at the good the bad and the evil of society? All in the Family TV program or the Mom Show? Opening or loosening up people who have stiff stigmatic fears about mental problems Who fits in an ant society of you will do this or that in line pay a bunch of numbers and shame/ guilt religion? Are we worshipping death or life are we robots? No for most of us still thank God ( if you believe in one sorry ) Learning about epigenetics and how we are responsible for what happens to children in the womb. And what we are doing in life as well affects all of us chemically If we could inform the public without the dreaded privacy rules via PBS? As it's been on TV like PBS so people who aren't informed can become so?

  3. My mom took me to the psychiatrist and made me swear on god that I wouldn’t tell anyone that I’m using pills. How should I not be embarrassed of my mental illness?

  4. I was labeled as sensitive, too, from a young age. But this year at 27 years of age I was diagnosed with autism. It makes so much sense. And I know the difficulties ive had bc of it was a huge catalyst for my depression which started in my childhood.

  5. I'm not ashamed of my mental illness!!…….but it seems that everyone else is!!!!lol….fuck em, that's wot i say…….a lot of them in society are madder that wot i will ever be……..their just not bright enough to realize it……being mad and aware of it, is not a bad thing in my opinion…but being mad and not aware of it…is outright dangerous!!!….I'm the canary in the coalmine!!lol…canary= human…coalmine=society, prison, matrix wotever you want to call it.

  6. Why do we do any of this in life? Terrible things happen regardless of what we do. Good things, if they occur, are tiny and are overshadowed. Bad things in life are like a hair in food–it ruins it.

  7. I so agree with the younger the better. I have people judge me all the time for having my 13yr old daughter (mind you she has an eating disorder, PTSD and other issues self harm) my 11yr old son who is ASD and other things and my 9yr old who has anxiety and adhd and odd in therapy saying they dont need it and they are just sensitive. I mustnt be a good parent because myself and 3 children are in therapy mostly diff issues me and my daughter are similar but mine are more complex.
    But i so hate the judgement and stigma especially around children/young teens.
    Thanks for this Kati xxx

  8. hi kati, love the vid! can you do a video on clothing brands like brandy melville (they have one size fits all) that promote unhealthy self perceptions and possibly eating disorders

  9. Thank you for uploading this! I really needed it!

    I am REALLY ashamed of my self harm. And I have relapsed yet again💔. And what scares me to my core is,that I am looking for different objects to make the cuts deeper. And I am so AFRAID to admit to myself and to others that I can’t keep myself safe. But I am WORKING so hard to keep myself safe and keeping busy.

    I just want to sleep so I don’t have to deal with ANYTHING. I’ll be ok once I get a behavioral therapist into place😊. I PROMISED my doctor that I’ll keep myself safe, so I won’t have to go to the ER. And I promised him I’ll tell my parents if I can’t keep myself safe as well😊.

    I listen to music and I listen to it some more and keep myself safe and busy with stuff🖤.

  10. This was just breathtaking! Loved every minute of it. It’s also so helpful watching a fellow African American speak about her story… thank you!! X

  11. Simple: my family just called me dull and lifeless when i had depression and I became educated about mental illness i just diagnosed my self with what is called depression i had it for 2 years it was severe but i have helped myself to overcome that because im a human who deserves to live normal, we have days where they’re sad and days where we feel happy, but even happy moments felt nothing like what they are called when i had depression, so I taught myself the meaning of life i taught myself what to actually feel in certain situations or towards certain things, and most importantly, i have became confident, strong and educated, not every bad comment or situation puts me down, i have the right to speak myself and express what i feel i was so closed and even if i was the victim I remember i was like this person whose tongue would stop functioning when i wanted to talk about my situation, 2 years of depression and even after a year and my family and friends still dont know anything they called it “teenagers stuff” where you feel different growing up but really in the inside i felt betrayed due to sexual assaults, btw this all happened when i was 15-16 years old now im 17💪🏻❤️

  12. Hey! I've been watching your videos for a few weeks now, and it really feels like you are the only one who understands what I'm going through. I know that may not be true, but in my life there just isn't anyone who can help me. I guess I'm experiencing some of what the woman in the video was talking about, and decided to drop my first comment. I have a psychologist who I'm seeing twice a week, but she's trying to figure out what's wrong with me like so many therapists before her, and I just have so much to get of my chest. Communication is a bit tricky as she doesn't show much emotion. (Allthough we sometimes have interesting conversations.) No matter how much I want to, I know you can't help me directly, but I was hoping you may consider making a video sharing your thoughts about those of us who gets thrown from therapist to therapist, getting a long row of different diagnoses that doesn't match each other. I really just want to know what's wrong with me at this point and work to fix it, maybe you have suggestions. I will be going through you YT channel in search. If you read this, I just want to say thank you for making these videos, and giving us hope.

  13. Wish there was someone in my life to pull me out of it and come with me to therapy. Everyone around me believes it’s only for crazy people and it scares me to go. I’ve been secluded in bed for almost a month. I stopped answering my phone and texts weeks ago and no one noticed. I work from home so I’d do minimal work to keep my job and then sleep, hoping I’m lucky enough to not wake up. I just want everything to stop hurting. Sorry for the venting.

  14. I had a bad first appointment experience with psychiatrist. ㅠㅠ
    I feel the psychiatrist doesn't have any emphaty. He made me feel more guilty and guilty and guilty. There's some patients in his room. It's really uncomfortable to tell my feeling woth the psychiatrist. And he said that he can't listen my full story because he didn't have enough time. He only gave me about 10-15minutes to talk with him. And i got some medicine but i don't know what the heck is it. He asked me to go there again next week. But i really don't wanna go there anymore ㅠㅠ

  15. Thank you for addressing the fact that you can have mental health issues and still be functioning. I sometimes find it hard to explain to people that having mental illness does not necessarily mean you are walking around all day being a total wreck. You can look perfectly fine on the outside and not be fine at all on the inside. I wish more people would understand that!

  16. Mental health does not discriminate at all, and it was beautiful to see her tell her story from such a balanced viewpoint now. Also shows us all that there is hope and light at the end of this seemingly dark tunnel💕

  17. She's awesome! Not even all professional mental health networks offer that service of finding doctors and giving you their numbers and addresses (though some do).

  18. I am very proud of you my little sister for talking about your past issues and how you have overcame them. I am a proud big brother and I am so happy for you. I cannot wait till you become a mother so I can see my new niece and nephew.

  19. Hey Kati, I've been really busy watching your videos recently and I was wondering if you could do an overall personality disorder video, talking about a few most common personality disorders (Bipolar pd, antisocial pd, ocpd…) and how they are grouped. I'd be truly glad if you do <3

  20. Yeah, when I was under psychiatric care after a brain injury, anti-depressants was a big deal. It felt like it was a mental jacket. Know 20 plus years, I've learned medication is just needed sometimes.

  21. #KatiFAQ hey kati:) i have a question for you! i am really struggling right now, my depression, self harm, and relationship with food, has gotten so bad and all i can think about is suicide. i want to get help and see a therapist but i’m only a teen with no job and i can’t afford it at all, and i don’t want to get my parents involved (that situation is complicated). what should i do? please help!

  22. Yesss!!! Thank you Katie for having ale on. It was so encouraging to see a sister talk about mental health. The narrative of black women having to stifle their emotions and keep working till they break is so common. I started seeing a therapist for 5 months now and it is life changing.
    Thanks for the video Katie and Ale!

  23. remember no matter how hard it is that things will always get better, things will always improve. You've just got to stick in there and seek as much support off your friends and family because having other people by your side understanding and wanting to help you make things so much easier to get through. Just don't isolate yourself and b yourself. There is always someone who cares about you. Just remember that❤️❤️❤️

  24. Biggest request ever I dont know what the answer would be for this

    Hank green back on and talk about how he figured out he has autism and the tests done

    That way people know that there are tests for autism

  25. I own my mental illness. I’m not really concerned how people feel about me when I mention it. I figure, if I’m not afraid to talk about it and they see that their coworker, fiend, or family member talks about it, then maybe they’ll realize that being mental ill doesn’t make you less of a person. I just want to be able to express how I feel and what my “issues” are and I want them to see that they can too. We shouldn’t have to hide the fact that our minds may need a little help being healthy. If I can talk openly about my mental health I hope that people see that it’s nothing to be scared of.

  26. Can you do a video about Somatic OCD(also known as Sensorimotor OCD)? The problem I see is that a lot of amateurs do videos on the topic and I always think it's better when actual professionals who know how to treat this do a video.

  27. my mum blamed my behaviour when i was a kid on me being a bad person. now as an adult i am not functioning and am essentially beyond help. if she'd have recognised the symptoms, she may have got me therapy. and i could have been saved.

  28. hi Katie, I've been hearing voices saying to kill myself. what should I do about this? I can't talk to my parent's cuz they think this is all for attention even though it's not and I'm scared to talk to my therapist cuz I'm scared she will have to tell my parents since I'm only 16. what should I do about this?

  29. Hi Kati love your videos!
    My question is what do I do if I can’t put anything into words?
    Since starting university things have been slowly getting worse, I’ve been having more panic attacks and feeling more depressed than before and even slipped up with some old bad coping strategies that I’d not been using in ages. Yet even though things are worse and I want to talk about it all more with my parents and therapist I can’t find ways to vocalise this and always end up brushing it off and saying I’m fine because it’s easier. I’m so bad at opening up even though I so desperately want to and worry that maybe I’ve accidentally made it all up because if I was really sick and this was all the truth then I wouldn’t be so bad at talking about it right?

  30. Thank you Katie for bringing your friend and let her share her story. It's great to hear that i'm not the only one who had struggles with normalizing this topics with family members, i still fight with this and it hurts so much, but this video gives me hope that one day they'll accept it and support me in a better way 💜

  31. Hi Kati, sorry if this is off topic but I want to ask you personally: what kind of "mental damage" can happen to a person if they are at their LOWEST POINT in life and they are emotionally and mentally vulnerable and on EDGE and someone (who is an evil wicked lowlife scumbag) goes on a BASH FEST and EXPLOITS that person's fear to no end. Tells them the most negative things to try and worsen their fear and basically pour salt on a wound through mental abuse. Would that person develop mental trauma or possibly become hateful and HOMICIDAL and start killing people? What would happen???

    Oh and lets say that evil lowlife scumbag happened to be a mental health therapist (psychologist) who DID THIS SHIT to his client. I just want to know your thoughts and why is really tragic and sad that there is no ACCOUNTABILITY to therapists who may do this to their clients out of greed and stupidity.

  32. Hi Kati could you please do a video about health anxiety. I really feel like I’m struggling and it’s not something that I can ever find any information on

  33. I can count on my hands how many times my grandmother left the house the 16 years I knew her. She wouldn't even walk to her mailbox. My family never acknowledge that she was most likely agoraphobic. I started having "episodes" around 13. My chest would become tight and I'd be gasping for air. My mom took me to my pediatrician who said it was most likely an isolated event. Today I know I have panic attacks. Theres so much power in knowledge and understanding. Thank you Ale, you have no clue how much your story resonates with me.

  34. I respect Madam Kati Morton . She is serving to develop mental health . Congratulation her for her service to HUMAN CIVILIZATION. Long live…….

  35. Some people would tell me if you say your not depressed it goes away. It's frustrating how some people don't realize that's not bow it works.

  36. Hey Kati, what's the difference between a Sociopath, a Narcissist and a Psychopath? many people think that those terms are synonymous, are they right?

  37. Wow! This is soo powerful! What an amazing woman! That is what I walked away thinking after her sharing her story! I wish more people could share!

  38. Being black a lot of my family has similar viewpoints with mental health and being LGBT so this was helpful to watch BUT depression is still unacceptable and weak (for me). Ive been prescribed an antidepressant but Im too terrified to take it so now i feel like im at an impasse cus im so "depressed" everyone thinks thats the only thing that can help me. So I'm just biding my time now

  39. #katifaq If you want to go to your school councillor how much will they have to tell your parents? Does it depend on your age or if you go to a religious school? Thanks

  40. Hey Katie I think I may have DID but I'm also doubting it. I have a few personalities the vampire he believes he's a vampire, the ed girl she may have a ed but I'm not Sure, the metal head he can eat but he swears a lot, and then there is me. When I try to figure things out from those who suffer from it they say I'm faking it. I don't always remember when I switch but I do know about them. My memory of what they do is not good but I'll remember bits and pieces of what went on. Could I have one should I seek help? Or is this a phase or something?

  41. I totally understand being nervous about trying sertraline. I could never regulate my emotions. Now, I have an easier time to regulate. It doesn't mean I do not feel. I still feel and sometimes struggle but I am glad that I have my medication.

  42. 9 year Army veteran here. Ive delt with mental issues and suicidal thoughts. How would you associate emotional maturity with suicidal thoughts? Honestly one of the main reasons Ive never acted on anything is thinking about how itll affect other people.

  43. I have a question, Kati. What are some negatives of getting a diagnosis? At first I kind of wanted one though it would terrify me to see someone, but now I'm not sure. My great Aunt had a diagnosis not sure what. But it made it more complicated to adopt. So what limitations might be put on a diagnosed person? Obviously it would probably depend on the mental illness. And if you get a diagnosis do they force you to take medication or a certain type? Might seem like a silly question, but I was talking to my Mom about it and it really freaked me out. I haven't watched all your videos so sorry if you've talked about this already.

  44. Nice videos! You have a very nice presenting style. Just started my own channel on CBT, fingers crossed one day I can produce something of a similar standard. Liked and subscribed! =)

  45. I had my first appointment with a therapist yesterday after 4 years of suffering. I cried the whole time but it felt so good. Thank you for giving me the courage.

  46. I'm confused. How does taking a pill teach you to make better choices? You knew going back tothe ex wasn't a good choice. Otherwise he wouldn't be an ex. Yet you made the choice to do so. How does taking a pill help you make a wise choice when you willfully choose to ignore your own intellect? Is it that the pill removes emotion? Thereby forcing you to make choices based on intellect instead of feelings?

    Do you ready need an emotionally stable adult to tell you not to make bad choices? If that's the case you aren't mending ill you're in need of a mother. Like I'm so confused.

  47. Kati you when major points for being so diverse and covering such a wide array of people and their journeys/struggles..I have always loved your content, but after this i love you even more. have a great rest of your night.

  48. hi Kati! how are you doing? any highlights or lowlights from your day so far?

    so there’s a temporary rehabilitating school program at our local hospital for people who struggle to function at “normal” school because of mood disorders. my therapist, my parents and I have agreed that it’s the best option for me right now and we’re already working on getting me transferred into it. my only concern is what I’m going to tell my favorite teachers and the classmates that rely on me. I’m in several extra-curriculars that I’ve committed to and I hate to let my teachers and peers down by failing to stick to my commitments. I already have a history of being unreliable and “flakey” because my depression can get debilitating enough that I can’t function at all in my daily life, causing me to miss rehearsals and such. have you already made a video that might help me out? I really do love my favorite teachers so much and they’re fantastic, I just can’t stand the thought of letting them down and I don’t know how I’m going to break the news to them. I definitely don’t want to just leave without a word, and we’re working on a dance showcase that I’m in and I need to give them notice that my understudies will need to step in.

    sorry for the long paragraph haha, have a wonderful day!

  49. I need to see a therapist for my depression but one thing that stops me from doing so is when I was younger and seeing a therapist I was hospitalized for being suicidal which did not help make things better but only made them worse. I went through a lot of childhood trauma and have also been through a lot as an adult. I've never really was able to work through them because my mom pulled me out of counseling because she was such a horrible mother and didn't like my counselor confronting her on things. So, I have always had to pretty much deal with things on my own and try to work through it on my own. Now I'm 31 years old hiding my depression very well, going to work every night, my husband thinks I'm happy but deep down I am suffering and starting to isolate more. I work nights so I dont sleep very much, maybe 3 to 4 hours a day and more if I'm lucky. I'm starting to have these thoughts again but I'm so afraid to talk to someone about it because I'm afraid I'll be hospitalized which will ruin my life and make things a hundred times worse. It would effect my job, my marriage and my future plans. I feel like my only option is to deal with this on my own because any licensed professional are required to report someone who is suicidal. So here I am with very little options. I would go to counseling if it were not for this fear.

  50. yeah that was a weird realization. like my symptoms, as i now know them–having no motivation/energy, not really caring about anything, struggling to take care of myself and my environment, struggling to keep track of things, feeling sad for no reason–like, oh, that's depression. it's not my fault.

  51. So much like most of the comments, I also feel inspired to see a black woman talk about mental illness. I've always been sensitive and anxious, and I'm learning everyday different coping mechanisms to deal with my illness. I now love helping other people with what I'm learning, and I refer my friends to watch your videos. Thank you Kati, and Ale' ☺️💖

  52. Please do me a favor and go take this survey for my psych course !!! It'll only take like 3 minutes 💕🤞🏼

  53. How do people with social anxiety work up the nerve to have deep and meaningful conversations with a stranger? This has stopped me from seeing a therapist for years. Simple fear. Hearing "just do it!" doesn't work.

  54. I have a question. Last year for pretty much the whole year I could identify with a lot of the symptoms of depression. I never got a diagnosis (I had a lot of anxiety about seeing therapists because I had really bad experiences before) and I was in a lot of denial so I never did anything about it (I have friends who were doing worse than I was, so I convinced myself that nothing was wrong). This year I have been better and I look back and realize how bad that year was. I am wondering if the fact that I’m doing better now a) invalidates my past experience and b) indicates that I will/will not feel that way ever again.

  55. Thank you Kati and your gorgeous friend for sharing. Getting the ball rolling on healing from this illness has been really hard. The more I try the worse I get. Everyone is so angry with me; it's like I don't belong. Today I'm gonna try again to call someone for therapy.

  56. As a Black woman, I can say that I grew up in a family exactly like Alé’s. Mental health was something that wasn’t talked about in my household, only go to church, pray, and believe that God will fix it for you.

  57. I almost have more of a pride(?) In my mental illness because I am strong enough to live with this massive burden on my shoulders. I haven't started therapy yet, but am looking forward to it. I'm hoping it will relieve some of the burden of it on my mind

  58. The not blaming attitude on being a teen can save lives,my parents thought I was just being moody and it turns out I had severe hydrocephalus. While most children/teens might not have this illness, they could very well have a mental Illness

  59. Yes Alé…YESSSSS👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽my family(my father in my case) Dident believe in mental health issues…..that did so much damage to me that I’m STILL recovering from.
    Thank you for sharing your life and your story….glad I found this channel!

  60. There's a few mental illnesses that even a psychologist will shame you for. They don't even want to call it a mental illness even though it's in the DSM-V

  61. The title speaks directly to me.. I am ashamed of being mentally ill, to the point that I can’t talk about it. I mean I talked about it with my parents and a few therapists but it always stayed in the label of 'I am extremely shy'. It never got anything deeper, because I am scared. I judge myself, I can’t talk about it. "It’s so ridiculous that you let your actions get influenced by the way others might think about them" "Why do you care so much about what other people think about you" "Why can’t you just talk about it like everyone else can, if they ask how you are why don’t you just tell them." "Why do you avoid mental problems, why don’t you start talking about how you really feel" Those are all things I‘m saying to myself, I‘m just so scared. A therapist called my mom and said if I want to go again and just have a session and talk with her I‘m free to come. And I want to, so badly. I want to go and tell her everything. When I first talked to her and yk, just the first session kinda finding out what I have and answering all those questions I really liked her and I was like "I could imagine telling her everything I ever wanted to talk about". But I know if I‘ll go I will tell almost nothing, I will be as silent as a rock. I don’t know what to do, I think I really need to talk with somebody about my problems, but not 'just' somebody online. Somebody who I could also see in real life, somebody who I could later really talk to. I know the therapist most likely also has an email address where I could first start telling her everything and then go see her later on but.. it feels weird. Not immediately seeing their reaction, not seeing their facial expression. I want to tell it to someone in person, to a professional, but I‘m too scared. I don’t want to be embarrassed for my mental health, I don’t want my whole head to get red just because I tell her that I care so much about what others think. I don’t want that, I‘m too scared to talk. I don’t know what to do about it.. I thought maybe you could give me some advice? Of how I might overcome that, the embarrassment of my mental health.

  62. I haven’t seen Katie laugh this much! I LOVE IT. Her laugh made me smile every time . Thank you for sharing this story. Mental health in the black community is real!

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