Leg pain can mean heart danger

Leg pain can mean heart danger

– [Narrator] David Dow thought he was just having back problems, and that his legs were
hurting as a result. But as it turns out, that
pain may have saved his life. – I started working out
with a personal trainer to try and work up the back issue and get my legs back in order, and kind of over probably a
period of two, three months, I discovered that it
wasn’t really the back, that it was more of an issue
with vascular problems. – Peripheral arterial
disease is, for most people, really a disease that affects the vessels in the lower extremities,
causes an obstruction. The cause of it is arteriosclerosis, which is a buildup of cholesterol and scar tissue inside an artery. It’s almost like a scab on
the inside of the artery. Frequently it’s an unstable scab, and when that happens you
get blood clot on top of it. If one has PAD, there are two issues: what happens to your leg, and then what happens to your life. – Well, I think for sure
it’s a wake up call. You know the old saying, where
there’s smoke there’s fire. I’m sure that I not only
have the vascular issues in my lower extremities, but I’m sure I have them in other parts of my body. – The real issue relates
to the fact that this is sort of a benchmark or a
hallmark of diseases all over. I mean, peripheral arterial disease, and this arteriosclerosis and cholesterol that builds up causing it, it’s like having gray hair. You don’t get it on one side of your head. So if you’ve got it in your leg, you’re gonna have it other places. Nearly a quarter of patients
who have claudication will end up dying by
the end of five years. And the majority of those cases really are related to cardiac problems. If patients have severe
claudication to the point where they have difficulty
walking even short distances, and their disease is more advanced, a little over half of them
will die by five years. So this is a marker of a
life-threatening disease. – You know, catching it finally at my age, and quitting smoking and
trying to do something about it will maybe prevent having
this thing continue on, you know, throughout the rest of my body.

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  1. I'm glad you made this video, now I have more stress in my life and any time I'm walking, even if it's mountain climbing or whatever, if I feel a pain in my leg I'm going to think it could possibly be a heart attack and I'm going to die! thank you for that. You know what ; people die of heart attacks mostly from stress.. from dumbshits like you trying to make money off of stressing other people out so that don't watch your stupid video or something so that you'll have to watch your stupid commercial or something you know what I think is a bitter cause of heart failure is playing stupid f**** videos on YouTube and then then you end up with a Mob of YouTubers stampeding you write on your heart

  2. I'm in my mid 30s last 3 months I've had leg pains 24/7. Ultrasound showed mild plaque build up below the knee. Bloodwork good, cholesterol slightly high. Muscle twitches in the calf. I'm not overweight or a smoker. This doesnt make sense, came out of nowhere.

  3. A Few Weeks Ago I Woke Up Literally Screaming With Leg Pains All Up My Leg. My Belly Really Hurt As If I Was Getting Period Pain But Worse. I Couldn't Move Or Anything. Best Part Is, I'm Only 12 ?

  4. im 13 and i have it in both legs when i walk is that bad? Also ive had growing pains before but this is different its like the pain is shooting up from my feet.

  5. I had a lot of dr pepper and my legs hurt and i was awake for 26 hours and i had pain in my left chest and the pain is in my bone

  6. Ummmmm im worried and I'm literally too young to die, I'm still in sixth grade! But when u sort of know that u have five years left that seems like a short time XD anyways, I'm just worried.

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  8. My leg is hurting now, mildly but kinda radiating. So i tried to fight it by sleeping it off for a few hours. I woke up and my leg was like: "Yeah im still here. How was your sleep?" im hoping its not DVT or PAD or even diabetes. ☹

  9. Mine turned out to be a large cyst at the base of the spine which finally exploded after 3 months of the worst pain in my life going down the front of my leg making it nearly impossible to walk. No amount of pain killer could stop it before that. After another couple of years though it's returning, but is likely bone cancer since I did develop spinal cancer about a year after the explosion.

    This can also common in Lyme disease patients, which I also tested positive for so at the very least, such patients should get an MRI, especially if the pain radiates from the tailbone to the hip to the front of the leg and down to the ankle. Those with Lyme may also have had multiple ganglions and cysts over the years prior as well as many skin tags.

    Most doctors know virtually nothing about Lyme because they are not taught much about it and are also discouraged from testing for it. Msny many have lost their jobs for trying to treat it because treatment can take years and cost thousands of dollars without guarantee of success, but I do believe that Lyme and cancer are related. It is already known that chronic arthritis, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Cronh's disease, Alzheimers, fibromyalgia, and many more are often directly related to Lyne as well, so even if people test positive on both the Eliza and Western blot, most doctors will deny it because of insurance company pressures.

    Their Lyme tests may also completely disappear from all hospital database files as well, as mine did, so be sure to keep your own copies (not that it will do any good for treatment, but just in case they want to give you cortisol injections which most doctors won't know can be deadly to Lyme patients, especially if given in the spine.)

  10. i always wake up in the middle of the night, both or one of my upper legs hurts so much, it doesn't go away even if I apply hot compress on it…though it only happens when it's cold outside

  11. My legs hurt,the mussels hurt,upper femer, calves, and foot pain..now I ride a bicycle, a lot..im thinking my mussels are stretched..im rideing the bike because my car is broke down..im 56 years old..i do work out lift weights.
    My leggs are real tight..

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  13. I'm 13 tibia hurts. I'm too young to die oh my oof!!!! I dont have cancer or heart problems!!!!!! AAAHHAHAHAHGAHAG

  14. Stop being so fucking worried everybody has this leg pain bit some more than others. You cannot die from it before you already had a heat problem

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  16. Today randomly my left leg started paining I don't play any sports at school…I just sit in the classroom do my stuff go to recess eat with friends and come to class

  17. I'm wondering if blood glucose can cause it. I don't have symptoms of diabetes, yet I get severe leg cramps in both legs from eating too much pasta (I think). The only other possibility is potassium deficiency. My doc says my blood glucose tests come in fine, but that's not after I eat a dinner-sized portion of pasta. Idk. I'm throwing guesses, here.

  18. i’m so scared omg one leg ( ankle, knee, and hip) hurts so much. it’s hurt for years but it’s gradually getting worse and hurts most at night

  19. Right after Two days of utilizing this back problems guide known as “Kenzαnο αyb” (Google it), I found which it made my situation much better. It is a fantastic treatment method as well as avoidance for low back pain. It has successfully met my anticipations. It`s very effective after using it a few times. .

  20. Seriously I’m 15 and this scared me I get leg cramps sometimes but rarely I used to get them all the time when I was growing a lot, but the sharpe pain in legs scared me because sometimes I get this uncomfortable sharp pain in my legs when I’m in bed sometimes.

  21. I’ve found if you keep both legs still for a period of time they stop hurting, it takes up to 5-20 minutes to stop, but usually only 10. Once they feel better and aren’t hurting anymore, keep them still for another 30 seconds because If you get up to quickly they will hurt again. Also, I have had pain in my calves a lot, and I’m not sure why. It could just be growing pain because I am about 10 years old, and I am 4’9 the last time I checked. I am also have been getting taller throughout the months.. well.

  22. I can run an hour all week at the gym and my legs are fine.

    But if I work at a slower pace at work for 3 hours my legs and toes hurt

  23. Last night my left ankle started aching it got worse then I also had pain above my left knee it was very sore a deep ache when I stood up it throbed and was very painful. I only slept for one hour I skipped work it's fine now

  24. I actually searched this up because my dads leg hurt alot my mom started rubbing it to make it feel better then my dad felt cold and started shaking and shaking… he drank something (idk what) and he felt a little better, i told him to go to the hospital becase that might be fatal, he said "no im fine". I just recently discovered that he didn't go to the hospital because we don't have any money to afford it… if your read this, hi, (no im not asking for likes i don't care about that, i just wanted to share because im scared my dad might die…)

  25. "From this point forward If I take perfect care of myself one day I will get very very sick and die" Rodney Dangerfield

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