Lilly Spills the Tea About Her Therapy Sessions

Lilly Spills the Tea About Her Therapy Sessions

-As much as I love this job,
can I be real with y’all? It can definitely get stressful. I mean, there are so many
different ways to relieve stress, but I’ve told my writers to stop
making so many sex jokes. So we’re just gonna
talk about therapy. Straight up, they nasty.
[ Laughter ] In so many cultures,
therapy is taboo. And in my experience, Indians
don’t really believe in therapy. And it actually makes sense. You don’t need to deal with that
soul-sucking feeling of loneliness when you never
get the chance to be alone. [ Laughter ] When I told my parents
I was going to therapy, they were like, “We didn’t
bloody need therapy growing up, okay?!”
[ Laughter ] “You’re making us
look like bad parents! You dumb head,
you’re breaking our heart!” [ Laughter ] And I was like,
“Yeah, you’re right. Not getting therapy has worked
out really well for you guys.” [ Laughter ] It was hard finding a therapist. I had to find someone
that fit my schedule, someone I could trust,
and a lot of people told me it would be good
to find a woman, particularly a woman of color. But then I found
this white woman, and I was like,
“Nah, I’m sure she’s fine. She knows what’s up.”
[ Laughter ] And the first thing she did
was congratulate me on my marriage to Nick Jonas. [ Laughter ]
[ Audience “Ohs” ] Now, when I go to my therapi– [ Laughter ] Now, when I go to my therapist,
I’m always honest with her. But in the back of my head,
I’m always like, “Should I tell
a joke right now?” [ Laughter ] “Do I sound smart?
Like, does she hate me? Does she like me?
Does she think I’m smart?” It’s actually a lot like when
I do the monologue on this show. “Do you all like me?
Do you think I’m smart? Do you think I’m smart?
Am I doing good?” Okay. [ Cheers and applause ] -We love you!
-Oh, thank you, baby! But sometimes,
I’ll bomb so hard at therapy, that I’m more traumatized
than when I walked in. [ Laughter ] You’re not supposed to feel
worse when you leave. That’s what Chick-Fil-A is for. [ Laughter ] Now, you all know I’m cheap,
so whenever I see her, I think, “Great, my daddy issues
just cost me $150.” Usually, if you
have daddy issues, you can make a quick $150. Just like, “Coming to the stage,
it’s Cinnamon! She’s hot, she’s tight, and she never learned
to ride a bike!” [ Laughter and applause ] It’s good that therapists
keep a poker face. Because if I walk into the room
after the last person, and I see my therapist
wiping tears away, I’m gonna get competitive.
[ Laughter ] It’s like, “Oh, pssh!
Hold on. You think that person
has a sad life? Well, wait till you get a load
of this loser, okay?” [ Laughter ] Well, my therapist is awesome. Like, sometimes she’ll text me
random motivational things, like, “Just breathe.”
Or — Or “Be kind to yourself.” And I know I should try
to take that advice in, but all I keep thinking is that,
if she PhotoShopped those texts onto pictures
of sunsets, she would have, like,
a million Instagram followers. [ Laughter ] There are downsides
of going to therapy. For one, my therapist lives
far away, in downtown L.A., which is a nightmare to get to
because of all the traffic. Straight up, if my session is at
the same time as a Lakers game, I’m like, “You know what? I’m in a pretty good place
mentally right now. I don’t need it.”
[ Laughter ] And sometimes my therapist
will give me homework, but I never really do it. I try to say that my dog ate it,
but let’s be honest — I’m the only one eating…
[ Laughter ] …my feelings.
[ Laughter ] My therapist does offer
FaceTime sessions, which you’d think
would be more convenient. But the first time we FaceTimed, she accidentally kept flipping
the screen back and forth. She didn’t know
how to use the microphone. It was a disaster. Eventually,
she got so frustrated, she’s like, “I can’t fix this!” It was the only time
I got to say, “How does that make you feel?” [ Laughter ]

100 Replies to “Lilly Spills the Tea About Her Therapy Sessions”

  1. Did anyone notice her coat had cut in the elbow area? That looked soo comfy. That was a really good design ?.
    Edit: punctuation

  2. People from India Created Yoga, Yoga is Therapeutic & Ayurveda natural medicine to balance the body! Lilly Singh is Hilarious!??⭐

  3. 150 dollars???? In Sweden it's 20 dollars per session and when you reach 120 dollars you get free medical care and therapy for a year.

  4. Love how casual and realistic her monologues feel, how she addresses the writers and all and laughs at what she's saying. don't think anyone delivers like that

  5. That's was really funny! And I don't know If u realized but ur normalizing therapy which is something this society truly needs. So many people dont go when they need itThis made my day

  6. I m doing 3 giveaways this Friday on my channel I would love if you checked it out!! (And YES this is real ?)

  7. Therapy is a joke because firstly these psychologists and psychiatrists have never established the connection between religiosity and stupidity. Secondly there is no end in sight. You continue till you die. But drugs on the other hand are a real solution. Get the drugs you need to manage your brain chemistry and enjoy your life.

  8. Heh my therapist has looked pretty defeated after sessions….. Because I'm basically, "I don't want to get better I just want to sleep in the couch all day till I finally die. I'm just here to get the diagnoses I need to be approved for disabilities so I'm less if a financial burden on the person taking care of me."

    With a bit of "if my depression wasn't so bad maybe I could get around to suicide… But as it stands I have no hope that I could even try suicide."

    Also I'm non verbal so this is all getting communicated through really bad handwriting…

    But I don't wanna leave anybody reading this in a bad note… So uh… I'm gonna have the rest of my teeth pulled and have full dentures soon…. Which I'm pretty happy about. I figured I'd have to have them pulled one at a time. But I guess Medicaid pays for dentures once every five years so that worked out better than I'd hoped.

  9. My chinese parents would say the same things. They'd be like "you are so fortunate how can you need therapy you ungrateful fk"

  10. Lily Singh is so F*CKING terrible. Completely unfunny. Her whole act is a degrading caricature of black culture & is heavily racist against white people. NBC you should've cancelled this show a long time ago!

  11. This is so hurtful,I think I have internal bleeding from listening to words she says!does she really have writers??

  12. I know it’s a joke and I love lily but it’s not that taboo for a person to take therapy now. Even schools have a therapy session for the children and student/parent councillor’s for the mental well-being of both children and their parents as we acknowledge that India has a lot of study burden and expectations. I know it’s not the best but we are improving. No hate/shade towards Lilly just awareness.

  13. Of course women of color therapists, great joke Lilly! Same sh1t over and over again, you really have a terrible sense of humor. How come she can get a late night show with this stale sense of humor. This is literally painful to watch?

  14. In Australia everyone is given 10 free sessions of therapy every year. Cause you know, Medicare. Pretty sure you're eligible if you're a New Zealand citizen too.

  15. Please don’t judge Indians by what this woman says about them.
    Do not make a particular experience representative of a universal one. Please educate yourself Lilly Singh.

  16. I'm glad there weren't any sex jokes in this one! Not that I'm totally against sex jokes but I feel like comedians that are women rely on them too much instead of just making normal things funny. I'm glad she was able just to let her funny, fun self through without them this monologue.

  17. I don’t know about the therapist but she should definitely find another costume designer, her everyday style is much better than this.

  18. Why is every monologue just about her? Her YouTube channel bit is not translating well to late night television. I had such high hopes for her show, but it's just terrible. Predicting it's going to get cancelled soon.

  19. Lily you are mentally ill and anyone who is mentally disabled is yhe worst part of society GET A JOB and if you cant just off yourself

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