Liver Cirrhosis- Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Ayurvedic treatment along with Real Testimonial

Liver Cirrhosis- Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Ayurvedic treatment along with Real Testimonial

When did you start the treatment, Mrs. Surinder Kaur? From last 3 months What symptoms were you facing in the beginning? What change you can feel now? Means what symptoms you had earlier and how are you feeling now? Had more problem earlier. I was having abdominal bloating, feeling of heaviness, abdominal pain, leg pain etc. Did you have abdominal pain? Yes… Abdominal pain, leg pain below my knees with so much tiredness. I was not able to sleep at night. Since I am having these medicines, I am feeling much better. Now, there is no pain, bloating etc. I had constipation which is also all right now. I was passing blood in urine which is not there now. Blood in urine? Yes..Infection… You mean yellowish urine? Yes… Must be viral infection and it is controlled due to Pitta Balance (Pitta is one among three physical energies that causes heat in the body). Over all how much you are cured if we ask in percentage? Out of 100, how much you are improved? I feel, I am totally fine now. 100 percent cured. My family members at home finds me very fine. Well, let’s ask, who has come with you, let’s ask him! Who is he? My son! What improvement have you seen in her till now? Now she can eat everything and it get digested very well. She is doing all the household activities and doesn’t feel tired easily. Mean earlier she was quite lethargic and now she must be okay!! From how long she is under treatment? It’s been almost 2 years. From Planet Ayurveda, it’s been only 2 and half months. Means from 2 and half months you are on Planet Ayurveda’s medicines. We spent around 10 lacs / 1 million till now with number of injections and other costly medicines. 10 lacs? Yes…36 costly injections with number of other costly medicines. We were told that there is no cure for this problem and damaged part can’t be repaired. You spent so much… could have come earlier here! We were told that there is no cure for this problem and damaged part can’t be repaired. Whatever is saved, take care of that. That’s all. Damaged part is all dead and nothing can be done. Did you show your reports to doctor again? No, but we went to our family doctor and he was also surprised with the improvement. He said you are very much fine now and kept our card there to inform other suffering people as there are many poor patients too around. Did you have leg swelling? Yes I had so much Ascites? Accumulation of water in abdomen? No! Even I had inflammation and pus like accumulation in my hands and doctor asked me to operate them by saying there is blockage. Please go to a qualified dentist and take care. I got extracted 1 molar tooth and have to go for another one as it is filled with medicated cotton. Is he qualified doctor? Can’t say… Well, take care when you see a dentist.

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  1. Can antibiotics or immune stimulating drugs cause this? From the blood test, can the inflammation that happens in month of these drugs cause permanent liver failure?

  2. Hello Dr. Vikram,

    I am from Pune. My dad is suffering from Liver Cirrhosis. he is on medicines from last 2 years his condition is stable but goes down suddenly. we need to remove the water from his stomach regularly and to maintain his ammonia level he need to give daily enema. please suggest what can i do?

  3. I really need your help sir for my dad
    please help me as soon as possible
    because my dad is suffering from liver cirrhosis and he's condition is very serious

  4. sir mere husband ko bhi CLD Diseases ki problem hai.Doctors ne kaha k inka 80% liver damage ho chuka hai aur transplant k alawa aur koi option nahi h…sir kya ayurveda mein iska treatment possible hai……unko kafi time se jaundice bhi hai n abhi 4 time tapping bhi ho chuki h…..sir kya delhi.mein bhi aapja clinic h actually we are from delhi….

  5. sir my father was patient of cirrhosis of liver and hepatitis b and aisetic fluids and now doctor told for liver transplant
    sir I can mail her report please help

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