Liver Cleansing Herbs in an Easy to Make Tea

Liver Cleansing Herbs in an Easy to Make Tea

in this video we’re going to be covering
liver cleansing herbs these herbs not only cleanse and detox the liver but
they also aid with digestion and both of these are useful where there is a
congested stagnant liver a liver cleanse can be very useful where there are
chronic skin conditions and this could include eczema psoriasis acne even boils
and it’s also very helpful when there are digestion issues such as constipation
indigestion even colitis ulcers even gas and liver cleanses are wonderful if
there are hormonal issues such as PMS or infertility and even for nervous system
issues because the liver and the nervous system complement one another I would
also use liver cleanses for addictions and even for jaundice or hepatitis so
today we’re going to be making a tea with these herbs that aid and detox the
liver they’re very cleansing and are also wonderful for the digestive system
since our liver cleansing herbs are all roots and one bark we’re going to be
making a decoction which means we boil the herbs for about 10 minutes before
straining into our cup so we’re going to be making two cups of tea that can be
sipped throughout the day so we’re starting with two cups of water and our
first herb is dandelion root we have three teaspoons here dandelion root is
very bitter and bitter herbs are excellent for digestion and sluggish
liver so the dandelion root would be useful for chronic liver congestion like
I said it really promotes digestion and it’s a mild laxative really helps the
blood and is a great lymphatic cleanser one of the best herbs that you can
include in your tea then we have two teaspoons
of burdock root burdock root is a bit bitter although I find it a bit more on
the sweet side burdock cleanses and eliminates
impurities in the blood and it’s one of the best herbs for skin conditions next
we have licorice which has a very sweet flavor to it it’s one of the best
tasting herbs of this particular tea formula it soothes and helps heal the
liver I would use it in cases of hepatitis or cirrhosis and it really
helps heal inflammation in the digestive tract so again that’s 2 teaspoons of
licorice then we have 1 teaspoon of yellow dock root which is very very
bitter so thankfully we have that sweet licorice in our tea it is one of the
best digestive herbs that I know of including the liver it has a laxative
action and another added benefit it has one of the highest plant sources of iron
then we’ll add a 1/2 of a cinnamon stick and that is carminative which means it
just helps expel gas it’s for bloating you can use it for colic and then
finally we have a half a teaspoon of echinacea which you may know of as a
very well known cold and flu remedy but we’re using it here because it is
alterative it’s a blood cleanser and it’s very detoxifying so it’s nice to
add to the formula so as I said earlier we’re going to boil this for about 10
minutes and then strain into our cup and sip that throughout the day and the
second cup you can reheat if you like your tea to be warm we want to make sure
that this tea tastes really bitter that’s really going to aid the digestion
and then help with that whole cleansing process and cleansing the liver so as
bitter as you can stand it but you want the
tastes to be agreeable and if it is just too bitter add just a little bit more of
the licorice to sweeten it or even a little bit more of the burdock has a
little bit of a sweet flavor as well for my free herbalism mini course go to you’ll get quick access to my favorite
herbal remedies for cold and flu first aid herbs for energy and natural
medicine found right in your own kitchen look forward to seeing you there

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  1. I don't see any comments but hope you will respond. If you find this too bitter, can you sweeten with organic honey? Or grade B molasses? or truly raw unprocessed sugar?

    Also can you sweeten with sarsaparilla or sassafras?

    Or for that matter substitute sarsaparilla or sassafras for licorice? I dont care for licorice.

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