Living Through Gay Conversion Therapy (Full Length)

Living Through Gay Conversion Therapy (Full Length)

Look at the outside of this man Look at his physical appearance Look into this man’s heart Look into his soul Now look more deeply I feel this emptiness inside me everytime I look in the mirror The impulse I want to do is just punch that mirror because I can see my fucking parents in the background Just staring at me and doing nothing as I’ve gone through this my entire fucking life. And I wanna scream, ‘What the fuck is your problem?!’ ‘Where were you?!’ ‘Why did you leave me here?!’ Conversion Therapy is a set of dangerous and totally discredited practices that attempt to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of a person. They are often practiced by licensed mental health professionals, also sometimes unlicensed councilors, religious leaders, sometimes just in church basements. And they most often target kids – under 18 – and these people give them what they claim is a solution what is actually does, is, it supports an industry that is profiting off the harm and sometimes death of kids. And to one degree or another, conversion therapy is happening in every state in the country. What is your greatest fear this weekend? Of letting people down and myself What is your greatest fear this weekend? My greatest fear Just not being present, and not being here, doing what God wants me to do What is your greatest fear this weekend? My greatest fear is that I will leave without having touched someone else’s life. What is your greatest fear this weekend? My greatest fear this weekend is letting you down Thank you. See the next man Everyone is heterosexual, the idea that some people are naturally homosexual or naturally gay is just a social construct So, when you have an individual who has same sex attraction, we see it as something went wrong developmentally and we try to resolve the issue and put them back on the path towards their natural heterosexuality That’s the philosophy of it. My name is Joseph Nicolosi, I’m a clinical psychologist a licensed clinical psychologist and I’m the founder of Reparative Therapy The concepts and principles of Reparative Therapy is something I have developed over 30 years and 4 books and many, many articles Journey into Manhood came into existence based upon the Reparative Therapy model So, the basic principles of Reparative Therapy were taken and turned into a weekend experience We’re doing a 32 man circle so that we have the appropriate size space to work with for our rehearsals So, we need more here, we got 6, we need 8. Our organization, People Can Change, is there for the man who voluntarily wants to experience some diminishment in his unwanted same sex attraction and Journey into Manhood is a weekend program that we offer to help build that understanding and that opportunity for men who want to choose that path. We have no interest in telling people who are happy being gay that they should change or that there’s anything wrong with them or whatever; that’s not our mission that’s not what we believe. But we do believe that men who are uncomfortable with their homosexuality should have opportunities to understand it and try to diminish it to the extent that that’s possible for them. OK. Now this a rehearsal, now we’re gonna start off working through the kinks of the process itself. Thank you so much, men, for you’re willing to serve. I’d like all of you to put your hands in your lap. Put your feet flat on the floor. Feel the power of the Earth coming up into your body. Close your eyes. Take a moment to breathe. Breathe in your nose and out your mouth Yeah. The staff wear a pouch of magic seeds, so it represents Jack’s the seeds that were planted in the, in the Jack story, Jack and the Beanstalk And, the potential for creativity and growth, and empowerment that the seeds represent, so, once the journey-ers go through the weekend, they receive this as a token of their experience. And, interestingly, as an aside, in the Jack and the Giantslayer movie I was pleased to see that Jack carries his magic seeds around his neck in a little pouch which was 10 years or more after we started doing it, it’s interesting Music cue. Good. Stop. Go back to the beginning. Music cue. Perfect! OK. Go. The story of Jack and the Amazing Beanstalk (cheering) Yeah. We use a fairytale, a myth, the Jack and the Beanstalk story as a, kind of, a metaphor for every boy’s growth into manhood – And I’ll give you these seeds. We borrowed some of the interpretation of it from Michael Gurian’s book ‘The Wonder of Boys’ as he talks about and uses it as a model of how this boy Jack is strange from his mother a little bit as he goes off and experiences his masculinity. – Look at it! A phallus symbol. – So, the beanstalk is a big penis? He gets challenged and faces – Biggest, baddest, meanest! a giant which represents his shadow and that he finds gold which represents the golden hymm. (?) call it a hero’s journey. So every boy’s growth into manhood, in some ways, is a hero’s journey as he battles his shadows and embraces his gold. next is, facing the shadow B9 shadow guy some of the staff, we break them into specific roles roles to help to bring out different aspects of a man roles that help men sort of look in the mirror, at their own life and understand themselves in relationship to the world of masculinity (?) see yourself as jack…. running from the giant imagining, pushing through the wall, through your wall of fear and shame So I did my first journey into manhood weekend back into 2007 it is probably the most impactful weekend of ever that went on in my entire life I was never, what our society calls, gay, or homosexual, or whatever label we put on it, I am simply a man. if anything I would always consider myself a heterosexual man, just with a lot of uhmm.. issues let’s start with Jerry. He knows this process. You guys watch Jerry as he …us I feel anger! and I feel this emptiness inside me, everytime I look into the mirror the impulse I want to do is just punch that mirror, because I can see my fucking parents in the background.. just staring at me and doing nothing , as I have gone through this my entire fucking life and I want to scream: what the fuck! your problem! where were you why did you leave me here? the goal that we can journey into manhood is to find we are on that journey, a step was taken off, so that you can find your way back on to it I felt so empty when I tried to live the lifestyle, it did not feel right I wanted to be a husband, I wanted to be a father, I wanted to be true to that and I wanted to be true to God for me personally what was missing was a father figure someone’s gonna be standing out there someone is gonna be standing out there and uhh as soon we big enough groups the camp.. will take them up here really? yu.. you’ve got this all set up? yeah beautiful thank you rich actually stops my weekend and that was my first time meeting him and i looked up to him very much because he started this organization that’s helped two thousand man

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  1. I didn't expect VICE to start making comedies, but I actually approve of this bold new direction they're taking.
    Also notice how they see a 'bean stock' and immediately think of a giant throbbing cock. What do they see when they look out the window at the giant forest? A sea of schlongs?

  2. That psychologist knows nothing about science. It has been scientifically proven that people are born gay. Sexuality is very complex and biology is very complex. It also doesn’t make logical sense for a people to choose to be gay. You are attracted to whoever you find attractive and you cannot change that.

  3. I believe that God creates everyone just the way they are. God knows they gonna be gay before they are born. So it's funny how they try to pray the gay away lol?

  4. My brother hid his true self until he was 32ish. We have bigoted religious parents.
    He settled down with a woman, had 3 children, was the most HOMOPHOBIC and vicious person you could ever meet.
    Moved cross country when his eldest child was 10. 4 years later he called home to tell my parents he is gay, is engaged and been with his fiance for.. 4 years.

    He is the happiest he has ever been, his fiance and him are amazing parents to my nieces and nephews.
    Love is natural, love is not wrong.
    Don't waste your life being someone who you are not.

  5. nasa hides the fact the world is flat while people fight over what they get to have sex with…. fuck this lifetime…

  6. Sorry I hate to be that person especially with the really intelligent conversation going on here in the comments but the man at 8:51 is one sexy daddyyyy? he can push through my walls any day

  7. The fact that these people feel like they cant have a “normal” lifestyle is literally a social construct. You can have a spouse and kids and the “white picket fence” and be gay.

  8. if more people could realize their mistakes like the guy at 16:21 and admit and change the way they view things this world would be a much better place. Its sad that something like this is one of the main reasons a lot of our problems we face are still relevant.

  9. I've been through gay conversion therapy. One of the things that they taught me is to always say "no homo" after performing oral sex for another man.

  10. I was born wanting to watch naked women and my christianity says that is a sin. The problem here is the way the church approaches homosexuality. They don't have therapy classes for those addicted to porn but then get all up in arms over someone who has same sex attraction. Yes both are a sin equally according to the bible so let's talk about homosexuality with grace and love in the same way we do those men struggling with porn addiction.

  11. Oh “ the parts DO for “ yes , substance abuse is more prevalent possibly in the LGBTI community – bacause of abuse like this .

  12. I'm a christian but I'm not homophobic. This is sick and depressing. God gave us freewill. Even if what we choose to do is wrong in the other persons eyes. These "camps" or "therapies" are WRONG. People will be who they want to be whether others agree or not.

  13. This "therapist" is a horrible man. He has books on preventing homosexuality in his lobby! Has he not yet LEARNED to ACCEPT and LOVE one another?

  14. Conversion Therapy is pseudoscience. It is abuse. It is torture. It is medical fraud. It damages people’s reputations. It traumatises. It pushes the rising suicide rates even further, especially among men (if you or anyone you know or witness is thinking about hurting her/himself or someone else, call this number immediately: 1(800) 273-8255).

  15. Supporting an industry that does harm and sometimes kills kids…you lost me there, these people are misguided, they’ve gone their whole lives in an echo chamber reenforcing the religious dogma that has held their parents and ancestors down for generations. People are strikingly vulnerable to their surroundings growing up, and the ego grows off the reinforcement that what you are doing is virtuous, and that you are an excepting person who loves everyone, and out of that Devine love try to save a person from spending an eternity in Hell….in their eyes, in their world, they are completely doing the right thing, and for you to come at them so aggressively makes probably 90 percent of that demographic have a tribal reaction and response….. now go back and read the points I made about these converters,
    They are people, they really truly are trying to do the right thing and save someone.
    They are a victim of only growing up with one viewpoint, and having their parents, community, church etc. shut out the other side of the argument. They are Growing up being fed religious, or political dogma in their community echo chamber.

    Does that not sound like you vice?
    And does your true conviction and belief that you are correct and virtuous, speaking for all lgbt people not make you come off just as snobby and misguided as a priest who truly believes that he is doing the best thing possible and that is saving a human beings life from eternal damnation? I mean it’s like this is a hit piece on Christianity, if these people wanted to make a mockery of gay people and be obnoxiously aggressive about it, there would not be any gay conversion therapy in the first place……The whole idea of it is to try to save that human being. the people that are doing conversion therapy are not the kind of people who don’t give a fuck about human beings, or people who are homophobic for that matter. They are the kind of people who want to help the world, and their minds are poisoned by dogma and the pretentious assumption of their fathers, that humans in every community make, and its that the ideas, and values we believe and think here in this land (my home) is somehow more virtuous and correct than what other people believe…. and that’s the very sickness the extreme SJW types suffer from, I am neither leftist, nor Christian, although I came from a liberal Christian family. Which probably explains my take on all this, So looking at this video is truly like seeing two tribes of monkeys fighting over who’s method of being more virtuous or better than thou is correct

  16. If anyone is watching this and wishes they could be gay and also an individual of faith follow this link.

  17. in short gay conversion therapy is the biggest waste of time and money for parents who cannot accept their son/daughters sexual orientation because they don't understand what it's like to be in their shoes. the sooner parents learn to accept their kids for who they are either because they're gay or bi-sexual, the easier things will be for everyone

  18. I kinda wanna go to one of these even though I know it would be traumatising

    I have a lot to say so instead of individually commenting I will edit this comment

    Do y’all think the leaders get it on in the broom closet behind the leaders back?

    Nothing says Heterosexuality more than theatrical plays

  19. I'm bisexual and proud. I'm christian but I believe this is insane. I hope my God punishes these people. Some Animals are homosexual. My God loves lesbians, gays, bisexual, trans etc.

  20. Love is not about sex. Heterosexuals parts "fit" because we somehow need to reproduce. Yes, God created man and woman, because back then we needed to reproduce. Now the world is overpopulated, there is scarcety. If a man and a man or woman and woman love each other its ok! Parts dont have to fit but they create the same pleasure. And no, homosexuals don't fuck only for pleasure. They have feelings to, its just the physical way of showing love. I am Bisexual and proud. I care about the person not their genitals. And same sex sex is good if you show respect, love, use hygiene and remember they are a person not an object. Im proud to be Bisexual and christian and I know God loves me. This is insane.

  21. Journey into manhood should be the name of an organization to help trans men/boys. They need love and support. I'm here for you guys! dm me on insta @18alopez and we can make our own group hahah

  22. If your gay and you feel negatively about it to the point where you want to end your life, you shouldn't try to be straight you should try and put yourself in an environment when your more accepted and happy

  23. Uhmm if they want this to work why not put a female therapist i instead of males, they will just probably be tempted even more with all this gay guys around them. Where's the logic?

  24. I need This , I was Straight and I liked Girls but I met a gay friend who made me like Actresses and Girls Clothing
    I didn’t had A father maybe that why he affected me
    What made me like girls even more is Christina Aguilera she’s my crush

  25. Notice that guy listening all the stuff he has now that he "loves' a partner isn't one of them…just saying.

  26. These places are RUINING people’s lives. Be it fronted by “Religion”(notice I didn’t say Christianity, please. 2 totally different things) However, whatever you call it …Religion or New Paths or a Cult… whatever you call it: It’s DESTRUCTING people’s lives! Period! I went through a similar program when I was 20 and now at 33, I do have a relationship with God …as you can be both part of the LGBTQ+ AND BE A CHRISTIAN if you choose to be. We are all worthy of having the best lives we ascertain to have in the long run. Cheers!

  27. Guys, you have to accept who you are! I have a mental illness, I accept it. I tried to fight it for so many years! It's pointless….same for sexual orientation.

  28. Do people pay for this BS? Who would pay money for this crap program? Jack seeds? What morons. Their poor wives (if any of them are married). They are gayer than Christmas.

  29. It is encouraging to see states passing bans of such practices. However, how could such a practice be banned in more red states such as Tennessee, Alabama, or Mississippi? I tend to think that federal legislation would be the only way such a bill would be passed in those states.

  30. Who else knows that these guys get together to have orgies with each other. They are all clearly gay. The Cigarette thing was just pathetic. And no straight people don't have lots of partners. This is pathetic

  31. So far, being gay has both been a big disappointment on the queer friendship front but amazing on the sex front.

  32. Holy f*ing shit. To all gay people who had to go through this: I am sorry for what happened to you. Just be what you are. I can't say i am praying for you due to the reason that i am not religious, but i hope that this conversion-shit gets irradicated.

  33. I can't believe how stupid people can be , even the once who call them self's educated . They are the most ignorant of them all and all they do is create more suffering . Even for thous of us who want to change , it's not possible how ever you can choose what you do with it , or how you live your'e life . This will never work .

  34. I don't think it's working. They're lisping and prancing around putting o n a play. Soooooo masculine. What a creepy scam

  35. Straight camp is straight up child abuse!!! For God sake these people just need to let these kids be who they are! They should make a homophobic conversion therapy

  36. Conversion therapy at best TRAINS gay people to have heterosexual sex, but they still are gay to the core

  37. If this Councillor wasn't made to feel wrong by his church he would be happy with himself. Religion sucks.

  38. Theatre is the gayest thing in this world. Whoever chose to use that as a way to become straight deserve sdeath

  39. What's sad is it sounds like some of these men at Journey to Manhood really need help but not because they are gay. They have experienced trauma and need help but they are labeling their same sex attraction as the issue rather than PTSD or what not

  40. I don't know these peoples stories, but I just want to say, that making a bisexual man attracted to females is not an accomplishment of any kind, since they already had that ability in them beforehand. So for anyone that you claim to have changed, they may have been bi all along, and still are, and you literally haven't done anything!

    But actually converting someone who is indeed gay is a whole different story. And I seriously doubt that you can make a gay person straight.

    When you talk about "a hetrosexual man, with the ability* to like men", you are literally describing someone who is bisexual!

    *I say "ability" because it's not a "tendency"! Do tell me, sir, is liking strawberries, for example, a "tendency"? No! Of course not! What you like or dislike is not a freaking tendency. Is being straight a tendency? I'm sure you'll agree it isn't! So what makes you think that being gay or bi is any different? Your sexual orientation is not about what you "do", it's simply about how your brain is oriented sexually.

    And by the way, if you think there's something weird about liking men, then how come every straight woman is sexually attracted to them? Sexual orientation is not some make believe thing! It's very real! And even if you could change them from what they are, they still were whatever they were. They had an orientation (whether it be gay or bi) and they still do, even if now it's a different one (bi or straight). Sexual orientation is not some joke, it's a real thing, and anyone that has any sexual feelings at all, has one!

    Also, if someone is bi, I honestly don't get the whole point in this conversion camp thing. I'm a bisexual guy myself, and I personally would like to marry a girl one day and have such a natural family, because whoopi do lucky me, being bisexual I can totally do that! And the fact that I'm not straight isn't at all preventing that from happening, because I have the ability to be attracted and fall in love completely with a girl just as I do and have for guys. So what's the point in going through all this, if you can just marry a girl just fine the way you are?

    The only people who literally can't do that, are those who are gay, or as you like to call it "homosexual", which literally means the same thing! And, like I said before, I'm still not convinced that you can change someone's sexual orientation.

    So what does God expect of a gay person, huh? To live a life without love and sex? To not have their own family as everyone else can? Or to get married to someone that they simply cannot love in that way? I mean, what the hell are they supposed to do, according to your religious beliefs?
    If you, as a straight man, were told that you had to marry a guy in order to fulfill God's wishes, and that you couldn't be with a woman ever, and that being with a guy was the only way for you to have a natural family and biological kids of your own in a natural way, how would you feel about all that, huh?

    But I do agree about one thing. I agree that it's foolish to try to bend a religion to suit yourself.

    Don't lie to yourself about what a religion is saying, just because it will make you feel better or something. If you don't like it, then go make up your own damn religion, but don't pretend like this religion that clearly states what it states in its Bibles and whatnot, doesn't say and mean what it says, simply because you don't like it. Hey, did it ever occur to you that maybe the religion simply isn't true, or that perhaps God doesn't even exist, or that, even if He does, perhaps the whole concept of religion is fucking bullshit, or that maybe you just got the wrong one out of the infinity of them out there? If a religion says to do something stupid, don't tell me that it doesn't say what it says, rather, just don't listen to it, and simply use your own common sense instead, which dare I say, God Himself gave you!

    You want to make a religion that says what you want it to, then go fucking invent one for all I care, or just don't have one at all, it's really up to you! But don't go twisting what already exists and lying to yourself about what an already existing religion claims. I mean, who the fuck needs religion anyways? Good people are good regardless of religion, and bad ones are found in every religion as well. At the end of the day we are all just people, and religion doesn't make you good or bad, you do that, not religion!
    You are responsible for your choices.

    I'm actually Jewish, but I never once lied to myself about what my religion says is right or wrong according to it, or what it claims. I just don't give a fuck about it, because it doesn't control my life. If I believe in it, that's fine, but it's just a belief, that's all, whether it's true or not. And, like I said, who needs religion? If something is logical, like not killing, for example, then you won't do that either way, and if it's illogical, then why would you go against your own common sense just because some fucking religion told you so?

    Live your own damn lives, be good, and be happy! That's my message. But please do feel free to debate anything that I've said here, as I am indeed a seeker of truth. Thanks, and have a wonderful day!

  41. This is tragically sad. The only comic relief offered is the fact that these guys have chosen jack the giant slayer as some kind of allegory and theme. Oh and the bag of seeds in the necklace, Faaaaaaaaaaking Hell, the bag of seeds.

  42. Most of these "leaders", conversion therapists, and counselors, come out gay later in life. Who's business is someone else's sexuality anyways?

  43. The funny thing is that the Jack and the Beanstalk play could also be used for Pride.
    "Push through your fear and shame and find your gold"? Like, c'mon. That's great.

  44. Funny that they say you can’t be gay and Christian. I go to Catholic Church. We wouldn’t have half the clergy if that was true.

  45. Anybody else find it funny they wear “seed” around their necks? ?

    It’s that like a clean version of a pear necklace? Wonder what Freud would say about that?

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