Lose Body Weight a Part or Whole Body with Homemade Green Tea in Urdu Hindi

This is a most requested video that how we can control over body weight? First of all I’ll show you to make An amazing tea to reduce whole body weight Further, I’ll tell you a juice to reduce targeted weight of belly, thighs and hips And a simple/easy excercise You can also watch my previous video of weight loss by clicking on this card I also mentioned a simple diet plan in that So lets begin… Hello viewer, I’m Memoona Muslima And you are most welcome to my youtube channel Make sure if you didn’t subscribe my channel yet please subscribe it If you have done then thank you so much… First of all to make this wonderfull tea, we need a burner and a pan Now we add app. 3 glass water and heating it Now we add 3 packets of green tea Now 2 pieces of Liquorice Now 1 piece of cinnamon 4 to 5 pieces small cardamom few leaves of mint add 1 or 2 pieces nutmeg when you feel it has taken a boil now boil it well untill 3 glass water remain 2 Now take off the stove When it will be cool filter if with linen cloth in a pot add some honey & lemon to make its taste pleasent Take if twice a day 1 to 2 cups daily You can also store in a thermos and can store it in fridge for a week also can make enough according to your requirements Now I’ll tell you if you want to reduce targeted weight of any specific part For example your waist got too much fat or hips and thighs got fat I’ll tell you a juice and exercise for these problems To make this juice you need 1kg grapefruit juice 1kg of water Black pepper powder juice of 5 to 7 lemons Mix it in a bowl and take 3 to 4 glass of this mixture and try to increase your metabolic rate Use one tab. Esomeprazole once before sleeping and aslo use 1 to 2 tab. Vitamin C daily Use massage of Borex cream on that part of body that you want to reduce Don’t worry if its not available Also do this exercise daily expand your feet almost 36 inches now one hand over the head and keep other on your belt level in this position First bow right side and have max. reach Atferward repeat this exercise on other side try this exercise till you’ll feel pullness in your muscles Hope you liked the video If really please like and share this video and don’t forget to subscribe our channel see you in the our next video Good Bye…

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