LUNCH TIME SPECIAL on “World Food Day”, Save Food on “World Food Day”

Today I am going to share a story with you. Well, I am the mom of a teenage son, like
all teenagers my son is busy studying, busy watching videos, busy innovating, busy being
a leader, busy talking, busy hanging up, busy, busy, busy….. So every day I pack small snack box for him
with one fruit and either small sandwich, Roti roll or a Granola bar, but most of the
time it goes to school and in the evening comes right back… Mooooom, I was busy!!!! is all that I hear,
the bananas are beautiful and yellow in the morning by evening they are black and mushy. Now in my house we have a rule “If you don’t grow it, you can’t throw” as simple as that…
but how do I get my teenage son or for that matter anyone have a black mushy banana. So what do I do?? in my refrigerator I have
a collection box, so in goes the bananas in the collection box. Last weekend we collected three bananas, so
I took the three bananas peel them up, the inside is still black and mushy, took one
and a half scoops of Jawar on Millet flour, one and a half spoon of whole wheat flour,
four tablespoons of grapeseed oil, a bowl of leftover homemade almond milk, few strands of saffron and about five or six dates teeming with Iron a banana pulp, the dates, the almond milk, went into my mixi … (mixi sound) I had a nice golden looking pulp, maybe slightly on the darker side, to that then I sprinkle my lovely saffron, which not only gave the
fragrance but a hint of orange. Now with all that and I mix the Jawar and
the wheat flour and kneaded it with my fingers giving a great workout to my tiny muscle joints, beat it up a lot of exercise for my wrists, kneaded it more, then added the oil again,
beat it up and kneaded it till there was a smooth nice shine. Rolled it into little balls and rolled into
the most yummy Paranthas, with a hint of sweetness a hint of banana, a bit of Saffron served it
with homemade yogurt teeming with probiotics and homemade pickle of turmeric and ginger to give a dash of Antioxidants. What a yummy hot piping breakfast first to serve on Saturday mornings?? Why a teenager?? Anybody would gobble this up wouldn’t they?? And in doing that we have saved food waste. We have saved the food which have gone into the dumphill. Haven’t we innovated in a beautiful way?? If you want to know more such recipes do watch our YouTube channel “Nature Nurtures Homeopathy” do send us your recipe, do send us your stories. We are waiting to hear from you thank you

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