Lush Deep Dives: How to choose the perfect face cleanser

– Hello, my name is Erica and we are diving deep into products. So I’ve been doing this series, Amanda and I have been doing this series, I’m sure other people
will be doing it too, for a few weeks now about
talking about different products, some of our favorite things about them, about different ranges and
introducing you to those. First I just wanted to
say thank you so much to everybody who’s been
talking back to us. You’ve been asking lots
of really great questions and also giving us lots of good ideas for what you want to hear
and talk about next time. Speaking of, I have a couple here. So let’s see here. Rubik’s Cuber26 says,
“Can you please do a video “on different kinds of facial cleansers “and how to choose the right one? “Thank you for the video,
it was really helpful.” Well, you’re very welcome. That’s a great idea, let’s do that. I have some cleansers here today that I wanted to just show you some of the different kinds of formats that we have here at Lush, and then also talking about if you’re looking for a new cleanser, or maybe just want to
try something different, we can talk about which
ones might be right for you. We’ve got a lot to talk
about with cleansers, I’m gonna ramble as I do, but we do have some links
set up for you below, so if you’re wanting to know specifically about a certain product, there’s a few listed below that I’m kind of highlighting
and showcasing today. If you want to know about how to find the right product for you,
that’s also gonna be down there and you can just click
and zoom right to it, or you can just hang out
with me for a few minutes and we’ll go through it all together. Before we get too far into that, I want to talk a little bit
about our skincare philosophy, which is really important to us. We believe that the skin
should function in as natural and healthy as way if possible,
with the least interference. So that’s talking about
using a lot of simple, natural ingredients to cleanse the skin. It’s talking about not
forcing it to do things it doesn’t want to do
or isn’t ready to do, and it’s really thinking about the individual story of
skincare of what you like, what you’ve tried and didn’t
like, how you do your day, if it’s something really fast and snappy or if you like to do a
really nice, long routine. All of those things are really important to finding the right
skincare products for you. So we’ve got lots of different options depending on where you
are in that journey. I thought that maybe we
could talk a little bit about some of the different
formats of product that we have, but generally there are gonna be a little something for everybody, and lots of options for everybody too, so that’s always really exciting. I know sometimes when people
come into Lush for any product, they can be a little overwhelmed ’cause we have lots of great ideas and we just want to show you everything. So pretty much for any
person who comes in, there’s gonna be two, three, maybe four things that
could be good for you. Usually for the most part it might be that you’re finding one perfect
product, but for most of us it turns out to be two or
three different products that you might use throughout the week or over the course of a couple weeks, and that’s usually more of
almost like a unique blend that’s just right for your
skin on a day to day basis. Okay, so let’s talk about some of the different
kinds of product we have. What am I gonna pick first? Let’s talk about foaming cleansers first. So here I have a little
slice of Fresh Farmacy, which is a facial soap and it actually in the
store it’s really pretty. It’s like, imagine this as
a tiny little pizza slice of like a full, beautiful flower. They’re really, really
pretty in the store. This is like one petal of that almost. So what is a foaming cleanser? A foaming cleanser is a cleanser that has a little bit
of a soap base in it. It foams up on the hands or on the face, but it’s very gentle. So the difference between a facial soap and then just a regular body soaps, is it has a lot less of
that soap base in it. It’s a palm free soap base,
but it is a lower ratio than our soaps that you would
find just to shower with. The reason for that is because we want to pack it full
of other ingredients that are gonna be doing some
specific work on the skin. So for Fresh Farmacy for instance, you can see that it’s pink, and this is because it
has calamine powder in it. Now if you ever had a bee sting, or I actually just had like a little bit of poison
ivy a couple weeks ago. I was slathering it in calamine, and that’s something
that like your grandma probably did for you
or something like that. Calamine is really good
for irritated skin, so if the skin is feeling
inflamed or overly red or hot, calamine can really
help out to soothe that. We do also have Coalface, you
might be familiar with that. A lot of times people coming in like, “What is that black soap that you have?” And that is our charcoal Coalface. So Coalface is another
really great one that leaves, they both leave the skin feeling fresh. They feel clean. To me Coalface is almost a little more like squeaky clean kind of a feeling, whereas Fresh Farmacy does
kinda make like a milky calaminey lather in the
hands and on the face, but both of these are gonna
give that little bit of a foam, just to give you a little
more of a clean rinse. So if you’re looking for kind of like a tighter
feeling on the skin, this is probably a way to go for you that you might really enjoy. Okay so now I want to talk
about our solid cleansing rolls. If you’ve been to the shop
or maybe seen them online, people often say that
they look like sushi, and that’s totally true. They are wrapped up in these
beautiful banana leaves and they definitely just
look like a little sushi roll ready to be cut up for you. So what is a solid cleansing roll? Well, I just broke off a
little chunk of one here. A solid cleaning roll, you can
see that it’s in a solid form but when you make it up in your sink or your shower or
whatever you’re gonna do, you’re gonna trickle a
little bit of water onto it and you actually make it into a paste. So one of my favorite things about the idea of a solid body cleanser is that you get to help make it. So it’s got whoever made it on, if you buy it in a pot it will tell you, like this is made by Alex. It’ll tell you when that product was made, but in reality this product
isn’t finished being made when you buy it in the store. You finish it when you take
it home and put in the sink and get it going in your hands, and put it right on your face. So the product is literally
like a half a second old by the time you go to
wash your face with it. I just think that’s so cool ’cause it really does preserve
the freshness of this product by adding the water just
right when you need it and you’re ready to go. Having it in this form also
makes it really travel friendly. You can adjust the consistency if you like it a little
more thick and pasty or if you like it a little more runny. You can make it really like
to your taste, so to speak. This is a self-preserving product as well. So when we talk about
self-preserving products at Lush that means that there are
no synthetic preservatives required to keep this product
fresh for its shelf life. This really is just a
beautiful mix of clays. There may be some scrub in some of them. This one has some ground
almonds, essential oils, like this one has lavender and rose, and then again you add that water right when you’re ready to use it. A lot of times people will ask like, could I take my whole tub
and like mix it all up and then just like scoop it
out as I’m ready to use it? I would say don’t because
these products again, they don’t have synthetic preservatives, so once you introduce
the water content to it, water will always bring life with it, and life in products
usually means bacteria. So I would definitely recommend just to pinch off a little bit. You probably need about, oh,
I’m gonna say, about this much. Can you see that? About that much to wash your
face, maybe a little bit more, and just kind of sprinkle
a little water on it and then make it up into a paste. Just every time you’re ready to use it, do it fresh every single time. I can tell you a little bit about some of the
different body cleansers. I have two here with me, although we do have
quite a few in the shop. The first one is Angels On Bare Skin, and this is one of my favorites. The inspiration came from a medieval recipe book
from the 15th century, and it was called Delights for Ladies, (laughs) and it was kind
of like a home recipes recipe book for these
lovely medieval women. We took inspiration from that. We didn’t take it directly
because I think it had some freaky stuff like arsenic and stuff, so we left the arsenic
out, don’t worry about it. But we kept those
beautiful ground almonds, and the clays, and the essential oils, and just played with that idea anyway to come up with something
like Angels On Bare Skin. I wish you could smell this
’cause it smells so much just like being in a
beautiful field of lavender. It’s a really calming scent,
and then it’s got the goodness of that ground almond in there as well. So the ground almond
is just gonna give you a really like pillowy exfoliation, so it’s not scratchy at all. It’s just kind of like
gliding over the skin, just like little angel kisses,
and it’s making the skin feel really, really soft when it’s done. It has quite a bit of glycerin in it. It’s a vegetable glycerin, and so that really keeps
moisture from escaping the skin. So that keeps the skin
feeling really dewy and soft. If you’re looking for something
where you want your skin to feel kind of like
plump, dewy and heavenly, Angels On Bare Skin would
be a really good one. I also have Herbalism, and
I wanted to show Herbalism ’cause I feel like it
doesn’t get enough love. Herbalism is this one here,
and this one was made by Dan. You guys know Dan. If you haven’t watched
How It’s Made videos, you can find Dan in most of them, but there it is right there. Herbalism you can see,
it looks a lot different than Angels On Bare Skin. The word Herbalism or an herbalist is one that believes in
the healing power of herbs, and so there’s really a
lot of magic in this one. When you look at it you
can see that it is green and that’s because it’s
full of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a really nourishing, it’s in everything green. So all the plants have chlorophyll in it. It’s a really nourishing
and soothing to the skin, so we put that right into the mix and that’s what tinges it green like that. When you smell it, you can actually smell, a lot of times people are
very intrigued by that smell. It smells a little bit like vinegar, and it’s because it
has rice vinegar in it. Rice vinegar is gonna kinda be almost like a little
perky tonic for the skin, and as you probably know, vinegar is also a really
good natural preservative. In addition to this just
being a solid product, the idea of having a
little vinegar in there will actually help to keep
the product preserved as well. So what’s going on in this one? How is it different than
Angels On Bare Skin? So for me, when I think
about skin that’s troubled or maybe misbehaving a little bit, I always think that it needs
a little bit of discipline and a little bit of love. Just like anybody who’s
a little troubled, right? So for the discipline, we
have a few different things. We have some rice bran. Rice bran powder is going to
absorb excess oil on the skin. So this one does have some ground almonds like the Angels On Bare Skin, but the addition of that rice bran really helps to kind of
like mop up some excess oil. It also has sage and
rosemary essential oils, and those are going to
be combating blemishes and helping to keep bacteria away. Also really good for stimulating the skin to kind of get blood moving,
so it can nourish the cells. Then as far as the love,
this one has a really simple cleansing clay in there
called kaolin clay, which is also in the
Angels On Bare Skin too. Some people also call it China clay. It’s really, really, really,
really fine, soft powder that just can really
gently cleanse the skin. So when you make these up, you do see a little bit of the
water that is coming from it is almost like, milky a little bit, and that’s the kaolin clay. So that’s how you know it’s
almost like activating for you. Again with the love, this also has some rose and some marigold, and so those are both gonna help calm redness, irritation or itchiness. So this one really does have
a little bit of everything to make the skin feel
happier, more balanced, and like it’s got something
to look forward to. Another category of
cleansers, or category? I mean that’s too harsh of a word even, another kind of cleanser that we have, are cleansers that are oil based. If you have seen some of the other videos, I did do one about Ultrabland and I’m talking about it again
now because A, it’s so good, but B, it really exemplifies this idea of an oil based cleanser. So Ultrabland is, I was like, what He-Man put the lid
on this thing? (laughs) Ultrabland you can see
is just really creamy. It’s like a cold cream almost, and that just like melts onto the skin. What that’s gonna do
is, it doesn’t foam up. It doesn’t exfoliate, it
doesn’t do anything like that, it just melts onto the skin and then it starts to like
dissolve your eye makeup and kind of starting to
pick up any dirt and grime, and then it just slides away
with either a warm washcloth or you can use a cotton pad and toners, whatever you’d like to do. So you’re left with really soft skin that is thoroughly cleansed and soothed. The Ultrabland is a little
more rich and thick. We do also have one, I’m sorry
I don’t have it here with me, but let me explain it to you. It’s almost more of
like a cleansing lotion, or sometimes people come in
asking for like a cleansing milk and while we don’t have milk in it, this is more of like a milky,
lotiony product called 9 to 5. It also has almond oil
in there to cleanse. You could also use it as a makeup remover, and you use it in the same exact way. So you would just like
massage it onto the skin and then wipe it away. It’s just a little bit lighter and people, it just really comes down
to a matter of preference, but I feel like anybody who would like one would probably like the other one, and you could just kinda like
see what it is best for you. My favorite thing about
Ultrabland and 9 to 5 really, is that they’re good for anybody. So when people are coming in with a certain need for their skin, Ultrabland and 9 to 5 will
address pretty much anybody. They just both have like
a nice centering effect, balancing effect to the skin. They’re cleansing it
without leaving it dry. It just kinda does everything. So I would definitely, if
you’re not sure where to start, try Ultrabland at least first and see what you like about it. I have kind of a weirdo one to throw in, but I gotta talk about it
because it’s totally underrated, and that is Kalamazoo. Kalamazoo is a beard and face wash, so how do I explain? It is a creamy consistency, so
kind of like the Ultrabland, a little, if you can see that or not. (vocalizes) A little fluffier in consist, (laughs) I’m just like having
a hard time describing it. It’s like a little
fluffier in consistency, almost like it feels whipped, kind of, but then when you’re using it on the skin, it’s actually quite light. You can use it if you have a beard, you could use it on the beard. I have also used this in my hair. My hair is quite coarse
kind of like a beard, and so I thought I would give it a shot and I actually liked it. So nothing wrong with that. You can definitely use it as almost like, think of it almost like a light
alternative to Ultrabland. You like the format but
you just want something a little more like juicy and fun, you could definitely try Kalamazoo. I don’t think it would be right for taking off your eye makeup, so I would say stick to
Ultrabland or 9 to 5 for that. It does have a little bit
of a lathering agent in it, but I think that it’s just gonna
give a really radiant clean ’cause it has some pineapple juice in it, so I think that this is just something that nobody ever thinks about or tries when they’re thinking about skincare, and you know if you’ve got a beard you can just go from
the top all the way down and if you don’t, you can just wash face. So I think this is something fun to try and get into it, Kalamazoo. What’s up Michigan? We also had a comment from
Oskar Vera and he said, “I would love it if you would
go through your cleansers.” So check that box I hope, “And
also could we have something “to reference what cleansers
suit their skin types.” So that’s a really good question. Let’s talk about skin types for a minute. I feel like at Lush we don’t
really believe in skin types, we believe more in skin needs. You may notice if you go into a shop or you’re shopping online, we don’t really have like
an oily skincare range, a dry skincare range. It really is just kind of all
there for you to choose from, and that’s because, okay,
I was talking about earlier about lifestyle preferences and how long you like your routine to be, or what you’re used to using,
what you’re willing to try. (laughs) It’s gonna be
different for everybody, and so I think that what
I like to think about in our skincare is instead of
thinking about them in ranges, I think about them more as like stars, (laughs) stay with me here. Stars in the sky that are
kind of all over the place, and you’re gonna pick the
ones that are right for you to kind of make like your
own little constellation. So what does that mean? One of the favorite things
that I’ve ever learned from one of our founders Rowena Bird, she said, “Listen to your skin.” And I think that’s
really, really important. I think we spend too much time
telling our skin what to do, and not enough time
listening to what it needs and addressing what it needs. So what might your skin be saying to you? It might be saying that hurts. (laughs) It might be saying, I feel itchy. It might be, what it’s
probably saying on almost like a weekly basis is like, I feel dull. I could really use a scrub today. So don’t think about making
your skincare routine like you know, mark it on a calendar. Look at it and listen to it
on a day to day basis to say, today is a day I need to scrub. Or today is a day I just
need to scrub right here and I feel good on the rest of it. Today is a day when I
could really use a mask, physically and emotionally. So just really think about what you need on a day to day basis, and I feel like your skin
will be a lot more responsive and will thank you for it for sure. When it comes to picking out a cleanser, I would say that it’s pretty rare that somebody picks just one cleanser and it’s the right thing for
them because skin changes. Skin changes with seasons, skin
changes throughout the week, when it’s like maybe you’ve
got some dead skin building up and it’s time to scrub it off. Skin changes month to month
if you know what I’m saying, so there’s a lot of different things that you kinda have to anticipate. If you have been listening to your skin, you’ll probably know or to look out for. So really paying attention
to not just like, is it dry, is it oily? But what does it need?
Does it need that scrub? Does it need a good cleanse? Does it need to have a little talking to ’cause you’re not taking
your makeup off every night? There’s lots of thing that
it might be saying to you. If your skin is saying I’m thirsty, then something like Ultrabland
or Angels On Bare Skin might be really good for
you ’cause that’s gonna add that extra moisture and
make you feel really soft. If your skin is saying
it’s super hot out here, I’m sweating a lot. I’ve got a lot of excess oil going on and I just need to clean that up, you could do something
really simple like Coalface. If it’s feeling a little dull,
depending on your other needs you could do a nice good polish like our Dark Angels solid body cleanser, which is kind of similar to Herbalism and Angels On Bare Skin, but it’s a rhassoul and
black sugar charcoal scrub. If you’re really wanting
to get a fresh fruity scrub and a really nice robust one, you could try something like Ocean Salt. I know the list is going on and on here, and that is really to just show you how many options we do have. We’ve got so many great fun ideas that it really will come
down to you for like, how easy is it to use? Can you take it along with you? Do I like using that every day? Maybe I just like to do that once a week, and really finding the
right thing for you. The cool thing about shopping at Lush is, nothing’s ever final. So if you are to get
something, you take it home, you try it, it’s not right for you. That’s fine, bring it back. We’ll find something that works
better for you, I promise. We won’t ever let you down, but we want to help find the right thing and sometimes it takes a shot or two to find that perfect thing. So it’s just like love, right? You gotta go on a couple of dates before you find the one true love. So that’s just a little bit
about our facial cleansers. There’s lots to talk about those, so give us a call, stop into a store, and we’ll help find
the right ones for you. I’ve really been enjoying
hearing about your ideas, and I did have, there’s
some other ideas here. Listen, idoscreamforicecream says, “Please do one on facial moisturizers.” And then we have another one
from Elliot Kane, they said, “A breakdown of moisturizers
would be awesome.” So coming right up. I’m gonna take a little water break, and then I’m gonna shoot this thing and then we’re gonna have it
the week after, maybe. (laughs) Maybe, maybe.

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