Lush Manufacturing Presents: Herbalism Fresh Cleanser

Lush Manufacturing Presents: Herbalism Fresh Cleanser

[Music] hi my name is Gemma and today we’re making herbalism for the infusion needs antiseptic rosemary tonin nettle which is saved in rice vinegar for two days [Music] [Music] yes Alex chlorophyll which helps to burn the skin and it also gives the product a nice green color I’m just pouring the fragrance [Music] now the herbalism have been made is ready speedway’s a hand roll [Music] [Music] this is herbalism and that’s how it’s made

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  1. I got a sample of this when I ordered some other Lush products. I had heard it had a funny odor, which I think might come from the rice vinegar (after watching this). But it is a good cleanser and not too harsh w/ the exfoliation at all!

  2. My favourite cleanser together with Buch De Noel – really gentle and nice, and for me it smells just fresh and absolutely ok 🙂 And the guy in the video is sooo cute *__*

  3. I love this cleanser! If you want to see a review of it and Dark Angels please do visit my channel 🙂

  4. Guys i really think this is not a good product. I used it twice and it left me with a greasy kind of feeling and not only it didnt help my acne but actually irritated it more… I think it should be made in a more gentle way. Plus i think it is not properly applied on the skin it doesnt disolves good on my hands. :/

  5. Just started using this about a month and a half ago, I can't believe how fast it's been working! Thanks Lush 🙂

  6. It's hilarious how different are those videos from UK lush 6 years ago, and the current North American ones, they represent their regions well on so many levels

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