Welcome to health care at home You often heard me saying, that support us in our motive And our motive that maximum number of people should get health benefits at home only. So, to give health benefits at home only , we are introducing a new therapy in this channel. Which is called Magnet Therapy. And our panel Dr. Bharti Cunni Bhai Bhatt is bringing this therapy. She is not only an Ayurveda Master, in fact she’s doing research on magnet from the long time. The way you are watching my episodes, watch out her episodes and get health benefits. Along with me Dr Bhatt will also join & will try our best to give you maximum of health benefits. Thank you… Hello friends… My name is Dr. Bharti Chunnibhai Bhatt Since 1977 I am an Ayurveda practitioner in Maharashtra. You guys knows a lot about Ayurveda through newspaper or TV or from radio etc. But, today along with Ayurveda will talk about Magnet Therapy. You must have heard, study something or through internet about magnet. But, what i will tell you that how i treat my patients and with that they were cured and fit . I had organised free medical camps all over India & America too. Those who are chronic patients along with ayurveda i have given them magnet therapy. Within Ayurveda only there is a part of Magnet. In our ancient there is detailed information about magnet therapy. And here we want to give you information that how in lesser money you can have best magnet therapy . In my introduction i would like to share that magnet is a gift by my father. When my father got “Nehru Award” While coming back from Russia he met with an Apothecary They become friends & he give an magnet set to my father & that he gave to me. And i begin research on this That what does a magnet contains which heels the disease so quickly. I research on magnet in ayurveda colleges of Maharashtra And the kind of results i got was tremendous That a middle aged person who is suffering from any chronic disease Those who are tired of meeting various doctors and hospital. For all those this magnet therapy proven to be the most beneficial remedy. This magnet was one of the best gift by my father in my lifetime. In Ayurveda magnet is called Holy water Because it kills the disease with its holy effects. My Father Chunnibhai Bhatt wrote a lot on this magnet & motivated me also to write on it. And with his blessings i have written 3 books on Magnet therapy. I have got published my various articles in different newspapers. Almost 500 free camps has been done by me in every major city of India including Bombay. So, that it can be a great help to poor & needy people. I would like to tell you that if you have got a magnet set at your home Then you are not supposed to take medicines. For emergency effects too magnet is very much beneficial. And the most important part is that magnet is a part of ayurveda. There is a coloum called Ras Shastra in Ayurveda. If you have got that book then you will came to know that how these masters called, Wagbhatt ,patanjali, Charak. more than 1000 of years back the research which they did on ayurveda on ras shastra With these research they cured so many major diseases. At that point of time they used to use the magnet in powder or in the form of vessel. So, here along with Ayurveda we want to update you about Magnet. Even if you are healthy, but still we want you to understand that how you can use this In case you are surrounded by someone who is poor or suffering from a chronic disease. You can suggest them about this or can tell them about this treatment in cheap price. This is what our expectations are, so in this series What all diseases can be cured or how can we use magnet So, for that we will keep on telling you in our series We want you to stay healthy,busy and happy and with us through out this series. Thank you…

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