Make your sperms thick like Glue – Male Fertility enhancement

Make your sperms thick like Glue – Male Fertility enhancement

hi guys, welcome to natural cure tips. i want to thank you for watching my videos,
and for subscribing my channel, but if you are not subscriber, then please subscribe
my channel. i will take more better information in my
videos in future. Due to shortage of time i cannot upload every
day. Because i am doing job, and in my spare time,
i make videos for you. but in future, i will upload on daily basis. So today, the formula that i take, is very
best and proved formula. 1st let me tell you the men problem, for which
i have that formula. the problem is leakage of sperms and semens. those brothers when they talk with their wife
or girl friend on phone call, then they said, there is some thick water came out from their
penis, in the shape of drops. this thing is called leakage of sperms. This is natural thing, nobody can stop this
leakage, because this is a natural fact, When your mind divert to opposite sex gender, and
to the romantic moments, then automatically your heart beat become fast, and the blood
circulation in penis veins also more fast than before. So thats why naturally these drops came out. But there are some other peoples who have
this problem without talking with girl friend, or without watching sex videos. My today’s formula is for such peoples. they can cure this problem in 1 month. but everybody can use this formula, there
is no side effect. This will boost your sexual power, and give
power to your sperms. lets talk about our formula. you will take 2 things. 1st.banyan bearded fig, in urdu language,
it is called, Bohar ki darhi. it is look like beared, you can see in the
picture. and 2nd is brown sugar. you will take the quantity of banyan bearded
fig that you need, and dry it completely in shadow, not under the sun light. Much drier, much better. after that you will make powder of it.
and in this powder you will add same quantity of brown sugar, and mix it. You will eat half table spoon with fresh milk,
1 hour after dinner. but remember, milk should be normal, not cold. minimum 30 days you will use this. Basically this will increase your sperms and
its power. and will make your sperms thick like glue.
if you have these sperms leakage problems then please use this formula. i hope you will try this formula, please subscribe
my channel for my next informative videos. till that time, take care, good bye.

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  1. natural cure tips i write but you dont answer please respond. i have been using the olive oil and onion juice for length but have no results. Are you sure this works??!

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