Managing Arthritis: Traditional and Homeopathic Means

Hi, how are you? This is Dr. Redcross, and
welcome to The Redcross Minute! So you’re coming in today because your bones are feeling
a little creaky, a little achy. You probably have Arthritis. So what do you do with — as
they say, the old folks call it Old Arthur, right? What do you do with Arthur? It’s pretty
challenging, but we do have some things that help. As most of you know, I’m pretty much
on the natural side of medicine. For me, “less is more.” But, some things like Tylenol have
been shown in studies to be extremely beneficial. So it’s something to talk to your doctor about
and make sure you can take Tylenol. But if you do, a couple of Tylenol twice a day have
been shown to be beneficial. The other thing, which is getting back to what Dr. Redcross
tends to do, is focus on some of those alternatives. The alternatives being: Chondroitin and Glucosamine,
which actually have been shown to be beneficial, and I usually talk about those first. So when
you get an opportunity, if you have an Old Arthur creep up on you, look into Chondroitin
and Glucosamine. Both of them are over the counter. Once again, that’s a Redcross Minute.

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