March 2 COVID-19 Coronavirus update

March 2 COVID-19 Coronavirus update

Hi everyone, I’m Governor Kate Brown. With the first three presumptive positive
tests of COVID-19 coronavirus appearing in Oregon this weekend, I know there are a lot
of questions you may have about the current situation. The Oregon Health Authority, local officials
and I are committed to providing you with regular updates about the coronavirus situation
in Oregon. Here’s a brief status update: As a reminder, there are three positive cases:
two in a household in Washington County, and one newer case in Umatilla County in Eastern
Oregon. Eight other tests that were run yesterday
came back negative. I understand this news is concerning and I
want you to know we’re taking this very seriously. Our teams are working around the clock to
respond and monitor the evolving situation closely. This morning I joined my fellow Governors
on a call with Vice President Mike Pence to hear what the federal government is doing. In particular, I want to ensure that our health
professionals on the front lines of responding to this disease have the personal protective
equipment they need to treat individuals with the coronavirus. The administration says that they are ramping
up emergency production of masks, gowns and gloves. They are also working to pass emergency public
health funding. And around noon today I held a conference
call with Oregon members of Congress and local legislators. Senators Merkley and Wyden are working to
pass a federal public health funding measure this week in Congress that would send additional
financial resources to Oregon and local public health agencies. More on this will be forthcoming in the next
day or two. Also earlier today the Oregon Office of Emergency
Management activated the state’s Emergency Coordination Center in Salem to further support
the state’s existing response efforts. This will help all state agencies to respond
to questions about the evolving situation as quickly as possible. For example, the Oregon Department of Education
has been working closely with the Oregon Health Authority to keep parents informed, and to
make sure school districts across the state are prepared to react to any new cases of
the coronavirus that may impact students. The Oregon Health Authority and other state
agencies are striving to be as transparent as possible so that we can quickly convey
up-to-date information to you, especially whenever there are new positive test results
in Oregon. I know many of you at home have questions
about what you can do to protect yourselves and your family. It may sound simple, but the same strategies
that protect you during cold and flu season are some of the most effective methods we
have to protect ourselves from the coronavirus: Wash your hands with soap and water, and properly
cover your coughs and sneezes. Stay home from work or school if you are feeling
sick, even if your cough or fever are mild. Clean and disinfect surfaces in your home
and workplace that you frequently touch, like countertops and doorknobs. And, as you would for earthquakes, winter
storms, or other natural disasters, it’s important to have on hand some of the essentials
you might need to stay home for a period of time: food, water, prescription medication,
pet food, and anything else your family might need to be prepared. Meanwhile, you can sign up for regular coronavirus
updates at You can also call the state’s helpline at
2-1-1 with any questions or concerns. And as I mentioned, I’ll be giving regular
updates here so please tune in. Oregonians have a history of bringing out
the best in each other in uncertain times. By staying calm and following public health
precautions, we can all help each other and our loved ones stay healthy and safe.

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  1. We do not want federal money which come's with string's attached to rob us of our liberty's, just say no to federal grant's.

  2. your Honor: Thank you for taking the time to talk about the faqs. I am a compromised Oregonian 62 with my compromised sister 53 [both widowed] and on a small farm near Stanfield in Umatilla Co. We have stocked back 6 mos food and we are on the Umatilla so can sterilize riverwater if nothing else.I have seen some really heartless onliners saying it would be just dandoodly if the oldsters die from this virus, no biggey. That's not informed nor sane. This "happenstance" will no doubt bring out the cowards and the good folks in equal measure. God Bless Oregon, and The United States of America – Michael Potts Stanfield Or. 97875

  3. holy fuck…this is the GOVERNOR !?!?!?….this country is a cesspool of corruption and INCOMPETENCE….it is all a scam!!!

  4. Highly contagious, can stay on objects up to 9 days, kids can be carriers of this and bring it home and infect anybody living there and they can show no symptoms. When parents have become sick the costs can bankrupt many families. This isn’t like Canada, our government will not pay for most. If the parent or parents die where do the kids go. Many do not understand how many will financially fail.

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