Massage Therapy Marketing Ideas – Start Your Massage Business Blog!

Massage Therapy Marketing Ideas – Start Your Massage Business Blog!

Massage Therapy Marketing Ideas – Start Your Massage Business Blog! okay so to get started just make sure
you’re on more massage over here to the right there is a get
started link with Bluehost go ahead and click on that now over on the blue host
site we have this page that tells us that we can get the free domain and we
get these other extras in there one-click wordpress install which is
what you want for your blog we’ll click get started now now over here you have
different pricing options I’m going to choose what I think is the best one but
you can go ahead and make your own choice over here to the right for pretty
much just a few more dollars per month I get everything I want including
unlimited pretty much everything unlimited websites if I want to add some
more websites I can do that with this plan as opposed to just getting one
website so that is up to you as I mentioned you get some other options
down here that come with this spam experts that helps keep your website
free from viruses and actually really malware these days is what it’s called
domain privacy and backup options so I’m going to go ahead and choose that now
over here for the new domain you’ll either want to add your own domain that
you have already or you can choose a new one here which is what I’m going to do
let’s go with massage bloggers dot-com I’ll go ahead and choose that that
should just take a moment here now I can add my information in here so this will
take you a few moments just to fill in the basic information I’m going to block
out my information as I enter it so make sure you get this information in
here and in California go ahead and put my number for my phone my email address
now down here for the account plan you see that you have some options here if
you order for multiple years they decrease the price um I’m just gonna
stick with the 12-month price plan for now 795 per month still dirt cheap look
at this for what is that under $100 I can have my business website up so
pretty much next to nothing if you ask me I get the free domain as well as the
SSL that’s a security feature for websites so I get all of this stuff now
for the extras for the SiteLock security I am NOT going to take that I can always
add that later and we should be ready to go with the
credit card so right now I’m going to enter that so I’m almost done just a few
more digits then I will go ahead and put my expert eight which my card is such
but you probably won’t see this for privacy purposes but you can go ahead
and do this along with me so agree to the terms go ahead and click Submit all right so we should now be brought to
another page to confirm our order and we can start putting the blog together
congratulations okay I don’t want to accept cards right now I get to create a
password so let me go ahead and just do that you can do that as well read the
privacy policy I will tell them because Massage Therapy Marketing Ideas – Start Your Massage Business Blog! I’m comfortable this is a legitimate
company but again that is there for you to review if so wish all right so right
now Bluehost is getting everything ready normally it takes a few moments to a few
minutes to get things into place for you to do your WordPress install and we
should see that here momentarily alright so now that Louis has their situation in
order all you do is click on the button to setup your blog and log in you will
be automatically logged in and right here you can choose a theme so let’s
just scroll down here and use this Sydney theme this is a business theme of
course what is great about WordPress is you can change your theme at any time
with just a click or two just deactivating one or activating another
it’s nice and simple so you can change the layout of your website and your blog
at any time you can do that once you have it set up if you’re not happy with
it or you want to try something different you have the freedom to do so
so Bluehost will continue setting up for you they need to set WordPress up now
this should just take a few moments you can be patient
and everything will be in place for you great so once blue house has installed
your theme in your WordPress blog you can choose start building this should
give us a nice look at what you have available to you I go over here you can
see the menu on the Left WordPress is really easy to work with all you really
need to do you can access a menu up here for a new post you have post here on the
side I’ll show you how easy it is new post now look all you have to do is
enter a title let’s say three ways massage therapy improves circulation all right and then
all you have to do is come down here then you can start your blog post have
you ever been made aware of the ways massage therapy forgive my typing here
have you ever been made aware of the ways massage therapy can improve your
circulation and this operates just like your typical word editor so you can bold
you can italicize nice and easily here and that’s how easy it is to get going
then all you have to do we’re off screen here so I will show you you just come
over here and you click publish and once you do that you’ll have your first blog
post what we’ll do now is I will show you if you come up here to welcome and
click visit site we can scroll down and Massage Therapy Marketing Ideas – Start Your Massage Business Blog! look at there’s your first post this is
the excerpt of your post all you have to do is click on it as a visitor or for
our testing purposes and you click and you can see
here’s the text that we put in here it tells us when it was posted and so forth
so you can see the simplicity of creating your first blog website and
your first blog post

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