Pulsatilla. Pulsatilla is a terrible remedy. Terrible… You tell her “Pulsatilla,
you are terrible!”. She will start crying. You tell her this… They cry in such a way
that they complain. It’ s like saying “Why did you do
this to me, please?” ‘Please, say a nice word.” “I am a tender woman,
I am in a tender state”. “Please, hold me,
touch me”. “Give me consolation”. Consolation ameliorates. Actually, it’ s the woman who, one
way or another, you must console. If you don’ t console with a good
way, with a nice way… she will manipulate you to console
her on another way. She will manipulate you. How will she manipulate you?
In different ways. She has ways. She understands, especially
the husband, especially the children. You say… Children will cry in order
their parents will grab them… It’ s different. It’ s the remedy cries
in a different way. Ok, sweetie, come here.
You know. Ok, you ‘re a nice boy,
a nice girl. It’ s different… than Calcarea phosphorica. Because you ‘ve seen in Calcarea phosphorica,
or Chamomilla or Cina crying. Natrum muriaticum crying… Will fall down Natrum muriaticum on
the floor and will kick. It’ s totally different. Hysteric… You, hysterical! You are hysterical! Then, he will look at you…
Natrum muriaticum. What is he saying now? Because they are mentalised. Pulsatillas are acting
out of emotions. Their emotions are important. And they do not care. You cry so eaily,
yes I cry! You cry in what circumstance?
In front of others? Yes, in front of others, it’s even better. She would say : “…Even better, even better…”. Audience to cry,
then they feel comfortable. They feel there is no problem.
They can do it. Pulsatillas also, can be
very aggressive. Very aggressive. And they can throw a tantrum. And they don’ t want… You’ ve done this to me,
you bastard! Crying… They take this… and they can throw it. But never in the head of… There is no real aggression. It is an aggression, an aggressivity
which seeks attention, manipulation. You see, it’ s very strange, they need tenderness. They need affection,
they need attention. They don’ t need sex. So, it’ s not a sexual remedy. It’ s rather from medium to low… and sometimes, from the old times… you see, now homosexuality is much
more, how can I say… spread in the societies. In the old times, when
this was written in the repertory… in love with one of her own sex,
that means homosexuality. What they were writing actually is.. the need for tenderness
and affection. You see, the Pulsatilla woman does
not like aggression, aggressiveness. She’ s not a woman
that will challenge a man. She wants to be next to the man,
to be protected, to be consoled. Not to challenge. So, if she has to challenge,
if she has an aggresive man… she’ s afraid and finally
becomes cool… becomes “fridge”! Becomes frigid. And not interested
in sexual matters. Then, she needs affection. And of course we have
the big Keynote. In the Pulsatilla the big Keynote is
the Aggravation from Heat. Pulsatilla stays in this, suffers,
in this room. She has to go near, next to
the room, she has to have air. And just do like this… especially has to open
the window. The fresh air, the cool air
rejuvenates her. It’ s nice. We see this changeable element,
the element changing. Changing, we see it in different
actions, functions. Elements… The woman obsessed that almost never
the menses are the same colour. Something is…now more clots,
more dark… now it’s more brown,
it’ s less brown, it’s more red etc. The mood also changes
from one hour to another. They are moody
and depressed… and despaired. And then somebody comes,
they have nice company… somebody consoles them,
they say “oh the world is nice”. They start again. It’ s easy to change their mood,
they are not steady. So, changeability, also changing
places of pain. It’ s fear of insanity. Fear of insanity, which is real. I mean, they feel “I’ m going
crazy, I’ m going crazy!” It’ s a fear that overwhelms
the patient. Now, you may say, tomorrow all women
are going to take a Pulsatilla dose. Because you may have thought… sometimes under stress
that you may go insane. No, this is not the case. The case is when without any reason,
everything is alright… the fear of insanity
overwhelms the person. The fear of insanity
becomes the main problem. And of course, as we described
the Pulsatilla needing the support.. of the family, of the people
who she loves, and the tenderness, etc… it is natural she will feel fear
of being abandoned. You don’ t need to have the mental-
emotional picture of Pulsatilla. You may have only
the physical symptoms. Where the mental, the emotional
is normal… and you don’ t say this person… because you will come one time
“I will prescribe Pulsatilla”… and you will say she’ s not crying,
she’ s not manipulative. She’ s not consolation…
hungry for consolation. Why you give? You don’ t have to have, once you
have the changeability of symptoms. Feet become hot, burning and
she has to cool them out. Of the covers. But sometimes, you may have
a chilly Pulsatilla. And especially during a cold,
you may get a feeling… not you may get, Pulsatilla may get
a feeling of coldness in the back… as if there is a wet… a wet towel stuck on her back. So there are some chills on the back
wetness, and chills on the back. Where she cannot get rid of
this wet towel on the back. Then of course you have an aversion
to warm food. Desire for cold food. Aversion to fat, not only aversion
but worse from fat. Worse from fat. They will have diarrhoea from fat. But you may get some Pulsatillas
who like butter, bread and butter. And it is one of the remedies
that they don’ t like sun… and they don’ t like
the time of sunset. They become sad during this time. Sunset brings a sadness. It’ s as if life is going away. She will cry more than another woman
who is more healthy. A healthy woman will cry. She has an affair…
nice affair. But if the man leaves her,
she merely reasons out… that this is not the right person. So, it will be nice
because I like him, but still… So, cries one week, two weeks,
it’ s finished. Pulsatilla will cry for 6 months,
but will cry… and will not have the side effects
of the grief… as the Ignatia or the Natrum
muriaticum may have. Because will save her,
will balance. Crying out is a big outlet
for a lot of problems. And if you are crying, crying,
it’ s like oozing. Eczema is oozing, oozing out. We cry, we cry. Actually we have so much pain inside
us, kept inside… that we should be crying, most of us
should be crying, crying… and then you say…you know. “I’ m too proud to cry”. The other one says “I’ m going
to be ridiculous if I cry”. The other one says “I’ m going to
be considered a crazy person” etc. So, we keep it inside… and this is how you develop
your clientele. Your clientele comes
to be treated by you.


  1. researching to pulsatilla,I  found your channel,AND SOON I are really friendly I'm very happy to have known him.Thanks ,from BRASIL.

  2. Sir please help me by this question. in india there are lots of women we altym think about pulsatilla for lack of attitude due to poor economic status.that mean we does not think of lypodium if a women has lower abdominal pain with fullness of abdomen but mind is weeping disposition whats the remedy???sir pls guide me i need ur hlp

  3. A pulsatilla em minha vida foi um santo remédio, como sou uma pessoa muito sensível ela veio para minha vida e me fez muito bem, agradeço a doutora Silvia Bicudo por tal feito. Amei o vídeo.

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