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– Hi, I’m Rachelle Robinett,
a holistic health practitioner and the founder of Super Natural, a plant-based wellness
company in New York. And today I’m going to tell
you about medicinal mushrooms. (upbeat music) Medicinal mushrooms are incredible. If I had to choose just a
couple of herbs or supplements or foods to use in my life, long term, medicinal mushrooms would absolutely be at the top of that list. Medicinal mushrooms are their own kingdom and there are about 270 different types of medicinal mushrooms. We tend to focus on just
about 10 which is fine, each of those 10 have great benefits and they act in slightly different ways. But there is also a world out there that we’ve yet to really,
really delve into. Some examples would be
reishi, which is very popular for mood and mind and sleep. Whereas cordyceps is pretty commonly used in the athletic fields. So performance athletes
that are looking to kind of improve performance but also really to improve that recovery, cordyceps can be great for that. Chaga is known as a super-high
antioxidant mushroom and lion’s mane is probably the stand out for brain health, specifically for helping to encourage the regeneration of neurons. Medicinal mushrooms are immunomodulators so that means that they help
our immune system to function at an appropriate level,
so not to be overreactive and not to be underactive. One of the ways in which
medicinal mushrooms work is with something called beta-glucans. And beta-glucans exist in the
cell walls of the mushroom. When we eat that, it travels
down into our lower intestine and binds to a certain receptor. The beta-glucans sort of
tell our immune system to enable itself with
the appropriate tools, like t-cells, or the sort of fighter cells that can help our body
to stay healthy and well. Medicinal mushrooms are
also fantastic prebiotics. So that starch that fiber
that our microbiome needs to stay flourishing, we can get that in medicinal mushrooms. So we can get all these great
benefits from the mushrooms, the medicine, the energy, the immune tools and then also be having a prebiotic fiber. Once of the cool things about mushrooms is that they breath like
human being, unlike plants. And they also store glycogen for energy which is also what we store for energy. So there’s some cool similarities there. It can be really tough to
eat medicinal mushrooms in large quantities, sometimes
the flavor is an issue, sometimes the fiber is an issue. Reishi, as beautiful as it is,
it doesn’t taste very good. So having it in a liquid
extract like a tincture or in a powdered form can be awesome. And I love, love, love
medicinal mushrooms in food. These are mushrooms after all,
they taste like mushrooms, so we can blend them into
foods, especially things that are savory like
soups, salad dressings, sauces, mixing it into your
salads, mixing it into dinners. I love to get away from the idea that it can only go into a smoothie. It totally works in coffee but it works in a lot of other places too. Today we’re going to put
it into a salad dressing which is super, super simple to make and such an easy way to have an even more functional, medicinal lunch. All right, medicinal
mushroom salad dressing. One large garlic clove, finely minced. 3/4 of a cup olive oil. 1/3 of a cup balsamic vinegar. 1/2 teaspoon crushed black pepper. 1/2 teaspoon sea salt. One teaspoon medicinal
mushroom powder of choice. Once you have all your ingredients
in your little container and I’m actually reusing
one of my glass jars. You can simply shake like crazy. This is a sort of homemade way
to emulsify a salad dressing. To serve just top your favorite
salad, top your breakfast, top some toast, anything that needs a little medicinal mushroom
salad dressing on it. Mushrooms, salad, like
it makes so much sense. It tastes so great, it’s like
the mushrooms are infused in every bite and I can
just imagine the goodness that they’re working in
my body at the same time. It really does go so well
together, I just love it. For more episodes of Plant Based, subscribe to Well and
Good’s YouTube channel. (upbeat music)

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