Improve song of canaries. Canary does not sing. How to make a canary sing. Hello fellow hobbyists,
Welcome once again to a new video. On this occasion I bring you to the channel a remedy
natural or homemade remedy for canaries, goldfinches, Parakeets and other exotic birds. Specifically, we will see a natural recipe that
many breeders of singing canaries with many years of experience have used
for years to improve the singing of canaries If you’re interested, stay … let’s start. For this natural recipe to improve singing
of the canaries and other birds simply we will use mineral water and sweet stick
or natural licorice that we can acquire in any herbalist in the area or even
In big supermarkets. For those who do not know yet, the sweet stick
it is the root of a plant that has different properties and benefits for both people
as for the birds, but that I always eat any product, no matter how natural
We have to use it sparingly. Many veteran Canary breeders who
they were dedicated to singing canaries have come using this natural remedy to improve
the song of the canaries that have been seen affected by sudden temperature changes
or drafts, from a cold or point cold, to cure problems of
aphonia or other respiratory problems and vowels that may impair your fitness so much
for singing, such as performing different variations that make up the repertoire
of a singing canary, and in this way it they assured that their canaries were going to arrive
in the best conditions to contests. So if we notice that our canary
has stopped singing as a result of a mild respiratory system condition, it is
say, from what I’ve told you before air currents, possible colds
punctual or aphonia we can use this natural remedy to recover your song, already
that if the canary has stopped singing for some kind of more serious problem this remedy
natural will have no effect and the best will be take it in the shortest time possible to a veterinarian
so you can diagnose the problem and Treat it based on its pathology. The way to prepare this recipe is very simple,
we will simply need mineral water and a little piece of sweet stick root that of course
has been previously washed to remove possible waste or rest of land. When we have everything ready, we would have
to add about a liter of water in a bowl and put it on the fire for
A few minutes until it starts to boil. When we notice that the
first bubbles we can introduce a little bit about this size and leave it
boil for about 10 or 15 minutes until that the water takes color and has all the properties
of the sweet stick. Also, comment that at this time some
breeders add one or two tablespoons of honey to reinforce the recipe since I eat
you know honey has great properties and benefits and it will also help recover
to the bird as we saw in this video that you I’ll leave up here and in the comments
where we talked about honey for birds. Then we would just wait a few minutes
until the water is at room temperature to be able to use it. And the forms we have are several, the first
shape would be mixing 1 part of this water with licorice with 3 or 4 parts of water and put it on
in the drinking fountain for two or three days changing daily water
and the second would be using couscous and administer it directly, or next to the brood paste
that we normally use. That is, you do the same preparation as
I have commented previously on 1 part of licorice water for 3 or 4 of water and the
you add the couscous to absorb it and this is hydrated, then mix it
with a certain amount of brood paste, that we can put it on the birds too
for two or three days. Finally, as I always tell you to use it
in moderation and without abuse, and in specific cases, and if you have any other way to use it
or do you know other natural or homemade remedies leave it in the comments to see it
in future videos that I think you like And they are very interesting. I hope you liked the video, if it is
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for subscribers, here I leave you too a very interesting video … and as always …
I wait for you in the next video.


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  2. Hola My pregunta es que ase unas semanas compré un periquito australiano que según yo era hembra pero como que el celo se le está volviendo azul antes era café porque es o es macho

  3. Holaaa muy buenas tardes Rocío like like like like like like como siempre impresionante video saludos cordiales desde Manzanares Ciudad real un abrazo fuerte este mundo de la canaricultura es precioso

  4. Pero eso no era para dejar de fumar ????es broma. un pedazo de vídeo un ?gordo como siempre genial !!!! El vídeo saludos !!!!

  5. Muy buen vídeo Rocío.
    Muchas gracias por la información y el consejo .
    Un gran saludico y que pases una feliz semana . ?

  6. Hola,veo tus vídeos y se que te documentas muy bien sobre todo lo que comentas,.
    Yo crío palomas y estoy empezando un poco con los canarios ,aunque con poca suerte.
    Existe una planta llamada cilantro muy parecida al perejil con muy buenas propiedades que creo pueden ser útiles para los canarios,ya que a las palomas ya he visto que funcionan

  7. Buen consejo Rocio, cada video que haces apredo algo nuevo ? sigue asi compañera, un saludo y buena semana.

  8. Hola preciosa, té hablo desde Chile,es muy interesante la información. que nos regalas, sobré el" palo dulce", podrías entregarme alguna información más a cerca de este palo dulce, yo no lo conozco y no se sí aquí en Chile existe, me interesa bastante, pues tengo un canario que dejó de cantar….y bueno la miel no funcionó…. té lo agradeceré en el alma

  9. Pregunta
    El agua mineral la pones a hervir con el litro de agua??
    Porke solo dices pon un litro de agua a hervir y le agregas el palo dulce…
    Y lo sirves con 3 porciones más de agua.
    Donde kedo el agua mineral?
    Y el palo dulce creo dijiste es lo mismo k el regaliz?

  10. Espero me contestes Porke tengo un canario k dejo de cantar y otro k deplano no aprendió o no sabe Porke solo hace unos ruidos como si estuviera cantando pero no manches k desafinado ?

  11. Buenos días gracias por sus recetas una pregunta puede darles reumas a los canarios porque no pueden subirse a los palos que puedo hacer y muchas gracias por sus consejos

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