Menses Problem – Home Remedies for Irregular Periods | Health Tips in tamil

Menses Problem – Home Remedies for Irregular Periods | Health Tips in tamil Eventhough women are active they suffer for 2-3 days in a month due to menses problem. Even if we take medicines for back pain it gives temporary relief but will not solve the problem. There are some natural medicines to get rid of this pain found by our ancestors. In this video let us see what are the natural medicines. Take the fleshy part of Aloe vera, wash it and add palm jaggery with it and take in empty stomach. It cures stomach pain and prevents excess bleeding. Take handful of mint leaves, lemon juice, and palm jaggery. Grind mint leaves with lemon juice and add required palm jaggery and take when you get stomach pain. To cure stomach pain during menstrual cycle take Banana flower as side dish or take it juice in empty stomach. Take handful of drumstick leaves, 2 garlic pods, 5 pepper corn and a pinch of turmeric powder. Grind these and make balls and take one ball a day, 3 days before menstrual cycle. It will cure any pain during menses. Buy 50 grams of dill seed which you can get in country medicine shops. Fry and powder it and divide it into three parts and divide a part into two and add palm jaggery with it and make balls. If you take morning and evening for three days it will correct the delayed menstrual cycle. Some experience severe stomach pain during menses. Fry black cumin seeds and powder it. Add jaggery with this powder and take to cure such stomach pain. Fry and powder fennel seeds and add water with it and drink in empty stomach as well as four hours after lunch. By drinking this you can prevent stomach pain and if you make fresh fennel seed juice you will get better results. Body heat will be excess during menses for some people. Cut Aloe vera fleshy part into small pieces. Wash it well and mix with salted butter milk to reduce body heat and prevent stomach pain. Those who suffer from back pain make a bag with fried tamarind leaves and press it gently on the paining area to get rid of it. Those who have excess bleeding eat banana with powdered cardamon. It prevents the excess bleeding.

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  1. Please change the title… don't hide things that will .only lead to problems in society… you have not said any crime tips against men right then why making others feel shy to see this… these are actualllly very good tips which every man should watch and share with his wife. Help to bring healthy life style

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