Miracle Home Remedy For Dandruff & Hair Regrowth | Sushmita’s Diaries

Miracle Home Remedy For Dandruff & Hair Regrowth | Sushmita’s Diaries

hey everyone our skin needs nourishment to stay healthy and smooth but most of us forget that our scalp is also a part of the skin ironically the scalp needs more nourishment than the rest of the skin why? because it has an extra job of feeding the hair roots as well due to lack of proper care and oil massages the scalp becomes dry and flaky this is called as dandruff by the way I’m enjoying my magic hair growth juice here you may see its recipe by clicking on the side links or checking out the info box so a nourished scalp means no dandruff today I’m sharing a very effective home remedy to get rid of dandruff and dry hair if done regularly this will not only cure dandruff but also promote hair growth so let’s begin the first thing we need is Vitamin-E capsules these are easily available at all pharmacies and you may pick any brand you wish vitamin E improves the quality and the texture of the hair it makes the hair shiny and nourished it also hydrates the scalp and removes dandruff flakes the second thing is yoghurt this is one and a half cup of fresh homemade yogurt I left some fresh milk for fermentation last night and I’m using it now you may take lesser quantity for shorter hair yoghurt is an excellent conditioner for scalp it deeply moisturizes the scalp skin and makes the hair visibly glossy it is packed with vitamin E and antioxidants that promote hair health it is also anti fungal that fights dandruff the next ingredient is glycerin I have taken my regular one available at the pharmacies nothing too fancy glycerin attracts moisture it will pull moisture into hair cuticle and locks it in, which means it’s a fab deep conditioner it also controls frizz and breakage it is non-toxic and has no side effects on hair using too much of it will however make your hair greasy so we will use around 1 tbsp of glycerin here I’m also using castor oil here castor oil I would say is the most underrated hair oil ever it has ricinoleic acid and omega-6 essential fatty acid which improves blood circulation to the scalp hence increasing hair growth it fights scalp infection and dandruff it also reduces split ends and serves as a natural deep conditioner the next thing is fenugreek seeds it is also known as methi dana in India and is known for its amazing hair growth and nourishing properties for the scalp the seeds contain lecithin component that cure dandruff naturally fenugreek is also effective in hair strengthening and controlling hair fall fenugreek contains nicotinic acid and proteins that boost hair growth so here I have soaked around 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds for 8 to 10 hours they have swelled up almost double in size and will be easy to grind make sure you don’t soak the seeds in too much water as we will be grinding them in the same water too much water will make the mask too runny and less effective the last ingredient is an egg egg is packed with proteins vitamin A vitamin D vitamin e amino acids and fatty acids and so much more.. it is just the best food for hair and makes it super shiny and soft I know a lot of my indian viewers are vegetarians and don’t prefer animal products besides the dairy I totally respect you people, even I don’t eat eggs but occasionally use them in
hair it makes a hell lot of difference you may replace the eggs with honey if you wish so let’s begin with grinding the soaked fenugreek seeds I am using a regular blender try to grind the seeds with the help of water they were soaked in don’t add extra water so here is the paste it should be really really fine not grinding properly wouldn’t make a proper mask now let’s drop this fenugreek paste into the yogurt make sure that the yogurt is quite thick or your mask would be all runny and ineffective whip the paste really good to ensure that there are no lumps now let’s add 1 tablespoon each of glycerine and castor oil I am eyeballing the quantity you may use a spoon to measure them whip it really well time to give this mask a punch of nourishment with vitamin E capsules I am using around 5 capsules as per my hair you can use it accordingly as well cut the capsules carefully to extract the
secretion out give it all a good mix now now finally break the egg and whip till all the ingredients are properly mixed once the mask is ready leave it to rest for 10 minutes like so fenugreek seeds swell and firm up after a while making the mask thicker and richer so it’s easier to apply and isn’t runny at all before applying brush your hair free of tangles you can use a hair pack brush like so to apply I however prefer an old toothbrush for the matter of convenience dip the brush in the pack and begin application from roots to length apply thoroughly concentrating on the scalp once properly applied tie your hair up and wear a shower cap leave it for at least two hours shampoo and condition as usual fenugreek seeds are difficult to remove from wet hair however they shed away easily once the hair is dried so don’t shampoo hard to wash of the
fenugreek paste do this once a week for visible results this pack also helps in regrowing lost hair I hope you found this video useful and if you did, please subscribe for more videos also follow me on Instagram and Facebook check out my website for more beauty and product reviews I’ll see you all very soon bye!

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  1. Pls tell me which shampoo I should use currently I am using head and shoulders anti hair fall shampoo I am using this one from so many years but dandruff is still there I want to switch to any other ayurvadic shampoo which can control my hair fall and remove dandruff too you can also suggest me any home made hurble shampoo if you have any which can cure my both problems

  2. Hey you tv only long hair n not thickness, but your remedies are good. I feel bit show off of your hair. The presentation is not catchy. It's just my suggestion

  3. Why can’t ppl just swallow one vitamin e capsule a day? What is the hell with removing liquid and applying to face and hair? Ppl just take one vitamin e pill a day so that ur body won’t be deficient of this particular vitamin…
    Also…I know fenugreek and yogurt paste is a good remedy to dandruff. Castor oil and glycerin are not required but good addition…

    However..I don’t like it when ppl murder the amazing vitamin e pill…

  4. which shampoo&conditioner use for dryhair, my hair is very sticky&strong, i suffered my splitends from past 1year, can u suggest any tip for my sake

  5. Great video, I just made a similar video on how to treat dandruff with Aloe vera and few other natural ingredients. Please stop by too

  6. Hey…i am a student and living away from home so i dont have mixer . I cant make a paste of fenugreek seeds…is there a alternative method to use fenugreek seeds?? Yaa m use apne ghar s hi phle sukha piswa lu..i mean powder form m..nd jis din krna ho use ek din powder ko paani m daal skte h??? Plzz reply bcz mre ko dandruff bhut h and hair fall bhi bhut jyda h ?

  7. Pls tell me .. i lose my hair totally and too much off dandruff . Am tierd of this plss tell what shampoo and conditioners u used

  8. hi i like ur video soo much..my big problm plz solve this my hair very oily & very dendruff i am very upset plz solve my problum plzz plzz

  9. Mam Glycerin and Rosewater Nd Moisturizing ur saying ya bec i m in foreign country here I can get this one ly thts y i m asking Mam

  10. Can you suggest any good shampoo or shikakai whatever. I have silky hair now a days, it's tend to fall and dandruff I'm disturbed I'm using meera shampoo didn't see much results can you suggest me please

  11. I have seen many of your videos related to hair.
    Main query is for my son he is 24 years old & has lost almost 90% of his hair & all head can be seen.
    Can I mix coriander(dhania) leaves juice with Onion juice & use, many of person suggest me for coriander leaves juice if not then which one is best for him Onion or coriander juice. Also if coriander to use 3 times a day then when to use hair oil in which said to mix most of the things like curry leaves, fenugreek seed etc. If not these then what he needs to do which would be best for him please provide the links with your advice.
    Please reply at my mail id
    [email protected]
    your advice is highly appreciated. PLEASE PLEASE reply at the earliest.
    There is an earnest need of re-grow hair for my son.

  12. Hiee di .. di ye paste first first lagane se kya kaafi baal jhadte he ? Mera kaafi jhaad chuka he . Ao disappointed

  13. Mera baal abhi kaafi chhote he aur abhi se itna jhadd rha he paste lagane se toh kya hoga jab baal lambe honge .. pls kindly suggest

  14. Hi dear.. I have watched most of your videos and u r doing a great job..
    I have severe hairfall and u cudnt imagine that.. really am tensed.. I used to cover it up always..

    Anyways I have started ur healthy juice and this pack also.. now I came to see ur homemade hair oil also..

    Now I am in a confusion like what to use.. I just started this pack and now it's beenone week, twice in a week..

    Can u pls suggest me to choose the best treatment that I cud do.. this pack or onion juice or oil msg??

    Reply plssss

  15. I am telling about my experience in my hair to much dandruff is there i have use one product of Amruta pharma that product name is "Anti dandruff lotion". that product gives me nice result.
    For more informtion visit:http://bit.ly/2AVHX9Z

  16. I have problem of dandruff .. I applied all types of shampoos, and remedies but dandruff not gone ..? what should I do .

  17. I am tired of dandruff.. please suggest oil and shampoo for permanent solution of dandruff.. because of it , I losses my hair also.. ??

  18. If you wish to buy the products online, then kindly buy it from my amazon affiliate store to support the channel.


  19. I have a question… You have so many video. I dont ever know where to start and how often? which is best? And do you have to do everything?

  20. Awesome remedy….I did it and in one wash only my all dandruff gone…such a best remedy.. thank you for dis video…!!

  21. Hello thanks for the info. I HV tried n it's wonderful. But u hvnt informed, how frequently this should be applied? Answer please

  22. This video is very nice. Thanks for sharing with us. Along with these remedies, Planet Ayurveda offers Neem Capsules and Go Richh Hair Oil which are very effective in treating dandruff.

  23. Sushmita you have told so many remidies for hair grown and hair fall I get confused so can you please tell me one which the most powerful thank you

  24. My favourite home remedy for dandruff is to apply an equal quantity mixture of white vinegar with water on the scalp skin about half an hour before a head wash. That really works

  25. After delivery of 4 month i have severe hairfal n dangruff .. can ii get back my hair by thjd remedy pls share

  26. Awesome video ❤️
    Also check my post on dandruff and hairfall problem it'll help you guys a lot..


  27. Great video. Fighting dandruff permanently is not easy. Using different products also can't help and also expensive. Dandruff can be treated with some simple home remedies. These remedies are not expensive yet effective. Click below the link and read about the natural remedies to fight dandruff.

  28. Please tell me can we use yellow from egg for hair as you pour complete egg in hair mask shall i use only white in egg for my hair

  29. How many day we can store that remedy?
    And instead of egg you mentioned honey add to remedy but when we apply honey on hair, hair will change to white right

  30. Fenugreek seeds have an extremely bad and unbearable smell. So, do you have something stop for this bad smell or little bit make it so strong? Which I can apply it with your masks or after using them.

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