MOLECULE 2 Mattress Review

MOLECULE 2 Mattress Review

Logan: What’s up, everybody? I’m Logan from and today,
I’ll be reviewing the Molecule M2 mattress. I’ll go over the firmness of the bed, what
it’s made of, run some tests compared to the Molecule M1, and finally give my pros and
cons at the end of the review. For right no, I want to talk about what the
M2 feels like. Now I’m looking at the Molecule M2. I’m going to give it a 6 out of 10 on the
firmness scale. That’s just to the softer side of a medium
firmness. I found that the comfort layer is a really
airy memory foam. I was able to sink right into it for some
nice pressure relief and that includes when I’m lying on my back, I already start to feel
myself sinking into the mattress, get some nice contouring around the body. I still felt that there was pretty good support
for my hips but it’s definitely more of an in the mattress situation than on top of it. As I’m rolling around changing positions,
there is a little bit of a slow response to pressure from memory foam. I do feel it kind of moving slowly around
me taking a second to readjust. It doesn’t really have that bounce or pop
you might be expecting out of like a traditional inner spring mattress because it is an all
foam memory foam mattress. I didn’t have to fight the layers or anything
like that. I didn’t feel like I was stuck too much. It is just a little bit slower. As I roll on to my side, I do find that the
Molecule M2 is a nice mattress for the side sleepers out there. I usually recommend softer mattresses to side
sleepers. Because I was able to sink in for some nice
pressure relief here, I found that I was really comfortable. We are going to take a closer look at pressure
later on in the review. I got to say for a softer mattress, I do think
the Molecule M2 is a nice choice for the side sleepers. It’s kind of the opposite here for stomach
sleepers. I generally recommend firmer mattresses or
at least something in the medium range for the stomach sleepers out there. I did feel my hips start to sink into the
M2 here. Over time, that can cause you to feel a little
bit of ache and pain and lower back. If you are someone who’s more of a combo stomach
sleeper or a really strict stomach sleeper, you’re probably going to need to find something
a little bit firmer than the Molecule M2. [background music] Logan: To give you a better idea of what the
Molecule M2 is all about I’ve pulled back the cover so you can see the layers underneath
it. As you can see it is an all foam mattress. It stands 12 inches in height. Now the top layer of foam or the comfort layer
is made of memory foam. You can see that slow response to pressure
that’s going to give you that classic contouring feeling — that glove feeling — around your
body. You can see that slow response right there. Now one thing I do want to note about the
memory foam that they used here is that it is an open celled structure. It’s going to be a little bit more breathable,
feel a little bit more airy than classic memory foam which can trap a bit of body heat. Now below that we have the transition layer. It’s made of a poly foam so you can see that
quicker response to pressure there. It’s definitely a bit firmer than the memory
foam on top of it, so you’re going to start to get some cradling support as you move further
into the mattress. It’s kind of a transitional layer. One thing I do want to note is that it is
zoned for support so it’s going to be a bit firmer at the hips than it is at the shoulders. It’s going to allow you to sink deeper in
at the shoulders while supporting your hips a little bit more, which is nicer side sleeping
spinal alignment. The reason it’s transitioning you through
the mattress is because it’s going from the soft layer up here into the really firm high-density
poly foam base. Now high-density poly foam, it’s a really
common material using a lot of bed in a box mattresses. It’s used in a lot of mattresses because it
provides nice support to the layers of foam on top as well as the support to the sleeper
on top of the mattress. Now instead of just taking my word for what
the Molecule M2 is all about, I like to run a few tests so you get a more objective look
at the bed. The first test is a pressure map test, and
it is just like it sounds. I put a pressure map down on top of the mattress,
lie down in a few positions, and you’ll see the results next to me ranging from blue for
low pressure to red for high pressure. Now my back, my weight’s evenly distributed. It’s blue across the board. That’s pretty much the same thing for all
mattresses. I just like to check to make sure nothing
really stands out. The Molecule M2 performs up to expectations. We’re going to roll onto my side here. Now we do start to see it go up into that
green range. I would say that blue and green are still
really good pressure levels when you’re looking at this pressure map. You’ve got to be careful when you start getting
to yellow and red ranges on this. Green overall is a comfortable range for side
sleepers. I really like the M2 for the side sleepers
out there, is able to sink deep into the mattress. It also has that five-zone transition layer
that gives you that nice zone support, so it’s good for side sleeping spinal alignment. Now rolling onto my stomach, it’s pretty much
blue across the board here. I got to say this doesn’t really show that
my hips were sinking into the mattress a little bit more. Over time, I think that is going to cause
you to have a little bit of ache and pain in the lower back. Again, the Molecule M2, bit better for side
sleepers. Not so much for the stomach sleepers out there. The next tests that I run is a bounce test,
and that’s really going to show you how much mobility you have on a mattress. Are you going to feel stuck in a mattress
when you’re rolling around changing positions? Because this is a memory foam mattress, there’s
really not much bounce to it. Remember, it’s an all foam mattress so it
doesn’t have coils for any of that spring or anything like that. I didn’t really feel like I was fighting my
way around on the Molecule M2, but there’s definitely a slower response when you’re changing
positions. You’re definitely going to feel more in the
Molecule M2 than on top of it. Finally, I do a motion transfer test. Basically, that’s to tell you if you share
your bed with a partner. Are you going to feel it when they’re moving
around during the middle of the night? To test that I drop a 10-pound steel ball
from heights of 4, 8 and 12 inches. Those are to simulate someone kind of getting
into another bed or changing positions during the middle of the night. On the other side of the mattress where you
might be sleeping, I put a seismometer down that’s going to check to see how much disturbance
is transferred with each of those drops. I got to say the M2 did pretty well on this
portion of the review. Memory foam is generally a really good material
at dampening the transfer of motion across a mattress. It really does a good job of dampening disturbance. If you do share your bed with a partner, if
they change positions quite a bit you shouldn’t be disturbed too much on your side of the
bed. Now the M2 is not the only mattress in the
Molecule line. They also have the M1. I’m going to give you a little bit of information
on that mattress. It is also an all foam bed in a box mattress. It’s bit more of a value buy. It’s got a nice medium firmness to it that
I like for combo sleepers. In terms of price, it ranges from $599 up
to $999 for the king-sized version. You can say $200 if you use the code Sleepopolis
to checkout. Now before I end the review, I want to give
you some of my pros and cons for the Molecule M2. First up, reasons I would recommend it to
you include that I like it for these side sleepers out there. I was able to sink in for a nice pressure
relief and also these zone support gave a really nice side sleeping spinal alignment. I would also recommend it if you’re looking
for that memory foam feel. Memory foam in the M2 does give you that nice
contouring feel around the body, but it is a bit of an open celled structure. It does sleep a little bit cooler than traditional
memory foam. I also recommend it to the couples out there. I found that it did a really good job of isolating
motion transfer. If you do sleep with a restless partner, you’re
not going to feel it on your side of the bed. Now some of my complaints or cons with the
M2 are that it doesn’t really have a lot of bounce to the mattress. If you’re someone that’s used to a traditional
innerspring or someone who needs to really feel like they’re more on top of the bed,
you’re not really going to get that here. That’s just kind of the nature of like all
foam memory foam mattresses. Also I got to say the price is a little high. I don’t know that it differentiates itself
so much from the Molecule M1 that it warrants the higher price. Now if you are interested in purchasing a
Molecule M2, I want to give you a little bit of information on that process. First up there is a 100-night trial period. You can have it in your home for just over
three months, deciding whether you want to keep it or send it back. Its ships are free but it arrives compressed
in a box. I’m going to recommend that you would let
it decompress for a few hours or even overnight before you sleep on it. You get the full support and feel of the mattress. Now in terms of warranty, it has a lifetime
warranty which is definitely longer than the average kind of 10-year bed in a box mattress
warranty out there. You want to check out exactly what it covers
on the website. That’s a pretty big point in the favor of
the molecule mattresses with the lifetime warranties. In terms of price, it ranges from $1,099 up
to $1,949 to the king-sized version of the mattress. If you use the code Sleepopolis, you can save
$200 at checkout. That’s it for my review of the M2. If there’s anything I didn’t cover, just leave
a comment below. If your mattress search continues, Google
“Sleepopolis and Best Mattress” to see my full listing of top picks there. Also be sure to check us out on social media,
so you don’t miss any of our sleep news or giveaway announcements. Head to for all of your sleep

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  2. I actually like the slower response when changing positions since I move around a lot while I sleep and I like to sleep into my mattress. I wish it was a little less expensive.

  3. I like the zone support and the spine alignment as well as airiness of the mattress. However, it's pricey and there are comparable mattresses that are much more reasonable.

  4. I like that the MOLECULE 2 coil construction means that me being a lightweight can sleep along side my much heavier husband and have us both be comfortable.

  5. i like the support for side sleepers, the idea that its cooler to sleep on, its all foam, no bounce, and you're not disturbed by partner moving in bed. The price of this mattress is expensive

  6. I like that this mattress gives to your body contour ! I don’t like the idea that the man said that this mattress would give you a backache later on .

  7. I sleep on my side and the 7 rating for firmness seems good for me. Nice zone support and sinking in without jamming up at my shoulders.

  8. I'm a side sleeper and I love a mattress that I can sink into. This mattress is perfect for me! I really like that you can sink into the mattress because of all the soft foam. I also like it has a open cell structure because I tend to get hot while sleeping

  9. Love how detailed these reviews are, so much I wouldn’t think to ask or research. I like this mattress because it’s good for couples and I’m a side sleeper. My boyfriend is a back and stomach sleeper though so maybe not best for him.

  10. This seems like a great option for me sleeping on my side and my hubby on his back and the motion transfer seems ideal.

  11. I prefer a bit fimer mattress, although I am a side sleeper, so maybe this would be good for me. I don't like that there is not a lot of bounce, I don't know if that is important to me. Thanks for the info.

  12. Well you had me at firmness 6/10. I so need a new mattress like this! I’m a side sleeper and I’ve been noticing that my current mattress doesn’t offer enough support for my lower back.

  13. Seems like this mattress would be good for us, as side sleepers, but the fact that it has 12 full inches of foam (on top of a foundation) makes me wonder if it will be too high for us . . . . . .

  14. I'm curious if this is firm enough for an overweight person. I like that it is suited for side sleepers, but would that sink in be more drastic for an overweight person?

  15. Both my hubby n I vary in our sleep positions, so this Molecule 2 would be GREAT for us both! But especially for me being disabled and finding a comfortable position is hard. I like this cradles you but still offers support which I need, but its not to firm which I can't sleep well on. This sounds dreamy!! I really appreciate these videos!!

  16. I really like that this mattress sleeps cool but cost on this mattress would probably prevent purchase. Would love to win it though!

  17. Long term I would worry about how long this would hold up given the cost of the mattress. It looks pretty thin. Might be better for smaller people or teens.

  18. I like the 7" of foam for the support. Without the support, I would be in a lot of pain every night. It's a bit pricey though.

  19. Looks like it is a little too soft for my needs ( bad back and need a firm support system) as most memory foam is too soft for what I want and need.

  20. I like that it is good for side sleepers, which is me. I don't like that it may not sleep as "cool" as some of the other mattresses on the market because I'm usually hot.

  21. Molecule m2 glad it curbs the movement because I move so much. tossing all night. works for side sleepers, that's me. I bet its heavy. do you know weight? why so much higher in price from others? I would love it. Send it to Texas..

  22. I am a side sleeper & if this helps my hip & shoulders without as much pain-I would love to get in on this one!

  23. My husband and I have been matress shopping for a good 10 years and have wasted a lot of money. I had never heard the reason the reason I like firm is because I sleep on my belly. That’s good to know. The M2 seems to have good pressure on the pressure mat. Would that pressure change when you are laying in bed with someone?

  24. I like that it helps with pressure points, I'm a side sleeper and I'm bony so I'll wake up with my hip and shoulders hurting. Aligning my spine would be great too!

  25. I like that it's a medium on the firmness scare- not too soft but no too firm. And the memory foam feature could be improved but it would probably be good since I don't move around so much at night.

  26. it's hard to differentiate between all these foam mattresses but i'd like one that is not too soft onto that it's hard to get up. i guess 6/10 firmness qualifies

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