100 Replies to ““Molecules Gone Wild (Bio Style)” – Macromolecules Song (Music Video ver. Dance) – Gangnam Parody”

  1. this was so funny because my Ap Bio teach is Asian as well and he was silently signing along to this and omfg our class was dying.

  2. Shout out to My freshman BIo teacher for showing us this , i am now a senior taking Ap Bio and oh boy is it fun, Thanks MR.G.

  3. Idiots think this is cringe? This is genius and I'm willing to download and listen to this on the daily…
    Your taste in music is trash whoever disliked this.

  4. Our science teacher showed us this today, grinning the entire time. I love it when students/teachers decide to do these kinds of things.
    …so much effort

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