Moxibustion Benefits : Moxibustion for Digestive Problems

Moxibustion Benefits : Moxibustion for Digestive Problems

Hi, in this section we’re going to use moxibustion
for digestive complaints. There’s a number of points that we can use on the body with
the moxibustion that can be helpful to take care of anything from loose stools to constipation,
to even just a little bloating and discomfort. So, the first point we’re going to learn is
stomach thirty six, it’s one hands breadth below the kneecap, on the outside of the shin
bone, and we’ll find a slight depression or tender point there. We’re going to use our
lit moxi stick, that we can find at an Asian market or an acupuncturist, their fairly inexpensive
and they’ll actually last for quite a while. And, for about a minute we’re going to warm
that point stomach thirty six. If you’re really lucky you’ll start to get some stomach gurgling
from this. This point is the same on both sides and we can spend about a minute warming
that point. Now, we’re not touching the moxi stick to the skin, we don’t want to burn anybody
so, this should just be a gentle warmth. The next point is what we call rin eight, it’s
actually the belly button so everybody can find that one easily enough. If we want to
really enhance this point, we can actually add a slice of ginger over the belly button
and then put the moxi over that and warm it through the ginger slice, just a very thin;
about an eighth of an inch thick slice of ginger. Now, we’re going to work on some points
just along the line even with the belly button and if you feel with the hand, even with the
breast, you’ll actually find, often times, some tender spots and we can warm those. And,
again be careful not to burn anybody. If you start to get some ashes to accumulate, make
sure you’ve got a little ashtray or a shell that you can knock your ashes off on. And,
all the time he should just feel some comfortable warming from these points. So, if you’ve got
loose stools, you want to spend a lot of time along this line, warming this, this will really
help to firm up the stool. Most of your other complaints can be fixed through rin eight,
the belly button or from stomach thirty six. There’s an ancient Chinese saying that says
“stomach thirty six cures all disease.”

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  1. In my opinion moxibustion for digestive problems is aserious problem of health.the doctor that is doing treatment in the video is great.He is a great doctor.

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