Moxibustion Benefits : Moxibustion for Menstruation

Hi, in this segment we’re going to look at
some moxibustion that we can do for self care for menstrual cramps. It’s an extremely common
problem and I often times recommend the number one way to fix menstrual irregularities, is
to stop coffee, but that’s another segment. We’re going to start with large intestine
four, which is right here on the hand between the thumb and the forefinger. And, we’re going
to warm the moxibustion gently above the skin, so that we don’t burn anybody. This one, we
say, moves the liver cheek. Then we’re going to look for the point ren four, it’s right
here on the center line, half way between the pubic bone and the belly button. And,
again warmth, this is especially good for women who enjoy heating pads or hot water
bottles when their having their menses. And, then we’re going to move down here on the
leg and there’s two points we can do down here. The first one is here between the big
toe and the next toe. It’s just like on the hand, this is liver three. This one combines
with the one on the hand, in order to help move the live chi, which we say relates to
the menses. And, then there’s a point here, that if we go on the side of the foot, there’s
the ball of the foot, we’re going to slide down and just kind of press on that and you’ll
find where it runs into a tendon or a little bone there, and we’re going to warm that spot
and if we warm that spot long enough, you’ll actually start to feel some warmth in your
low back, or in the lower abdomen or the uterus. We can do these on both sides. This point
exists on both this side and this side. So, as one point starts to get warm, just switch
over to the other foot. And, continue to do that until you find some change. Mostly this
is used when you’ve actually started your menses and you’re starting to get some pain,
discomfort or cramps. You can do these points. So, it’s spleen four, liver three, ren four
and large intestine four, all of those in combination can really help take care of some
of the problems with your menses.

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