My 9 favorite fertility boosting foods

– In most of my videos, when I talk about food and fertility, I just tell you to have a
clean and whole food diet. However, you might be looking
for some specific inspiration and that’s why today I’m giving you my nine favorite fertility-boosting foods. (gentle upbeat music) Hello lovelies and welcome
to another one of my videos in which I’ll be sharing
with you my nine favorite fertility-boosting foods, because you know what? Normally I’m not really a foodie, although I can appreciate
good-quality and whole food. But in my first trimester I felt so sick I couldn’t even bare the
sight of a supermarket, and now that I’m in my second trimester, my mouth starts to water pretty much the moment I open the fridge. So I thought it would be a lot of fun to be doing this video for you, because in most of my
videos I will tell you, okay, just have a whole food, clean diet. And I mostly talk about
supplements to take or about what not to put in your body, but what about all the
deliciousness that you can and should be putting into your body. Let’s get into this. My favorite food in the whole wide world probably are tomatoes. And I think it happened
since I was little, but I especially started to crave them in my teenage years,
and interestingly enough I now understand why that might be. It might not just be a preference but something that my body was asking for because tomatoes contain
a high level of melatonin. I mentioned this in my last video. And melatonin helps you fall asleep, but not only that, if you have
higher levels of melatonin, then your circadian
rhythm or your bio clock will go into better balance because in the morning
your cortisol should go up and then go up and then have
melatonin go up in the evening. If you have high levels of
cortisol, stress hormone, then your adrenals will be struggling and it will effect your sex hormones. Okay, so that was a tiny summary. But in my teenage years I
developed adrenal fatigue due to lots of circumstances, and I think my body was
probably just asking for me to slow down because I was so stressed out and now I’m thinking maybe
my adrenals were saying hey, could we have some
high melatonin-level foods like tomatoes, so maybe
you can go to sleep. Anyway, so this is why I think
it’s a great fertility food as well because it brings
back your bio rhythm. Head on over to the adrenal
video that I did recently. I’ll link it up in the
description because I explain more and I mention more melatonin-rich foods. Another reason though
that tomatoes are great is when you cook them, they
have high doses of lycopene, and lycopene is an antioxidant. And an antioxidant that
is specifically great for quality sperm, so bringing
up the pastas for dinner for your husband, or tomato soups, oh my goodness, I love,
love, love, love, love that. And in my teenage years,
the thing that I would make were grilled sandwiches with tomato sauce without the grilled cheese ’cause I didn’t like cheese at the time. I would just have toast. Put some tomato puree in between or some fresh tomatoes and
some basil and oregano. Oh my goodness my mouth
is starting to water now. And then I would put some
butter on the outside and put it in the frying pan. And that is great for people that struggle with adrenal fatigue or
with hypothyroidism anyway, because if you eat warm foods, that’s really important for your body because you lose a lot of heat already when your vitality is that low. Okay, this is probably the
longest I’m going to be talking about any of the foods ’cause tomatoes, really serious my favorite, favorite food. So let’s get into the rest now. My second favorite food at the moment and probably always are
strawberries and raspberries. Honestly I can just eat them like candy and I can eat them twice a day. The thing is they’re not always in season and it’s a good thing. It’s not good when you
can buy them in winter. But right now we’ve got
the Dutch strawberries so I put them in water and I eat them just fresh like that, but I also love to put them in quark. Again, I talked about
that in my previous video. Quark is a Dutch dairy product. You can buy it in other
Scandinavian countries and all over the world if you look for it, but that contains high
levels of tryptophan, which is helpful for sleep as well. So that is a beautiful combination. But the reason that
strawberries and raspberries are so fantastic for fertility is because they contain antioxidants, and one of those
antioxidants is vitamin C, so that’s fabulous. Again, vitamin C is great
for your adrenals too. That’s the spot where vitamin C is the most concentrated in our bodies, so adrenals really need vitamin C. But also the other antioxidants
are super important when it comes to fertility
because antioxidants protect the reproductive cells. We don’t want our eggs
and sperm to get damaged by free radicals, so you
need plenty of antioxidants in your body, and berries
will bring you that. Blueberries do the same thing. I’m just not a huge fan. I eat them every now and then. But strawberries and raspberries, oh yeah. Another reason that berries are so great is because they have
high levels of folate, and folate is something that you want in your diet when you’re
trying to conceive because it helps with the
development of your baby and to prevent spina bifida. This is why it is suggest
that you take folic acid, but folate is much better to take because it is more bioavailable to your body. So it’s good to have it in your diet. Another wonderful food that contains high levels of folate but also of iron are lentils. And lentil soup is so yummy. And lentils, they’re a great
source of protein as well so that’s fantastic for sugar balance, which we care a lot about as well when it comes to fertility, especially if you struggle with PCOS or if you’re overweight. Lentils, oh my goodness, it’s also really yummy in tomato sauce. And then you just throw it
over some buckwheat or quinoa, maybe some rice, and then you
have a nice vegetarian meal, and it is very nutritious. Another thing you can do
that I think is delicious when I would work outside of the home, when I worked at the homeopathic pharmacy, I would make a salad of lentils and of peppers, which like tomatoes, also contain high levels of vitamin C, but also melatonin, so that’s a good one, and then I would squirt some
lime juice, whatever on it, some pepper, some salt, and then it’s great if
you have salt that have high levels of minerals
like Himalayan salt or Celtic salt, and then I
would eat that for lunch. Some cucumbers cubed through it. Just be creative. Yum, yum, yum. Pomegranates. Like the berries, they contain high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C, specifically, so that’s a great one. But they’re also studies that show that sperm motility improve with 60% when the guys were put
on a pomegranate extract for three months, so obviously that is a
higher dose of pomegranates. You wouldn’t be able to
eat that many pomegranates, but it says something about
the effect on sperm quality. And pomegranates, yeah,
they’re a pain to clean if you don’t know how. Honestly, I used to
strip down to a swimsuit or I would wear old clothes because splatters everywhere
until I discovered that you should just
peel it underneath water. Fabulous, fabulous tip. Asparagus. Again, this is a special
treat in the Netherlands because this is a vegetable
that is quite expensive to harvest because they do it manually. And it is only in season
this time of the year, in spring, and then it’s really delicious with some deli ham, so some deli meat. Obviously you want to have it organic. And then with potatoes. That’s a Dutch way of eating it and a very nice springtime meal, and a great egg sauce
with it actually as well. So when my mom makes that, I am happy, happy, happy, happy. The reason we like asparagus for fertility is because it also contains
high levels of folate and as well, vitamin K. Vitamin K is great for pregnant mommas, especially if you don’t
want to give the vitamin K injection at birth for your baby, then it is good to top off on
vegetables that contain that. And asparagus is one of them, but you also have green,
leafy vegetables like spinach that are great for that. The next one is eggs. They do say eat eggs for good eggs. And there’s a reason for that, because eggs are a
fantastic source of omega 3, and omega 3 we want for
good quality cell membranes. If your cell membranes are rigid, then toxins cannot go out properly and nutrients cannot go in properly, so you want to have
good levels of omega 3. Eggs also contain high
levels of vitamin Bs, and remember that folate is
also a type of vitamin B. Another great source of omega 3 are fish, and I love salmon. Super, super yummy, especially with a plate
full of veggies with it. I won’t even have any starches along. Just not necessary. And salmon is also a
great source of vitamin D, which you’ll want plenty of
when you’re trying to conceive and when you’re pregnant. Just make sure that you
eat wild caught salmon because if you don’t have that then you risk poisoning
yourself with metals, especially mercury, and mercury is a big
reason for infertility, what I see in my clinic, so stay away from that type of fish and go for the wild caught. And last but not least, pumpkins. Pumpkins contain high
levels of beta carotene, which is also an antioxidant, and that’s what gives carrots and pumpkins the beautiful orange color. Beta carotene also helps
naturally raise progesterone, so it’s fantastic to have
pumpkins or pumpkin soup in your two-week wait. And the seeds of pumpkins
are fabulous as well because they contain high levels of zinc, which your man will want
for good quality sperm. So now of course I feel hungry. I don’t know about you, but I think I’m going to
fix myself a nice snack with one of these things right now. If you want to learn more
about conceiving naturally and how to boost your fertility, make sure to click on the
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videos every Thursday that are fertility-related. And in the meantime, see
you in the next video. Bye.

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