My Foot Pain is Unbearable

My Foot Pain is Unbearable

hi doctors my name is Alison and as much as I hate to admit this on national television I have the worst bunions I have been to three podiatrists all which give me the caveman option sawing them off and hopefully they’ll heal correctly and that is not an option for me I am a dancer and most importantly I’m a mother of three and I’m tired of living with the pain I need help and I need better options than the ones I’ve been given any suggestions that was a question we received from Alison we wanted to know more of her story so we recently met up with her let’s check it out I have been a date since I was three I could cruise ships I danced professionally for a good eight to nine years I’ve got to travel the world through my dancing it’s something that’s always defined me the fact that I’m losing function of my feet it’s heartbreaking I have had bunions since as long as I can remember the left one is so much worse than the right about 18 months ago was when actual pain started it was literally carrying up through my body to where my temples were clinched and my pain level on a bad day would be about a nine out of ten it makes me nauseous I used over-the-counter pain medication constantly massaging they do go numb as well that scares me ten weeks ago I got a blister this huge water blister the next thing you know this sucker is infected beyond belief they give me a special cream for it it’s just not healing I teach a really fun 80s dance class after an hour and throbbing like like stops me cold I can’t continue to move I have three very active Kate that I wanted active for them I want to be climbing the jungle jam those are the memories on my kids have of me that stuff is getting more and more where I want to do it less and less I need my feet you know I don’t want to end up crippled you know in the wheelchair when a podiatrist tells you if you’re done wearing heels if you’re done dancing yeah I’ll take care of these for you it’s just a deal-breaker for me it’s part of who I am to have that taken away I wouldn’t know what to do it’s killing my spirit Allyson joins us now with podiatrist dr. Alec Castro body welcome to you both and come with your best life when you’re living it in pain and clear there’s a breaking point for you when was that 18 months ago was when I just really noticed the pain and I pushed through pain and I’ve had three kids all without drugs then it just was eventually moving to my knees and to my hips into my back and putting me in a position where I just was nauseous before we can go any further dr. Kemp’s already just tell everyone exactly what a bunion even is bunion is basically a shift or a drift of your first metatarsal or the first bone in your toe the big toe it starts basically drifting from your second and as it starts doing that it starts pushing against the nerves and the tendons and that’s when the pain starts happening mostly in closed toed shoes that happens and even with activities such as dancing and running most of it is inherited it’s a foot foot type that we have which we get it from our parents or grandparents so thanks you’ve examined Allison so what are her options what would be the typical treatment and what would you recommend I’ve looked at your x-rays even though their severe bunions I have my own Milne invasive bunion procedure that I’ve been performing for the past four years I’ve done over 400 cases I’ve treated athletes dancers and celebrities looking at your x-rays I think we should be able to treat your bunions surgically and not and your dancing career target that I can perform your surgeries at no cost for you and I guess we want to help you to get back on your feet and not heard your dancing career think it highlights when pain starts taking over your life don’t ever give up hope and looking for a solution we hope this is the right one for you you

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  1. Should have consulted with Japanese physicians. Many Japanese women become performers, especially ones that do traditional movements, the footwear they have causes them to have the same condition.

  2. Worked at a shoe store that sold a lot of orthopaedics. I haven’t worn heals since, the long term effects are just not worth it

  3. My first time wearing high heels was horrifying. When I took them off, my big toe was strangely bent. I tried to straighten it, but I started to have intense pains. I called for my mom, and she drove me to the hospital. The doctors said I somehow bent my toe, while still wearing the high heels. They suggested for me to have an X – Ray, so I did. It turned out I broke a small bone near my big toe. I didn’t need surgery, which I’m great full for! It’s now a year since that happened and my toe healed fine!

  4. Bruh did she just say cutting them off is the caveman option? Go and get a caveman to cut them off and see what happends

  5. I have a bunion on my left foot. It hurts sometimes when I wear closed shoes that put pressure on it. I've heard about bunion corrector being sold online… Some rubber/plastic cap like thing u wear on the toe. Has anyone used it? Does it work.? I wish I knew the simplest and 100% successful procedure to get rid of it

  6. Did anyone notice how he kind of rubbed on her? Not saying he's creepy just saying that maybe he's attracted to her. Wouldn't blame him honestly she's a beautiful woman.

  7. I have a bad bunion on my left foot. Had surgery on it twice but it came back both times after about a year. Now it's worse than it's ever been. plus I'm starting to get one on my right foot.

  8. I have a thing its not a bunion its actually on my big toe my actual toe bends and nobody has been able to tell me what it is. It causes no pain but its kinda weird

  9. I know this is easier said than done because I don't have bunions but it's obvious that her dancing it's rubbing and it's making it worse if you don't stop dancing I'm pretty sure it's not going to go away I know you have to get surgery but if you start to dance again it's just going to keep reoccurring

  10. I have walked on my tiptoes since I was three out of habit. Now I have wide feet in the front and thin feet in the back. It's sometimes hard to find shoes and I also have big feet for a woman as it is, so yeah.

  11. She has a bun yun. Its not very rare. But my sister had one and got surgery on it. Though she was in a boot for 3 weeks it payed off. Now she can run and play without any pain in her feet.

  12. the only option is the surgery. I know I had the bunions of a 65 year old woman by the time I was 18… i couldn't even walk. I got the surgery and I'm fine now. Just get the surgery it's not going to stop your dancing forever. you can still dance just need to recover first. Good Luck n God Bless!!!

  13. Going en pointe in ballet shoes has done this. Those big toes are so long! If only someone had shown her how to use padding.

  14. I have bunions since I was little I’ve never had problems n barely at the age of 28 I seen a podiatrist because I had a callus that hit a nerve n made my toe burn once he removed callus it went awAy that second it was so weird but good to know I’m not the on,y one this has cause me so insecureness when wearing open toe shoes

  15. I also have the same thing. But I'm only 13. There really no common in kids my age and mine are so bad I have to have the surgery and no other choice, but I can't have it until the summer of 2020 (because I'm still growing and the surgery can stunt my growth) so I'm in pain until then. My 5 other siblings have perfect feet but I'm the only one that can't go on walks and hang out at places without a place to sit and wait im missing out until the surgery. So physical and emotional pain if missing out and losing connection with my other siblings and friends.

  16. Have the surgery . Its nothing not like the horror stories I was told for years. My only regret is that I didn't have it sooner

  17. I only found out about bunions from the movie grown ups where the black granny yeld


  18. I have the same thing and my mum and my 3 year old baby sister has the same thing

    I think I’m gonna have a surgery when I grow up I’m 9 mine is still growing I hope my mum sister and I hope we get better ???

  19. i have a bunion on 1 foot and i play soccer and i’m only 13. hoping my bunion does not worsen. stay strong ?

  20. maybe stop wearing high heels? you dont have the feet for it obviously your feet are deformed from wearing them

  21. My daughter suffers from this on 1 foot and its bad I don't know what to do for her she is 24 and a single mom she works she is constantly on her feet at work she don't have insurance with her work either I see her in constant pain she takes ib prophin or tylonal.

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  23. Hi my mother in law she has a same feet like her she can't walk very well so whare she can go to show her problems

  24. Hey Doctor i hope you having an awesome day so far. My question is i have chronic feet pain from 5 months that is because of i lost 100 pounds by very low calorie diet along with 7 kms walk each day for 2years. I visited orthapadecian and he told me pain is because i have flat feet. Wearing comfortable shoes and stretches nothing helped me so i am asking what compound and how much for what period of time i can use to relief pain.Please answer the question i am waiting for the reply.Have a good day

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