My Grandma’s Miracle Ayurvedic EXTREME Hair Growth Mask !!!

My Grandma’s Miracle Ayurvedic EXTREME Hair Growth Mask !!!

Hi friends, this is Ramya from wildturmeric. In this video, I want to share my grandma’s hair growth pack recipe.
This pack will treat and prevent premature greying of the hair, treat
dandruff, strengthen the hair roots along with conditioning the hair and promoting
very fast hair growth. We always grow curry leaves and bhringraj plants at
home and my grandma used to make bhringraj hair oil and this bhringraj hair pack
regularly. Using both regularly will promote fast hair growth and I will leave the link for making my grandma’s bhringraj hair oil in the description box below. If you are experiencing severe hair falling and hair thinning, try to use this pack weekly
twice. At home, my grandma used to make it with fresh herbs but since many of you
won’t have access to fresh herbs, I have made this recipe using the powders. If
you have access to fresh herbs, use fresh herbs instead of the powders. The first ingredient we need is 1/2 tablespoon of bhringraj powder. Bhringraj is one herb
that has been clinically proven to promote fast hair growth and we use it
extensively for hair care. We get two types of bhringraj, one produces yellow flowers and the other produces white flowers. You can use the powder of any
variety that you have at home. Bhringraj not only promotes hair growth, it also
effectively treats and prevents premature greying of the hair too. The
second ingredient we need is lemon. Lemon is an amazing home remedy for treating
scalp problems as it has antibacterial properties and it is especially
effective in treating dandruff. It also gives a nice shine to our hair. The third
ingredient we need is curry leaf powder. Like bhringraj, curry leaf also promotes
fast hair growth and treats premature greying of the hair. At home, we use both
these herbs extensively for hair care. If you have access to fresh pesticide-free
curry leaves, use that instead of the powder. The fourth ingredient we need is
curd. Homemade curd is one of the most nourishing ingredients that we can use
for hair care and it treats even the most dry hair very quickly. We always use
it in hair packs. For this hair pack, we can use sour curd too. Especially during hot summer months like this, curd turns sour very fast, you can use
it in hair packs like this. The final ingredient we need is any pure
unrefined oil of your choice. My grandma used to use unrefined sesame oil. But now since I have access to cold pressed sesame oil, I use that now. But you can use any
oil of your choice but whatever oil you are using, try to use organic unrefined
preferably cold-pressed oils for best results. I will leave the online links for
buying all the ingredients used in this recipe in the description box below. To make the oil, take 1/2 tbsp of bhringraj powder in a bowl. Add in 1/2 tablespoon
of curry leaf powder to it. Now add in a teaspoon of unrefined oil of your choice. Add in a tablespoon of fresh homemade
curd. Finally add in a squeeze of lemon juice. Now mix well with a spoon to get a
smooth mixture. To use, apply this paste all over the scalp and hair. Wait for 10
to 15 minutes and then wash it off using a mild shampoo. The leftovers can be
stored in the fridge for 3 to 4 days. If you have long hair, increase the amount
of ingredients used in this recipe. If we just stock both curry leaf powder and
bhringraj powder at home, you can make this pack under 2 minutes. Do give it a
try without fail. Regular use will definitely promote fast hair growth
along with treating and preventing premature greying of the hair. I hope you found this video useful. If you like to support me and this channel, please share this video with your friends. It’ll mean a lot to me. If you like to get detailed
information on herbs on days I don’t post videos, press the notification
button. Thank you for watching this video 🙂

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  1. I have heard that the acidic nature of lemon can cause hair to grey (that's why it is used in skin lightening). Would like to hear your thoughts on this please! Thanks

  2. Hloo Mam!
    I have a trouble with my hair,how much ever I tried the remedies to get rid from dry & frizzy hair , that's not working,it looks awkward & I couldn't even make any hairstyle with the dry hair, even I regularly apply oil , only twice in a week I do headbath , before doing I will compulsory do hot oil massage of coconut ,gingely & Olive oils though,even I will apply shampoo by adding in water & I will apply conditioner though my hair remains dry and frizzy.The problem is there from many years ,
    I came to know about keratin treatment in parlours when searching in YouTube ,but it's full of chemical's and heating the hair ,
    I need a natural way of keratin treatment, please give me solution for this which Iam suffering ,I need a natural keratin treatment & also suggest me a best shampoo for this , currently I'm using Himalaya dryness defense protien shampoo .
    Hope you will reply soon. & Also
    Can u make a video on natural way of waxing for hair removal with a live video for all skin types with no side effects plsss mam!?

  3. Will applying lemon on hair and scalp makes grey hair? I have heard people say vitamuc has bleaching properties so shouldn't apply on hair or scalp.

  4. Happy Mahashivratri Ramya. I am late in wishing u, due to my hectic schedule. Sorry for it.
    Great remedy for hair growth n stop hairfall. Thank you so much. I am using ur previous curry leaves hair oil n it is giving me results. My hairfall has reduced to great extent. I don't have time for hair packs hence I apply oil atleast 3 times a week. I am happy with the results and prepared it too as many are there, who are in need.
    Stay blessed dear.
    Om Namah Shivay.

    Dr. Sony.

  5. Hye,dear my 6 year old daughter has very thin hairs n her hair growth is very slower n slowest kindly tell mei what I can do to thicken her hair n grow faster,I m really too much worried about her hairs

  6. Mam..can I prepare hair oil by using curry leaves and vringraj leaves? Because this is most available ingredients at our village. Will it be useful or harmful?

  7. Hi Ramya sis thanks for the hair pack I will definitely try I am u r new subscriber plz make vedio of summer care for skin

  8. Hello ramya
    Can we apply regular hair oil before applying this pack or directly use them in clear hair after shampoo
    Kindly explain it,ramya

  9. Hi Ramya,
    I like all ur remedies, but unable to try them coz of sensitive skin..
    Also my there is loads of hairfall, just a very thin pony is left.. My scalp is oily.
    Can u suggest hair pack, oil & Shampoo which will actually help to increase the volume & lenght of hair. Thanks in advance.

  10. Very beautiful video shot in outsides and prepared in ceramic mud or glass utensils… And of course your hands are very pretty

  11. I love all the recipes you share. The only genuine beauty guide on internet. You are doing exceptionally well! Much love?

  12. Hi Ramya, could you please make a video for darken elbow. How to get rid of darken elbows. Thank you!

  13. Hello mam i m like ur all video speically grey hair treatment nd apply them a week …… can u tell me use of glycerin on face

  14. Hey Ramya.. pls suggest from where can I get bhirngraj plant. I tried searching multiple nurseries but they did not have either bhringraj or henna plant

  15. Hi Ramya love your videos. Please share a daily weekly and monthly hair and skin care routine with all your remedies. It would be wonderful. Thanks in advance 🙂

  16. Hi Ramya I wanted to say thank you for this remedy in just two use I noticed huge difference. My hairfall reduced by 60%

  17. Hi Ramya… Can u please tell me if we can use the raw bhringraj?? I.e can we crush the plant and use instead of powdered one??

  18. Hi I m following ur channel since a month I love ur voice if possible
    Plz make video on lodh (symplocos) I hears about it plz make video how can we use it

  19. Dear mam, I have got a hairfall since last 5 years. That time i got panic and used ervamatin few days. After tat using mild shampoos n shikakai simultaneously. But it not stop. End of tat i ll consult skin doctor and follows minoxidil topical solution. Get some improve. But i used now also. But lose my hope. Mostly completely bald my hair top. Little grey hair only is there.. May I use this ???.. Is there chance to improve..?? Kindly reply

  20. Everything is nice.. I have seen almost all videos of yours. In next videos can you show yourself.. I mean your face.. your voice is something addictive

  21. Hi sis. I'm 20 now. Last time when I was 15 ,I had thick hair. But nowadays I have hair fall and my hair is getting thin and I have grey hair too. Even my frontal hair is getting less and thinner now. Can you help me? Thank you

  22. hii ramya..thank u so much sweethrt for this hairfall gone & new hair is so hapy bcz after smoothning im suffering from hairfall & hair thinning u so much & stay blessed alwz???????????

  23. Hi Ramya, this is a wonderful and easy recipe. Please advise how frequently this can be applied. Also, I wish to use fresh curry leaves instead of powder, how should that be mixed

  24. Hi Ramya, this is a wonderful and easy recipe. Please advise how frequently this can be applied. Also, I wish to use fresh curry leaves instead of powder, how should that be mixed

  25. Hi Ramya, any substitute for curd since my body is cool body. And also please advise a mild organic brand shampoo.

  26. Hi RAMYA. .
    I really love to watch ur videos . Its been long time since I am watching ur videos .I love it too much n often use ur home remedies . Salute to ur efforts for making all videos . Loads of love for u . I love ur voice truely . Thank you so much to make videos out there . N yes give my love to ur grandma too for surpassing this amazing knowledge. I am an allopathic doctor since a very long time I am trying to learn about natural remedies for skin n hair care for soothing n I watch ur videos n hv learned a lot .
    Thankyou so much for ur efforts , truely to b appreciated.
    Love u loadsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ……
    Muahhhhhh muahhhhhh ???????????????

  27. I really like ur vedio becoz aisa feel hota h mjhe mai khud nature ki goad mei hu I really really appreciate ur work

  28. Mam with the help of this video my front side of hair growth will come or not…because my scalp is too much visible if it is not so tell me which remedy is effective

  29. The best part abt ur videos is dat the description box contains all the verbal content of ur video..which makes it easy to refer when i have a doubt

  30. You are so close to nature I liked ur style of video shoot in trees and in between of beautiful colours of flowers and ur style of talking is so beautiful and vessels which you use are so unique

  31. Hi Ramya…I m having severe hairfall now a days….I want to know whether yo use Bhringraj fresh flowers or Bhringraj fresh leaves…please reply as soon as possible…???

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