My Melasma Treatment – How I Got Rid of the Brown Patches on My Face

My Melasma Treatment – How I Got Rid of the Brown Patches on My Face

Hi, I’m Mina, I had a
hyperpigmentation problem. I went to another
dermatologist and she tried many different lasers. It would lighten it and
then within three more days, it would come back, and
then I basically gave up, but one day I just stumbled
onto Dr. Pien’s website, and reading the reviews,
there were many other women with the same history, and
they said that they got to the point where they did
not have makeup any more. So I said, okay, I’m
gonna try one more time. So we did it. The difference with her is,
she has like every laser you can think of, so she’s
high-tech, and she’s very capable, but on top of
that, she’s very caring, and she cares about your results, and she cares about the patients. For me, she worked with
me to the point that I have no makeup on right
now, and before, I would not be caught dead outside without makeup. Dr. Pien is by far the best
laser surgeon that is around in this area. She’s a great clinician,
she’s a caring doctor, and I swear by her. I know there’s a lot of women
out there who have lost hope, my God, I was the worst case,
I mean, I’m telling you, this whole area right here, it’s gone, and it doesn’t come back, so it
does work, and don’t lose hope, but you have to come
here, definitely, because she will get down to the
bottom of it and she will fix whatever you need to have fixed.

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  1. I'm in new Mexico. I got my 3rd microneedling done the 27 of June and i think is not helping at all .

  2. I have had melasma for at least 10 years. Last 2 weeks it has finally started to go away. My derm put me on Azalaic Acid, which is the only thing I had not tried. After 6 weeks, no improvement. I went to Walmart looking for something else and found a bottle of 1.8% salicylic acid.Brand is Asepxia acne lotion.I wash my face as usual, then take a cotton ball & wipe my face with this lotion once a day. My melasma has almost disappeared. I was using a 20% peel once a week, but it responded to a daily treatment with a lower strength.

  3. I need this! I would like to know the price! I am tired of creams and serums that don’t work and even for my under eye bags.

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