Nambu Botanicals: Authentic Ayurvedic Tradition

Nambu Botanicals: Authentic Ayurvedic Tradition

This is my first video for Nambu Botanicals.
It’s a herbal company but a company which is distinctly different from other companies.
What is different from other companies is Nambu Botanicals has and I just conceived
of it. I wanted to revive the herbal tradition in India as much as I can. Because it’s very
difficult. Let me tell what I mean by that. When you want to harvest a herb for a certain
individual to treat his illness, within the Ayurvedic and Siddha tradition, what you need
to do is to go and chant certain Phonemes while you are harvesting, trying to negate
harmful energy in the plant, in the plants. And the planets also play a role. You cannot
do it anytime. You have to look on only certain planetary days. And even hours are important.
And that has to harmonize with the person for whom the plant has been harvested for
medicinal purposes. This is how Ayurveda or Siddha medicine in India have to be practiced.
But nobody does that. So what I did. I don’t blame them because it’s very difficult because
it becomes customized medicine. So what I have done is only to do something possible,
but something very indispensible and that is using the Phonemes. Now, the Phonemes have
tremendous amount of vibration. It’s a vibrational medicine, acoustic vibrations or radiations
that come from the plant itself. So, that has to be preserved, and then there are different
phonemes for different herbs. And I wanted to do some research and then it’s a very expensive
one, you know. So I did a very small experiment with Kirlian photography on Turmeric. And
Turmeric when it is not infused with the phonemes, and Turmeric that is not infused with the
Phonemes. You can see the difference. And I have asked them to post it so that you will
understand what’s happening. So, this led me to, you know, that everything is interconnected
in this world. When I wanted to talk about this, this morning, there was an article that
I was reading, in ‘Mother Jones’ Magazine about 25 million studies have been done on
animal models on the harmful effect of radio waves that come from the cell phone and which
create cancer — 25 million over the past two and one-half years. This is by the textology
people. Now, What are you going to do? You know. So that at least one thing that is obvious
is that this, there are radiations, radiations that are harmful. And, in killing cancer cells,
we should use the radiation too, to kill the cancer cells. So radiation is everywhere.
But what is more important for me is to understand that the Siddha and Ayurvedic people knew
the power of the Phonemes. That’s why phonemes infused herbs do a better job than non-infused
herbs. You know, I have to a lot of herb studies. And the studies that I have done, is not purely
scientific. But then, this is the beginning. I hope that there will be some future studies
which will involve a lot of money and then. But I know, this belongs to the traditional
nuclear medicine category. So, the Phoneme belongs to radiation concept that we have
in the 21st Century. God Bless. And then I will do more videos on different topics. And
then we’ll see how it goes. Again, God Bless.

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  1. Wonderful products! I take Hi Health, Love and Grace, Hi Memory, and Enlightened Formula daily. I am more focused since I have been taking them. I use turmeric every day by itself.

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