11 Replies to “Narrative Therapy Exerpt from Dr. Bitter”

  1. thanks for posting this.   also thanks to the participants who have allowed their very personal life story to be put out there.   john's comment about being heckled at school about have a same-sex parental relationship resonated with me.  

  2. This an awesome video! thankful or the patients allowing their lives to be viewed so transparently and dr. bitter for this video.

  3. Is he 'just jotting down a few notes" or is he "getting them verbatum as [they] say them"? It can't be both. That kind of dishonesty would raise my alert with a therapist in no time flat. Be consistent, honest, and don't downplay what you are doing.

    Also, those women are right that their son is being victimized and indoctrinated and they need to learn and teach their son about "love bombing" that religious people do to get new members.

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