Natural Acne Treatments

Natural Acne Treatments

Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor natural medicine
and founder In today’s video, I’m going to be getting
in-depth on how to get rid of acne and cystic acne fast, including blackheads in pimple
treatment. You know, this is an issue that plagues a
lot of people including kids in elementary school, teenagers, and even adults throughout
their life. And so I’ll be going through the top essential
oils, the diet, the supplements, and all things natural to help you heal acne and cystic acne
fast. So let’s start off going through the best
things you got to start adding into your diet right now, and what the root cause of acne
is. Here’s the root cause of acne. It’s too much of certain types of oil building
up on your skin and bad bacteria, okay? And inflammation. So we want to address all of those. And for some people there’s also a hormonal
component as in a lot of young women. So let’s dive right in. Number one food you can eat are probiotics. Remember probiotics are good bacteria that
help keep bad bacteria at bay. They also say this, is that acne starts on
the inside. If you have acne, most skin issues start with
the health of your gut, so your small intestine in your colon. So you’ve got to work on your digestive health
if you want to improve acne. Probiotic foods help do just that. They clear out the bad bacteria, replace it
with good bacteria to naturally fight acne. Number two, you need high zinc foods. Remember this, a lot of times acne is an issue
with your gut lining. Zinc is an immune boosting food that helps
repair your gut lining, in fact a condition called leaky gut as well. So you want to do foods that are really rich
in zinc such as pumpkin seeds, grass fed beef, garlic, mushrooms, spinach. Those are some of the most zinc rich foods
you want to be getting in your diet every single day. But remember pumpkin seeds are at the very
top of the list, along with organic grass fed beef, spinach, garlic, we’ve talked about
here as well. Let’s see what next. Vitamin A foods. Now, Vitamin A can be converted to beta-carotene. So you want to get certain types of vegetables
and fruits that are high in vitamin A. One of the most vitamin A rich foods are carrots. You know, consuming carrots every single day,
or as I’ve always said, consuming a carrot a day will keep the dermatologist away in
case of acne. So again carrots, one of the best foods for
helping fight acne, as are other foods rich in vitamin A like kale and collard greens. So getting more green leafy vegetables. Egg yolks have a little bit of vitamin A,
more vitamin E there as well. And there’re also foods vitamin A include
chicken liver. But in general, if you’re wanting more vitamin
A do carrots on a daily basis. Number for, vitamin C rich foods. Now zinc is known as the immune boosting mineral. Vitamin C is known as the immune boosting
vitamin. It’s all about boosting your immune system. Vitamin C helps with that. So you want to consume citrus fruits like
oranges, lemons, and limes, and grapefruits every day. So get more of those. Also some surprising foods high in vitamin
C include broccoli and bell peppers. In fact, red bell peppers specifically are
very high in vitamin C, as are kiwi. So kiwi fruits another vitamin C rich super
food. Those are some of the best, and mango, also
very high in vitamin C, and papaya. High fiber foods. I recommend consuming more vegetables, more
berries. And then sprouted whole grains like oatmeal
and rice. Those are going with the most friendly for
the body in terms of fighting acne fast. But again high fiber foods, chia seeds, flaxseeds,
vegetables and fruits are going to be the best and the best for boosting up your fiber
content. And number six, consume clean lean proteins. Wild caught salmon, organic chicken and turkey,
organic lean grass fed beef or bison are all some good sources of clean lean protein sources
great for the health of your skin. It can help you fight acne, cystic acne, blackheads
and pimples. Now, here are the big things you want to avoid
in order to get rid of cystic acne fast. And let me say this, if you follow these tips
I’m sharing with you, you can get rid of acne and see radical results in as little as three
days. And look almost completely different in two
weeks if you have a serious acne problem. But the number one villain that will cause
acne on your skin is excess sugar and carb consumption. If you’re eating potato chips, that’s excess
carbs. White bread and wheat bread. If you’re drinking soda, that’s the worst
of the worst offenders. Pizza, all of those types of foods. Crackers, all these foods that are really
high in sugar and carbs, fruits, snacks, things like that. These foods are really high in sugar. You’ve got to eliminate the sugar and carbs
in order to avoid cystic acne. Number two, you want to get rid of the gluten
and wheat. Don’t consume wheat bread products, instead
if you’re going to consume your grains, do something made with oat flour or rice flour
are much better options. You know, the other issue with gluten is they
cause a lot of inflammation. Remember I talked about inflammation along
with hormone imbalance, along with too much bad oils, along with bad bacteria. All of these things in combination create
acne. Again sugar causes inflammation, gluten causes
inflammation, and fried and fast foods high in hydrogenated oils are highly inflammatory
as well. We want to reduce inflammation through diet
and through supplements, which we’ll talk about as well. Number four, again, we talked about hydrogenated
oils here. Now a lot of times these fried or fast foods
are cooked up in hydrogenated oils. So if you’re using oils in your house like
vegetable oil, corn oil, canola oil, cottonseed oil, soybean oil, or any type of those vegetable
oils. Get rid of them. Switch over to coconut oil instead as a natural
oil, or even avocado oil can be another good option. So avocado oil and coconut oil as your oils. Number five, conventional dairy products. Ditch those, if you’re going to do dairy,
make sure it’s a fermented dairy product like a grass fed organic yogurt, or kefir, much
better options. But in general, stay away from regular milk
products, stay away from cheeses. Instead do yogurt and kefir instead. So here are some other holistic treatments
that you can use topically and naturally to fight acne fast. Number one, essential oils. You know here’s what I’d recommend, make a
blend of Manuka honey or local honey, and tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is also known as Melaleuca. Mix tea tree oil with honey, rub it on your
face, let it sit there for two minutes and rinse it off. Essential Oils are powerful of fighting acne,
especially tea tree oil and Manuka essential oil. Two of the most powerful. Lavender can also be beneficial as can others,
but again tea tree oil, probably the best. Number two, here’s a tip. Don’t wear makeup to bed. Now guys, most of you don’t need to worry
about that. But women, you always want to cleanse your
face with a natural cleanser before going to bed. Do not wear makeup to bed. Number three, skin brushing. You can actually do some skin brushing, it
can be beneficial. And if you want to learn to more about skin
brushing, just Google search “Dr. Axe skin brushing,” and I teach you how to do it there
on my website. Number four, clay and charcoal mask. Doing bentonite clay, mixing it with water
and doing a clay mask can help detox your skin. This is especially good for treating blackheads. Number five, gentle cleansing as well. Number six, don’t pop your pimples. This is big, a lot of times we pop pimples. That can create scarring and more inflammation
in the area. Instead take a hot or warm compress with a
little bit of tea tree oil. And the hot or warm compress, keep the area
warm and moist, do that instead. Dry the area out of that oil. Don’t pop those pimples. Number seven, use gentle detergents. You want to make sure when you’re washing
your clothes that you’re using all natural detergents and things that don’t irritate
the skin. So here are some things you’ve got to consider
doing. Number one, you want to consume foods rich
in probiotics, kombucha, kefir, yogurt. Also even doing other types of fermented foods
like fermented vegetables, like sauerkraut or . . . Again zinc rich foods like pumpkin
seeds and grass fed beef. Vitamin A rich foods like carrots. Vitamin C rich foods like oranges, broccoli,
and red bell peppers. Fiber rich foods like chia seeds, flaxseeds,
berries, and vegetables. Clean lean protein sources like organic chicken
and wild caught salmon. And then again avoid the sugar, the gluten,
the fried foods, the hydrogenated oils, and conventional dairy. And use natural treatments like essential
oils, like tea tree oil to naturally get rid of cystic acne, blackhead, and pimples. And I’m telling you, this natural treatment
program works. And let me give you an example ideal diet
of what you can consume during the day to get rid of acne. So breakfast what I would do is a smoothie
for breakfast, a handful of berries, a little bit of coconut milk, or almond milk, and one
scoop of a bone broth powder that comes from protein, or a bone broth protein powder. Do that for breakfast. For lunch, hey, do a healthy super a big salad. Just drizzle a little bit of olive oil on
there and balsamic vinegar. Also hey, you can do a sandwich, or get organic
lunch meat on something like gluten free bread, Ezekiel bread with a side of veggies, and
hummus or guacamole. For dinner, organic meat, lots of veggies,
maybe some rice as well, or quinoa as a side. You follow a diet like that, you’re going
to get rid of cystic acne fast. And hey, if you’ve enjoyed this live training,
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channel. Thanks for watching.

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