Natural Ayurvedic Skincare, Elim-Tox-O – vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda

Natural Ayurvedic Skincare, Elim-Tox-O – vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda

So unfortunately today, most of us women rely on modern cosmetics to help ourselves look the best we can. But
unfortunately, they tend to be filled with chemicals and ingredients which
actually are damaging to our skin and many dermatologists believe actually contribute to aging of the skin and even skin problems like acne and rosacea. So what can we do? We can, of course, number one choose a natural cosmetic. Don’t put just any foundation on, use a natural mineral powder that
will nourish your skin and won’t create these same problems. But the other really
even more important key to looking our best and a healthy glowing skin is
nourishing our skin and cleansing it from inside our body. Whereas cosmetics
actually introduce toxins through the skin into our bloodstream which then
irritate our liver and can then cause some kind of skin break out. It turns out
that the skin has many of the same enzymes the liver has, so if we have a
toxic diet filled with unhealthy fats, too much sugar, too much salt, hormones
from non-organic animal products all of these unnatural substances are a stress
on our liver and can actually promote skin problems. So the first important
thing is to really clean up our diet and have as pure of food and as pure water
as we possibly can. So the second thing is we want to reduce stress because
stress also plays havoc with our hormones, our female hormones as well as cortisol. And cortisol is known to promote acne. Cortisol has been shown to inhibit collagen synthesis which means translate
that to early wrinkles. So forget the stress! We’ve got to take care of that. And actually, recent research also showed, unfortunately, for those who rely on it
to get their work done — caffeine also inhibits collagen synthesis. So when you
reach for that coffee or that tea you may actually be causing wrinkles. So it
just boils down to a healthy lifestyle! Try to get enough sleep, go to bed early
so that you wake up fresh and don’t need to have all that caffeine and you’ll
feel less stressed during the day. Now I’ll give you a couple tips, one thing that we
can do to help the body cleanse itself and cool the liver and blood, which
according to Ayurveda the natural system of medicine of India, the liver and the
skin are very connected — so we want to cleanse and cool the liver in the blood
that will help to keep the skin really clear and glowing. There’s a particular
herb that is best for cooling and non – or de-inflaming the skin — and that is
called Manjistha. Manjistha is rubia cordifolia, it usually can be found in a red powder it’s the root of that plant. And if you put it in some hot
water and maybe add a little fennel seed maybe some slippery elm to help
moisturize your skin and maybe a rose which is good for your mood and drink
that as a tea during the day when you’re having any skin break out tendency–
you’ll probably find within a few days that your skin starts looking more clear
and it calms down beautifully. I also like for those who don’t have the time,
or don’t want to fuss with making herbal water like that, I have a favorite herb
called Elim-tox-O, gotta have the “O” at the end. This is
the one that cools down the liver, the blood, and therefore really clears up the
skin usually very quickly.

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