Natural Cure for Ulcerative Colitis in Ayurveda – Patient’s Feedback

Hello Sir! Hello Ma’am! I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda Center. First of all, I would like to know your good names! My name is Bhavana My name is Deepak Sharma. Okay, thank you. Please tell us where have you come from? We have come from Patiala. Okay Who is patient among you? It’s me – Bhavana Ma’am what health problem made you to consult Dr. Vikram Chauhan? I had been suffering from Ulcerative colitis from last 1 year. I saw his video on net and came here. After visiting here, I felt very much relief. Mesacol 800 mg which I was taking, has been stopped at the moment. I am taking medicines from last 1 month only and feel so much relief along with diet which I was prescribed with. Ma’am, what difficulties you were facing during this disease? I was having so many problems. There was bleeding along with huge abdominal problems. Yes But now after 1 month medicines I do not feel any problem. Okay. Daily she used to go 10 to 15 times to pass loose motions, problem was very big! As we came to doctor, he gave his medicines due to which she got relief. He also provided diet chart to choose and avoid the food items. She will let you know. Here is that diet chart He asked to avoid milk based products. In addition, there are few more food products including vegetables which she was supposed to eat. Like Curd, Banana, Khichadi (well-cooked green grams in rice), Green Grams, and Potatoes. Apple, Papaya and Carrots if suits can be taken otherwise one should avoid. Fenugreek leaves, spinach, mustard leaves, corn she can have. What has to be avoided? Citrus juice, packaged products, milk, cheese, tea, buttermilk, nothing was allowed. Bakery products had to be avoided totally. Among salads and fruits, she was not supposed to eat Cucumber, Water Melon and Muskmelon. Peas, Cauliflower and Beans were also not allowed. So he gave us a diet chart like this, what to eat and what to avoid which helped us to have better results along with medicines. Right Sir. People who are watching this video will have benefits with diet also. Sir, what were the medicines prescribed? They were 3 to 4…Pitta Balance, Kutaja Ghana Vati, Vasaka Cap, Belgiri Churna and one more Arjuna Bark Capsule. Yes These are Ayurvedic Medicines which has cured this problem right from the root. Now you can consider her 95 to 97 percent all right. 1 to 2 percent what is remaining will be cured with 1 more month dose from ground level. Allopathic medicines work in routine but they do not cure problem from root. This can happen with Ayurveda medicines only! And now 97 % has been cured. Ma’am, how long you took allopathic medicines? I was taking from last 1 year. So, how you found them? I had not much good results. Symptoms used to subside for a while then again same thing was happening. Okay But now after having these medicines, 97 to 98 percent all these things have been cured. Okay Ma’am, how long you have to take your medicines yet…these Ayurvedic medicines. 1 month more. 1 month she has completed and will take for another month now. Okay! So you have been cured 98 % just within a month. Yes. That is really good. Ma’am other viewers who are watching this video…any message for them? We would like to say, that before trying allopathic medicines, one should go for Ayurvedic medicines from Planet Ayurveda. If you have to overcome this problem from root level, it’s possible by Ayurveda medicines only and not by allopathic. Allopathic give temporary relief but not permanent. Thank you ma’am, Thank you Sir. You visited Planet Ayurveda and gave such an important information to our viewers…

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