Natural Dog Wart Removal from Your Own Home | Dog Wart Treatment the Natural Way

Natural Dog Wart Removal from Your Own Home | Dog Wart Treatment the Natural Way

Hi it’s Bill Carlson I’m the founder of
Naturasil. I’m here today with our Awesome Homeopathic Tech – Jess – Hi everone! Jess has been with us for a long time yeah we’re in our 15th year now I can’t believe that, I can’t either
I mean that’s a long time yes she has a friend who has a dog with dog warts and
I think it’s a great time now to discuss it and actually show how you
know what the various treatment options are. Absolutely because I have dogs
I have not experienced dog works yet and so you know working here I’ve get a lot
of emails and a lot of questions and comments and I wanna be able to actually just you know show what you can do the many options that you have things you
may want to do want to avoid and who better to explain everything to us than
the founder who made these products, so give us just one second let us grab the
cute little pup and we’ll get started Okay great. Hi (Puppy :)) I’d like to get to know our cute little customers. This is Snickerdoodles and I guess I’ll just cause “Snickers” for short πŸ™‚ She is presenting today to us with
the canine papilloma virus, otherwise known as dog warts not to be confused
with the human papilloma virus (HPV) so don’t worry about catching any human warts
from this dog, dog or canine papillomas (warts) are not transferable to
humans so that’s awesome that’s good news on the other hand within a dog or between dogs they are fairly
contagious and this is already promoted through their immune system, which has has the ability to fight their canine papilloma virus internally. Sometimes those dogs get older or
they’re in a stressful situation and it doesn’t even have to lead to you know canine papillomas but can. Papilloma virus or dog warts and so it’s
not necessarily you know something that they would catch from someone else it’s
just something that’s automatically in their system and then you know with
their immune system when it starts getting lower than they can take or weaker then they can present or pop up on their own. Or can be transferable between other dogs. I think in Snickers case I
don’t think she lives with another dog or has a lot of exposure so she has
several here I’m going to get a close-up here, I think there’s one on her
rear here and larger one here in the center, it almost looks pinkish in color and
then on her head she has one and it’s actually a blackish color so we’ve
represented kind of a bunch of the different colors that you’ll see so they
could be any color from pink scaly sometimes they’re bleeding to a
black color and so lets talk quickly about what the opportunities (treatments) are to get rid of this dog warts. Basically you can obviously go see the
vet there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. I think depends on your budget your
budget and also time constraints because I’m just gonna tell you that if
you go to the vet you’re going to have to go back many times no matter what product you use or which method you decide, you are going to have to go back
multiple times for this to be treated. So some of those treatment options are for both you at home or when you go to the to the vet, it’s going to be
a numer of times. Are you familiar with something electro-cautery??No no! Electro-cottery?? Yes! yeah Electro-Cautery is actually an electrical current a high-voltage electrical impulse or pulse
that comes out of it. It’s like a wand tip and it’s almost like a lightning
bolt going into the skin. It can be very very scary and painful for the dog! Unfortunately most of the options that are available from from the vet or
even on the home side are painful. So you know one of the other options is
to use this is a form of our cryo-surgery (liquid nitogren) can’t use it up but you know this is. I don’t know if you can see it but I it.. even made a sound, yeah so okay! That’s hurting you so its going to definiteoy be painful for the dog. In our opinion and if they’re going
to use any of these methods You are going to have to treat multiple times in order to to get
rid of it ,so it’s not a one-and-done. You don’t just hurt them once, all right you
know exactly, so if you were to use any of these solutions, you’re talking
you know 10-15-20 times in order to be able to get rid of the warts, and that you
know, really they’re all going to take up some time, so you’re going to have to do on a daily basis no matter which item you use. Even though she shaved pretty well, I
want to just lightly touch up so we’re gonna take be careful shaving her so good yeah (done shaving lightly). Thank you “Snickers” for not embarrassing me πŸ™‚ Very quickly I’m just going to show you here how to apply the product so we’ve got this solution. This is very very high quality essential
oil. I’ve been to these essential oil distillation plants (factories) you know up in Canada and over in Austria a number of places where we source the very high quality essential oils (its important to use extremely high quality) also important that this is a FDA registered homeopathic product, so if you
go online, before you use anything on your pet, especially in the
homeopathic arena or any product you at all, you want to be sure that it has an FDA
Registration and our product absolutely does and that just ensures that you know we are
following all the FDA guidelines and very simply, you just dip the applicator in and put it on there. Just as simple as that and I know he just mentioned the
essential oils and I was reading through the reviews and that is one thing that
we get complimented on the most (our high quality) because it’s not a stinky product at all.
Some have you said its pleasant but I know it’s a powerful product, there’s
no doubt. I mean we do not dilute down our oils and we buy very
high quality. It’s something that I pride myself on, but we use very high quality
oils in the product. You may want to use a “Halo” if you don’t want the dog to be licking, it so you may want to use the halo until at least it absorbs in. Give it about 20
minutes and that’s the great thing high quality essential oils are going to be
lipophilic which means that they go in to the skin very quickly and so once it’s in (the skin) you know they’re okay to lick on that area . Now I’m going to caution you to NOT want to use the product if the warts are around the eye area.
Close to the mouth might be okay but inside the mouth, you’re going to have
to go see a vet and likely they’re going to you know use some other alternative
that requires them to be put under (by a vet) so if you want to accelerate it you will use
an light emery board and scrape it a little while it is soft to get the dead skin cells off and then apply the product to it and that’ll help accelerate it. When he put
that on her (a bit ago) it is virtually painless to the dog and these essential oils are clean and powerful, and they work really well
and they also have a bit of like an anesthetic ability as well, so yeah they
don’t feel anything. This guy is smart. (blush) πŸ™‚ All right well thank you so
much for watching and thank you for letting me help you. If you have any questions feel free to drop us a line here on YouTube or email us at We wish you Health, Wellness and Happiness. You (Snickers the dog) Ready to go?? πŸ™‚ All of us here at Naturasil we
do really appreciate you watching and we hope that you know, if you do have any
questions like you said. Get in touch with us, we’re happy to talk to you and
you know go over any concerns that you may have and also send us your feedback
to us let us know how it worked for you We love to share that because it’s
what we do this for you know, we want to make sure that everybody is taking care
having the most natural healthy way. So if we can give you a safer
alternative, let’s do it! All right thanks bye everyone! Thank you! πŸ™‚

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  1. i have the natursil ….golden retriever has warts…..can i use the oil and the pellets together…??? also how often do you put on wart….how long will you wait to see results….thank you

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