Natural Facelift with Collagen Induction Therapy

Natural Facelift with Collagen Induction Therapy

But let’s first start with what is CIT, or otherwise known as Collagen
Induction Therapy? Well, we did a video tape earlier, so hopefully it’s coming
up with this conversation, you can actually see the
procedure being done. It comes from the science of acupuncture. If you take an acupuncture needle and insert it into the skin the fibroblast cells in the dermis, these are the cells that actually create the collagen matrix,
they will be stimulated by the penetration of
the acupuncture needle, and they will release a
cascade of growth factors. Now growth factors are the initiating step in the physiological process
of creating new tissue. So anywhere in the body that
you are creating new tissue, whether it’s new tissue in your kidneys or your liver, or your knee
joint, or muscles, or skin, that process starts with the
release of growth factors. And those growth factors are the, kind of like the messaging molecules that attract to the
location all the necessary physiological resources needed for the body to generate
the new tissue in that area. So, fibroblast cells release
a cascade of growth factors when you insert an acupuncture
needle into the dermis. So, you could take a
single acupuncture needle, the kind that we use
for Oriental medicine, which we do here actually, but that’s not the purpose
of this conversation, those three inch needles. And you could simply make a whole lot of little punctures like
this in order to stimulate the creation of new dermal collagen, through the release of growth factors. Well, that’s kind of an
arduous way of going about it. So instead, we have little tiny surgical acupuncture needles, instead of three inches long, they’re only about 2 millimeters long, and they fit onto a surgical device like you saw in the video. And those needles are
vibrating, because the device has a little reciprocating
electrical engine in there. And those needles are
vibrating very, very quickly and as you move the
pen, looks like a pen, across the skin, you’re making hundreds of little tiny acupuncture insertions at the rate and at the depth necessary to stimulate, or to reach,
the mid-level of the dermis. – So there’s not any risk
with an acupuncturist taking an individual needle going too far, because these needles
are designed specifically for the right amount of
depth to hit the dermis. – Exactly, and the dermis
is different thicknesses in different areas of the body and the device can be
set so you’re hitting exactly the right depth you need. – So you can probably
go a lot faster also, ’cause you’re having a lot of needles at the exact depth it needs to be in covering the whole face. – Right, the reciprocation of that device causes insertion of the needles
about 80 times per second. So in a half hour
procedure, you’re gonna put thousands and thousands of
little acupuncture insertions throughout the face, the skin of the face. – And so how many passes
do you need to make across the face to have
a full, maximum result of an acupuncture? – Really, only one pass. – Yeah, because again, the
needles are vibrating so quickly. So just one pass, all the way
up and then all the way down, you’ll cover the whole area. Takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

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  1. It hurts so badly! Especially over the jaw bone and forehead ;( And my neck was itching like crazy after the procedure.

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