Natural & Holistic Treatments VS. Western Medicine? The choice is easy | Ep.209

Natural & Holistic Treatments VS. Western Medicine? The choice is easy | Ep.209

in this video we’ll address the debate
between naturopath holistic kind of treatments versus Western medicine wait
ok now from the beginning yeah and it’s really coming down out
there can I take a sick day from being sick I just really need it
hey guys what’s up Jeffrey Lin and welcome back to my channel I’m
documenting my journey with a mysterious hyper and mean chronic illness and more
importantly for you I am sharing my experiences dealing with struggles and
suffering and chaos and give me you tips about how I live a meaningful life hear
that in this video and address the debate between naturopath holistic kind
of treatments versus Western medicine especially because a lot of people
discover my channel through the experimental Western medicine that I do
with injections and immunotherapies and a lot of people do come and say won’t
you try a diet change or a certain kind of supplement I’ve done all those things
over my life and a lot of it I still do even the medications I take I take at a
much lower dose than what’s prescribed precisely because I am super scared of
the side effects and the damage that Western medicine can do to your body but
natural treatments also will damage your body so I’ll get to that but I want to
stress the idea that there’s no one-size-fits-all there’s no silver
bullet treatment for everything if you have a lighter disease if you’re just
beginning to have eczema or allergies it’s probably just your immune system
that’s out of balance and you can fix it with a diet change or avoiding certain
allergens or just taking more vitamin C or drinking more water and give me your
immune system a boost for those of us who are on these experimental treatments
it should be because we’ve tried everything possible and our disease is
just too complicated for those basic things to work so don’t just think that
there’s one solution for everything because something works for you doesn’t
mean it’ll work for somebody else and just because something’s working for you
now doesn’t mean it’ll work for you for your whole life your health will change
your environment will change you just got to stay flexible so the worst thing
that could happen is you just get sent into this mindset that Western medicine
is the right way to go or holistic naturopathic treatments are the way to
go or Yoga is the only way to go there’s nothing else it’s like people saying the
worst thing that can happen to you when you go to Vegas is win and if you win
early on you get sucked into this false belief that you will win all the time at
gambling and you just keep throwing more and more money in after your initial win
and that’s kinda like the same thing with treatments whether if it’s
naturopathic or Eastern versus Western medicine for example for Western
medicine steroids are very dangerous and a lot of people are finding out about
the steroid withdrawal symptoms that really destroy your skin and for me at
the end of my college career I basically had no skin and I was waking all the
time and I looked like a burn victim and so much of it was because of steroids so
for those of you that think I support all Western medicine I don’t I tell
people to stay away from steroids run away as fast as you can but there are
times when you’re in an emergency and a steroid is the only thing well see if
your life and in that moment you got to just bite the bullet and take it and
I’ve done that oh then Jeff supports natural treatments
not necessarily because natural treatments are slow so they don’t help
you in emergency situations and for me my reactions are very intense very
aggressive they’re always emergencies I’m always in a crisis so I don’t have
time to wait for a day or a couple days for natural treatments to kick in I need
something that will work in ten seconds or I’m gonna die that’s the timeframe
I’m working with and another danger about natural treatments being slow is
that it will damage your body in slow and unnoticeable ways it’s sort of like
slow poisoning a lot of poison is natural so just because something has a
natural label on it does not mean it’s safe it doesn’t mean it’s not I’m just
saying you gotta be flexible you gotta do your research you gotta be aware of
the risks one of the things I took for a long time is Chinese herbal medicine and
a lot of people do end up with things like hit knee stones just because the
medicine isn’t clean and I’ll it’s hard to get out of your system your kidneys
just get clogged up that’s just one of the possible damages that could happen
and with like delay damages I was the youngest child to get acupuncture in
America at about four years old or just before that and most doctors most
Chinese doctors wouldn’t do acupuncture on a child but I found the doctor that
did and initially it did work but over time my skin got worse and worse and
what happens is a lot of acupuncture has been distorted from the traditional
ancient Chinese way of performing it any acupuncture with needles
it’s basically puncturing your nerves so you don’t feel pain and you don’t feel
you’re your illness but it doesn’t mean that
this is going away so the illness will stay a lot of times by damaging your
nervous system with the acupuncture needles your health will get worse and
worse and which is what happened with my skin they also did bloodletting
traditional Chinese bloodletting where they just cut a big gash behind your ear
or on your back and just let out dirty blood but there are side effects of that
too and hold on and even with like yoga this book is a pretty good one to check
out it’s called the science of yoga the risk and rewards and then it talks about
the potential dangers including a lot of people getting spine damage nerve damage
and even stroke from reduced blood to the brain so even with yoga not every
pose is okay for every single person because every person because you might
have a health problem that somebody else doesn’t have you might have a previous
injury that somebody else isn’t having you just might not be in the physical
condition that’s required for a certain pose
but with all that said since I was nine years old I started learning Chinese Qi
energy exercises and Chinese massage therapies called Twain ah so from when I
was nine years old till my early 20s I didn’t take any Western meditation at
all and I think that’s part of the reason why my body is healthy enough to
do all these experimental treatments and amino therapies now just because my
organs are in very good health from not having to use Western medicine from one
ounce mine to about twenty two so I was born one the most severe eczema’s that
doctors I’ve ever seen and also with my allergies I’m allergic to literally
everything on the planet and basically everything on the planet is toxic to me
and I couldn’t touch water for ten years so by the time I was four years old all
the doctors had given up and failed and I thought I was gonna die around four
years old because there was no treatment that worked for me so I went on this
path of trying all these alternate treatments and medications I did
everything from drinking weird snake soup to drinking taoist ash to using
Crisco cooking oil on my body the when I was nine and started doing a specific
kind of Qi Gong Qi energy exercises I finally stopped getting worse
so until nighttime my health is going down like this and when I started doing
Qi energy from nine until twenty two my health like slowly got better like this
it wasn’t falling off a cliff anymore but in college things started falling
apart nothing that weren’t before was working anymore
I had emergency after emergency and he’s shown how to use more steroids which
destroyed my skin even more I had to take a semester off from college because
my hands were bleeding all the time I had to keep him bandaged and none of the
antibiotics and anything were working as soon after that that spread throughout
my whole body so I looked like a third-degree burn victim it was just I
didn’t have any skin left and just recently it took seven years for my skin
to grow back and look like this so it wasn’t always like this for most of my
life it didn’t look like this this is very weird to me so that’s what I mean
that there’s no one-size-fits-all just because Chico and
wayna we’re working for me for over ten years doesn’t mean that I’ll keep
working and if you just rely on that and just kind of ignore the weaknesses of
any particular treatment then things are gonna get out of control the body is
something that’s very complicated and you’re not gonna outsmart it with just
one single treatment or approach so when I finally found the research
doctors in Utah what drew me to him was they actually didn’t push for a lot of
medication of the app they pushed for the right medications but in very
controlled doses you can see my earliest videos within a couple weeks my skin
cleared up and I was in the best condition ever so now I use a
combination of using the Chi energy and tighten our massages to maintain the
long-term health strategy but the Western treatments like the do pill map
injection for eczema and the immunosuppressants are for day-to-day
maintenance and making and giving my body a rest so that the long-term more
natural treatments can have a chance to work if I’m constantly having infections
and looking like I need to get my limbs amputated the natural treatments aren’t
gonna work fast enough to cure those things so I just want to wrap it up with
these concepts of so what I’m doing here is I’m balancing the faster Western
medication and its strengths with the slower naturopathic holistic treatments
and each has a strengths and by combining them I don’t have to use as
much Western medications and I can void a lot of the side effects or the damages
to my organs that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to do without the more the
Eastern holistic kind of treatments and exercises that I do singing about short-term relief vs.
long-term survival this is more about the side effects with Western
medications and a lot of people just want to feel perfect right now and they
just over though their body with steroids and what happens is you destroy
your kidneys that’s not even talked about destroying
the skin that you destroy your kidneys and a good friend of mine in high school
just went blind and his condition was even that bad but he just couldn’t take
the pain and his parents weren’t encouraging him to take more steroids
because they felt bad that he was feeling bad and now he’s blind and his
whole whole life is ruined and it didn’t have to be like that if he was able to
hold out a little bit longer so we’re dealing with the disease or any other
struggles in life don’t get desperate because you make the worst decisions in
that moment and you could have to live with the consequences for the rest of
your life I hope it was helpful and leaving the comments below which
treatments have worked for you and let’s help each other out
remember stay strong we’re all in this together and I’ll see you guys soon

6 Replies to “Natural & Holistic Treatments VS. Western Medicine? The choice is easy | Ep.209”

  1. Another great video my man! After decades of hardship i agree with all the points in this vid. Have you researched on the gut health/low stomach acid connection with regards to our disease? My skin has improved even further starting betaine hcl with all my heavy meals. Be aware tho and make sure you dont have gastritis or ulcers when taking hcl. Looking forward to more content on here bro!

  2. Good message. We got tired of conventional western medicine after trying that for years and nothing was helping. Now we try more natural things as much as possible but ironically some supplements that were prescribed for my son gave him a horrible adverse reaction and yesterday we spent the day in urgent care because of it……..getting prescriptions to help immediately. I react adversely to most supplements as well.

  3. I am guessing when you were born, you was a cesarian baby? If thats true, your immune system was slighted from birth. When babies come through the birth canal, they get inoculated with the proper bacteria that activates their innate immune system. As they grow and catch colds or infections and their bodies ward off these infections. This activates their acquired immune system. When ever someone has issues that you are describing, studies say you should look to the gut. Your bowel flora is your immune system. It sounds like your immune system is over active. Hence auto immune disease. You say you’re allergic to everything, do you mean foods? Do you crave carbs? Breads? How about sweets? If you crave carbs and consume a lot of them daily, do you have night sweats?
    I AM NOT A DOCTOR!!! I had a lot of health issues in my past that left every doctor I seen scratching their heads. I had to do a lot of research to figure out what was wrong with me. I finally figured it out on my own. It took me 10 years! I am not giving medical advice! I am not a doctor. Just trying to see if your issues parallel any of mine in the past. If carbs and breads, sweets are your thing, stop eating them!!! I dealt with a severe Candida overgrowth. I had leaky gut syndrome. I had rashes. I was tired all the time.
    Do some research on candida symptoms to see if any of the symptoms ring a bell. How about tinnititus? Do you have ringing in your ears?
    If you think you have a Candida problem, look up Doug Kaufman’s you tube channel called “Know the Cause” even if you don’t have Candida, you still should work at correcting your bowel flora. Take a good probiotic that has a prebiotic in it like FOS. See a doctor who can help you with your bowel flora. You should get a doctors approval before trying things on your own. But you can do your own research on these things and learn more about it so you will know what to ask your doctor.
    Good luck to you!

  4. Thanks for the video. My doctor has been suggesting Dupixent injection cause started to have head to toe flare up since Feb 2016. I am doing phototherapy and taking antihistamine when I swell up. I do a lot better in summer, I went almost itch free from Jul to Sep last year. Once winter comes, I flare up like crazy, swollen, oozing, skin scaling like snowing indoor. It is not head to toe anymore, but still very bad on my neck, arms, hands and on one ankle. I don't want to use any western medicaiton unless absolute must. I am trying to change to a vegan diet with eating more fermented food. I will also try essential oil. But the skin is so dry, itchy and keep scaling. It is really annoying and painful. I never imagine that taking a shower is so painful. Because of eczema, I am loosing a lot of precious time I could have spent with my husband and daughter. I hate being this sick. Thanks for your sharing and hope you will find a good way to keep your condition more under control.

  5. SO TRUE. DONT GET DESPERATE! Not only did I have eczema but now I have excessive gas and pain too because of all the radical diet changes. My eczema is finally healing but my gas is still there only because of my foolishness which could have been avoided.

  6. Your 100% right about the cortisone cream when i stopped applying it i looked like a burn victim and i felt like it to… Amen bro.

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