Natural Home Remedies for a Discolored Neck & Back

a discolored neck or back often becomes a reason for women to hide behind turtleneck tops or high collar shirts although usually a harmless condition it could affect one’s self-esteem and confidence the top layer of skin the epidermis contains a substance called melanin which gives skin its pigment several conditions affect melanin and result in skin discoloration although skin discoloration occurs primarily due to sunburn in some individuals it could also be because of hormonal imbalance at times pregnancy and use of birth control pills can also lead to this condition in women do not worry there is no need to spend your time and money on expensive medical treatments all you’ve got to do is walk to your kitchen and prepare these quick and effective home remedies take 1 cup honey add about 12 to 14 almonds blend the mixture together to make a fine fury scoop a generous amount of this mixture with your fingers and massage it onto your skin let the mixture stay on to your skin for about 20 to 30 minutes wash off with water and pat dry your skin apply this mixture once every day this mixture has a bleaching effect on the skin and will help to gradually fade the discoloration in 8 to 10 weeks [Music] take two tablespoons of milk add one tablespoon of honey add two teaspoons of lemon juice add one teaspoon of almond oil mix it well apply this mixture and leave it as it is for about 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water [Music] take one bowl of tomato puree add two teaspoons of lemon juice mix it well apply this mixture on your neck and back and leave it as it is for about 20 minutes and then wash it off the Neukom water repeat this remedy twice a day always make sure you clean your neck and back with a mild soap and Pat it dry with a towel before applying any of these remedies since sunburn is the primary cause of this condition protect your skin from the harsh Sun by wearing a fashionable big cap using an umbrella or maybe just by applying some sunscreen take care of yourself hi hope you liked the video write in your comments below and let us know what you think do subscribe to home weather to stay updated with our new videos and to join a nature loving user community I will see you again soon till then take care for more such action comedy visit [Music]

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