Natural Home Remedies for Shiny White Teeth

white shining teeth contribute to a person’s self-esteem and confidence but usually as time goes by our teeth tend to lose the whiteness and become yellow some of the reasons for this loss are consumption of too much tea or coffee excessive smoking and neglect of oral hygiene teeth also lose their color with age let’s look at some simple home remedies which will help you get those sparkling teeth back take about six to seven crushed Basin leaves also known as Tulsi add two teaspoons of dried orange peel powder mix it well apply this paste on your teeth and leave it as it is for about fifteen to twenty minutes after which wash it off with water mix baking soda with water and make a fine paste apply this paste on your teeth and leave it as it is for about two to three minutes gargle your mouth with water do this every night before sleeping make a piece of strawberries and apply it on your teeth you can also remove the juice of lemon and apply it on your teeth always rinse your teeth after drinking tea or coffee eat well and take care of yourself for more such natural home remedies visit

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