Natural Remedies & Cleanses : How to Cleanse Your Body of Parasites

Natural Remedies & Cleanses : How to Cleanse Your Body of Parasites

So you think you might not be alone. Hi my
name is Mark Brinson doctor of oriental medicine physical medicine specialist. Parasites, many
people commonly think they have parasites or they’ve heard from a product or a service
that they have just that. Something that’s inside their body that shouldn’t be there.
They are not as common as people might think they are. First of all with many of the common
worm type parasites you really know there is something wrong. Some of the key signs
and symptoms first of all if you have any problems when you are actually vomiting worms,
they would be the small pin worm type, that’s a key symptom. Or if any are coming out in
your stool. That’s also a symptom. You can also have pain when you eat, immediately after
because what happens is the small pin worms will come out of the small intestines and
they’ll start to eat some of the food and aggravate the stomach lining at the same time.
Or problems with stomach pain if you get too hungry. And this is actual stomach pain, because
again the parasites are acting up. Another good symptom is you’ll feel, you could possibly
feel something wiggling around in the abdominal area and these are more of the long or round
type worms. Or pain in the lower abdomen. Usually by the time that the mid abdomen is
having pain from parasites it’s pretty bad. There’s a lot of pain sensors that are kind
of turned off in the abdominal area. The other problem that you could have is loosing a lot
of weight in the periphery while you are gaining a lot of weight abdominally. And this is more
often with a tape worm. Parasites aren’t all that easy to get and usually there’s some
key signs and symptoms that you would have. If you have those you can see your physician
about some parasite killing type of drugs but also Chinese herbalist will have great
forms of natural cures for that. If you just want to prevent, pumpkin seeds, have a small
handful of pumpkin seeds daily and it will keep the parasites away. It’s also very good
for men’s sexual health. My name is Mark Brinson doctor of oriental medicine physical medicine
specialist wishing you a happy, healthy and balanced day.

21 Replies to “Natural Remedies & Cleanses : How to Cleanse Your Body of Parasites”

  1. You say that basically "you would know if you have parasites, you would know you had something wrong". This isn't the case with me at ALL. I passed what looked like a spaghetti noodle once and put it in a jar and took it to the doctor. He said it was a round worm. I had NO symptoms of this!


  3. hi can you tell us more about the part "skinny limbs", i can seem to gain weight on my arms and legs all though my body is in good shape and i go to the gym 4x a week.. my arms and legs stays the same skinny

  4. he's right, parasites are exceedingly rare. usually you get them from eating food that was dirty and covered in fecal matter, and drinking water that's been been shat in. because of water and food cleanliness in the usa, these are rare here unless you go overseas and drink the water there. pumpkin seeds aren't a cure, they are a preventative, listen to what he said. most idiots get an enema as an alternative cure, which is inneffective and soemtimes even harmful.

  5. I came here from "how to do a pancreas cleanse" and about 3 minutes in he says "the pancreas doesnt necessarily need to cleansed", drink water and avoid sugar is his advice.

    Stupid dresser too wtf. How about some real knowledge doode?

  6. Pumpkin seeds, garlic, black walnut hull, and apple cider vinegar all in small doses consumed everyday will kill any and all parasites including candida

  7. the bestut cure is wormwood make take a week but it works but after takeing you must do stuff to bild you body back up as wormwood is a posin

  8. This is not TRUE! Parasite eggs are EVERYWHERE in soil,possibly on produce,in swimming pools,lakes,rivers and streams,in the ocean,our pets have them,fleas carry tapeworm eggs,livestock has worms and the egg cysts get in the meat,anyone preparing your food in restaraunts could have not washed their hands,kids pick them up from others at schools and day cares.These creatures are VERY adept at finding a way into their hosts to perpetuate the lifecycle.Sushi-many cases there as well.Watch the show "monsters inside me",do your research and then if you do a colon cleanse/herbal parasite cleanse you might start seeing them FOR YOURSELF as they die off.Japan routinely give deworming meds to it's citizens, every society should because they are very easy to pick up.

  9. I cut out refined sugars for 6 weeks and I've been noticing these weird things in the toilet bowl.. They don't look like worms, instead like bits of bark or something.. It's so disgusting, but I'm assuming the parasites are being expelled simply from cutting out refined sugars .. I eat lots of veggies, fruit, nuts, sunflower seeds, natural organic yogurt, organic honey, and occasionally chicken breast, turkey, etc.. I know it's tough changing your diet, but it will help with so many symptoms, not just parasites. Even if you just do a 6 week natural food cleanse, your body will thank you!

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