Natural Remedies for Muscle Pain and Inflammation

Hey, everybody! Trevor hanson here thank you so much for joining me for another video so, today i’m very excited to give you a cool, tip on How to find natural remedies for muscle pain and inflammation because i have found, some incredible Ways of reducing, muscle pain and inflammation After i was injured in a skiing accident So a skiing in park city i fell super hard injured my back
Injured my shoulder and took me out for a Long time and then my doctor turns around and he hands me all of these prescription medications just like loads Me up with them, and i’m expected to live on that stuff So that’s pretty hard on my stomach and my liver and i did not Want to take Any of that so i was looking for something natural and I found a few things that worked pretty good you know A few different therapies, and whatnot but the thing that i found the most helpful was actually a herb and you? May, have heard of it before but hold on it’s turmeric Curcumin with bile free or black pepper and i know you’ve probably heard of it but turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory? That helps bring inflammation down and helps calm down those muscles and Specifically i found, one that i loved and i put the link to it in the description below So you guys can, check it out too but it was called Turmeric curcumin from new, life nutrition and the reason i like this one is after i tried a bunch of different Turmeric options this is the one that helped me throw out my My prescription medication i no, longer had to take those heavy doses of ibuprofen and i was doing something completely natural Which made me feel awesome and i read i recommended it to a few friends? they Tried it had similar results and i even went as far as to taking it to like a lab and having them do a test to, see if what’s on the label is Actually, what’s in the product because i wanted to know like is this the real Deal and it got straight a’s it was awesome if you? Want to see that report just shoot me your your email, address i can, send it to you but this is my recommendation Today is to try to rick give it a shot see if it can help Your, muscle pain you nation because it definitely, did wonders for me and if you’re not sure, which tumeric to go with Because there’s so many Definitely check this one out gym recruitment from, new Life nutrition like i said i put the link in the description so that if you want you can go and snoop on over and see if It’s for you i think it’s less, than like 20 bucks so give it a shot give it a try and tell Me what works for you leave your comments below And let me know, what else works and we’ll definitely share with everybody, else thanks guys, and have a great, day

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  1. Thanks for watching my video on natural remedies for muscle pain and inflammation! I hope you enjoy it!

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