Natural Sleep: Deep Rest – vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda

Melatonin is our sleep hormone and it
starts to go up in the evening about 8 o’clock or so. And we want to allow that
sleep hormone to increase in a natural way so that our brain goes to sleep. And
yet most of us in our evening activities are working against our melatonin –we’re
on the computer or we’re using a cell phone or we’re watching an intense movie
on television. And those kinds of activities have been shown to suppress
melatonin if only due to the direct effect of light especially blue light. So
around 8:00 or 8:30 is a good time to put those things aside and start to
maybe do dishes or clean up and wind down. Find some quiet activity. Even
dimming the lights can help so that’s one thing. Another thing that can disturb
our sleep at night is just digestion. We can eat too much in the evening. Ayurveda recommends that the evening meal be our lightest meal and we finish it ideally
by 7:00 p.m. or as early after that as possible. And that’s simply because
digestion is activity it’s a metabolic activity and it can easily wake us up or
even keep us from falling asleep. Another factor in sleep problems is just stress.
It turns out that our stress hormone cortisol goes up when we’re feeling
stressed. And cortisol and melatonin are in a direct opposition to each other so
when cortisol goes up, melatonin goes down. And that can be a problem because
then we won’t have enough melatonin to keep ourselves asleep at night. So stress
can be reduced of course by meditation during the day, exercise in the morning —
especially outdoors has been shown improve sleep at night. And another
source of stress can simply be worrying about not sleeping enough. And research
has shown that cognitive behavioral therapy
aimed at helping us to replace worried thoughts about not sleeping with some
other more positive thinking can actually improve sleep as much or more
than taking a sleep drug. Sleep drugs are basically dangerous, they can
increase falls during the night, and they have been associated with
increased mortality. Another little Ayurvedic tip I will mention to you is
to rub your feet and your ears and even your head with coconut oil at bedtime. I
know it sounds really strange but I think you’ll find if your mind won’t
stop and you put coconut oil on it, it’s just like you put a sleep cap on
and it just turns your brain right off. It’s an amazing calming effect that
Ayurveda recommends for any stress and for improved sleep. Now another gift of
nature that we have that can support good sleep is the power of plants. The
power of herbs which help the natural functions of the body perform better. And
one of my favorite products actually takes the power of a number of herbs
that have all been shown to improve sleep and puts them into one combination.
So I’d like to share with you a little bit about the herbs in this formula
called Deep Rest and how they affect our sleep. I actually have patients who tell
me that they really rely on this formula and it does indeed help them sleep. The
first ingredient is Rose, Cabbage Rose. Rose is known to cool — cool our emotional system and cool our digestive system. If we’ve eaten too much or digestion is
week and it’s waking us up at night with too much heat or hot flashes — this
Cabbage Rose helps to calm that down. The second herb in it is Amla Berry. Amla is a sour fruit which both has a cooling effect and it actually helps digestion
as well. And that means that it’s going to be working to support our digestion
while we sleep, less likely to wake up due to indigestion. The
third herb in it is Valerian. Valerian has been shown in studies to reduce the
number of minutes it takes to fall asleep and it also helps the quality of
sleep through the night. It only takes about two weeks of taking a product with
Valerian to improve the sleep. Another is Arjuna. Arjuna
helps the emotional heart so if you’re going to sleep with something on your
mind or something that’s aggravated you, Arjuna is going to work at helping kind
of sort that out and calm that down so it doesn’t wake you up at night. And the
last product in that last herbal product is Tinospora Cordifolia. And that’s gonna
help your liver also involved in digestion and detoxification. It’s going
to help that function during the night again so your body doesn’t wake up and
due to excess digestive stress or – maybe something you ate that aggravated
your liver, some heavy food for example. So if you have the occasional difficulty
sleeping or that’s a habit of yours – wake up in the night or have trouble
getting to sleep I highly recommend you give Deep Rest a try.

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