Natural Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis in Ayurveda – Real Testimonial

Natural Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis in Ayurveda – Real Testimonial

Greetings, sir! Greetings! I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda centre. Sir, first of all I would like to know your name. I’m Rajkumar. Sir, where have you come from? Haryana! Due to what health issues did you contact Dr Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda? I was suffering from Ulcerative colitis and I came across Dr. Vikram Chauhan’s videos on YouTube and then I visited him. Since when had you been suffering from this disease? From around 7 months. What kind of symptoms did you face? I passed stools frequently along with bleeding and weakness. Where else did you seek treatment for Ulcerative colitis? I went to Lucknow and Jaipur but found no relief. Then, I saw some videos on YouTube and contacted Dr. Vikram Chauhan. I’ve taken medicines for 45 days now and I have to take for another month. How much improvement did you find from Planet Ayurveda’s medicines? There’s a lot of improvement. What kind of changes in your diet were made by Dr. Vikram Chauhan? Sir, in case of diet, the person who has ulcerative colitis should strictly stop fried foods. Milk and milk products are also not allowed. Boiled vegetables like bottle gourd, ridge gourd, khichdi (rice and lentil gruel) etc. should be eaten. Ok! Sir, we have many viewers who would be watching this video and there is a possibility that most of them would be suffering from ulcerative colitis. What message would you like to give them? I would like to give this message that anyone suffering from Ulcerative colitis should not take allopathic medicines. But, take ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Vikram Chauhan for their betterment. I’ve taken allopathic medicines for 6 months and didn’t improve much. Later, they had numerous side effects but we don’t have to face any side effects with ayurvedic medicines. Sir, one more thing. I would like to see your prescription to see the type of medicines Dr. Vikram Chauhan prescribed you to treat this disorder. Here is my prescription. You’ve been taking treatment since the past 45 days? Yes, 45 days. Ok! Mr. Rajkumar, 25 years/male. Your medicines are Tab Praval Panchamrit, Capsule Pitta Balance, Tab Kutajparpati vati, Tab Kutajghan vati, Vatsakadi churna, Capsule Coolstrin B, Capsule Amystop G. Ok, so these were the medicines suggested by Dr. Vikram Chauhan. Yes. Did he mention any specific dos and don’ts? He just asked me to eat boiled vegetables, about 50 ml freshly juiced pomegranate and apple and apart from that milk and milk products were to be strictly avoided. Thank you so much sir for coming to Planet Ayurveda center and giving such valuable information to the viewers. Thank you, sir.

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