neck pain – cervical spondylosis – exercise

neck pain – cervical spondylosis – exercise

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  1. wav miracle exercises. i m suffering from cevicle spandilosis. these exercises very benifited to me

  2. dr i have electric shock like pain in upper right neck on movement ( exactly behind my ears) is this any sever problem pls can u guide

  3. My dear Dr thanks alot
    And thanks God

    I am very happy to practice this experience providing by you

    I have a undiscribed rileef

  4. Dear doctor, daily I am doing work at home and office work on computer and driving motor vehicle car or shooter. If I doing these exercises, I could get relief from this pain?

  5. Respected mam,
    As i suffered from cervical spondylosis, from physiotherpy advice i follow my exercise. But these two days i feel burning in neck area… how i relive from. As student sty 8 hrs , what is correct posture for reading and how many time can i take intervals. Pls, Guide me

  6. Hi madam my mom is having spondylitis due this she having pain in fingers of legs and hands so please tell some massagers please madam reply

  7. Hello mam…I am 38 yrs old n i hav been detected with cervical spondilysis 2 mnths back…even after taking so many pain killers, there was no relief…there was stiffness in the neck due to which i had severe pain in the shoulder n in the hands too…i chanced upon ur video 2 days back n i did all these exercises n at the frst tym itself, my shoulder pain has lessened n the stiffness in the neck has reduced too…thank you so much for uploading this video…it has really helped me a lot…

  8. Respected Madam, I went through physiotherapy for more than 14 days and got a bit relief and still continuing all the exercises daily at least 3 times. Mostly I do it in the morning and evening. My MRI scan showed it's Neck Disc bulging and Doctors told me to do exercises like u have shown in this video. Madam, will u please tell me that Is it Curable? Kindly reply

  9. Hello Mam, Thanks for the video. I have cervical compression problem. I have taken MRI,CT and xray its shows c5 and c6 had compression and i suggested to go for surgery. But i dont have major symptoms as doctor said. Lil numbness in top of the middle finger and burning sensations in my legs. But im doing exercise now and my symptoms feeling better. Should i continue the exercise or surgery is required. Could you please advise.

  10. Thank you so much Mam. I am suffering Spondylosis from long time ago. I have too much neck pain and leg pain always. Also forward head posture. What to do i will be ferfectly alright ?

  11. Pls dont do all of this…some of this is dangerous for some kind of nuck pain …..excrsisr without turning ur neck is ok for everyone …pls gind ur prblm be care full

  12. Mam i had same priblem in july i made a surgery in c5 c6 they removed my disc and placed the titanim cage now

    Any possibility to remove the cage and live natural life again

  13. Doctor i am suffering from calcium deposit in my upper part of vertebra. Since last 5 years i am suffering from this.Done physio and ayurvedic massage.But no use.I couldn't sleep at night.Recently started numbness in my legs and hands.Please give me some solution to get rid of this.Thank you so much

  14. I was diagnosed 5 years ago, until now it’s still bad. Yoga and meditation daily helps a lot. Your video will be very useful ….thanks 💕

  15. Madam, I am suffering from spondylitis both sides of neck pain and also head pain in back side and dizziness , how can may i get relief from this problem. please suggest me. From Tripura

  16. Brah.alife explanation and demonstration of exersises are very good and following is very easy

  17. Hello my mom has cervical and this caused her neck pain and also her one leg gets numb she had consulted with many doctors and have eaten soooo many medicine's but didn't make any difference ….I really feel so worry about my mom please mam suggest me something what should we do Know plzzzzzz mam ….
    I hope you will reply…

  18. very good explanation mam, my friend has been faced with this issue. he went to many reputed hospitals but he has not got relief. Then someone told him about Planet Ayurveda. he went there and starting treatment, he was improving day by day. Now he is fine. so if anyone is facing this kind of issue or any other issues, they will definitely go Planet Ayurveda

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