Neuropathic condition itching prickly sensation cramps as indicated by palmistry

this particular palmistry video neuropathic condition might be reflected in ones hands see both the hands left hand normal kinds branch on head line many people have branches on the head line may make this person a genius wave like formation on head line wave on head line or other lines not good cant say with certainty that person has nay neuropathic conditions right hand the active hand hands of a lady right hand to be the active hand to read in palmistry major difference in this hand this kind of head line very rare formation of line not normal different kind of a head line head line if unclear if in the middle under mount of saturn might indicate problems center of palm hand, lines are crossing over center of our body is stomach so stomach related issues due to wrong diagnose saline injected some complications at age 12 it happened diagnosed with typhoid admitted to hospital neuropathic pains developed, due to over medication itchy sensation prickly pains heart palpitates spicy food bad for her pain swollen lips and tip of fingers digestive system affected gastric issues inflammatory lining in stomach from one year island on head line

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