Hello I’m Doctor Daniel Farkas and I’m
here to talk to you today about Neuropathy and the feet. Before I forget
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found for Neuropathy in the feet please let us know! So Neuropathy especially in the feet
terrible. It affects so many people not just retirement age people it also starting
to affect people younger and younger. It’s just got to be stopped it’s got to
be attacked so but the first thing we have to do is is I have to ask a
question do you actually know if you happen to have neuropathy in feet what
is causing your neuropathy in your feet? What is actually causing it? There are
different sources there are what I call orthopedic sources which are pinched
nerves that leave the back sometimes some old slip discs or pinched nerves,
but if that’s not the problem there are many other considerations to think about
primarily the neuropathy can come from toxicity in the body or whole body
inflammation. Now toxicity a lot of time that affects
the nerves can come from heavy metals so as we live our life especially in this
modern day and age we get exposed to a lot of heavy metals: cadmium, arsenic, lead and Mercury these metals unfortunately they can accumulate in the body and your
body doesn’t have a natural way of eliminating them sometimes it needs help
but first you need to identify what they are that’s done with a simple urine
test. A very specific type of urine test can tell you exactly what metals are in
your body if you’re curious about that look below there’s information about
where you can get a test no matter where you are. Once you have the test
information then you can determine as a baseline how bad is it and then you can
make a plan that’s pretty simple we help people all the time with this. It’s
really not that complicated but we got to figure out know who your enemy is
first. To get those metals out of your body to decrease the irritation to the
arteries that causes them to swell inward to pinch down and choke those
nerves that give off these terrible sensations but if we can find out what
it is get the arteries healthy again then we
can take some pressure off and hopefully reduce neuropathy in the feet so I’m
glad that you took a couple of minutes just to hear my understanding of
neuropathy we’ve had great success but it knowledge is power please like
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information testing or get some more help we’re glad
to help people anywhere thanks for watching


  1. I am 73 and have neuropathy and Drop Foot I went to a Neuro Surgeon and he said I have a pinched nerve in my back at L5 but did not offer any silution other than surgical implant

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