New Crafted Items in 8.2! Crafting Profession 8.2 Updates

New Crafted Items in 8.2! Crafting Profession 8.2 Updates

Hi! I’m Hazel, and today we’re looking at the
coolest new crafted items coming in 8.2. So each of the gathering professions are getting
a new material. Osmenite is our new ore, dredged leather is
our skin, seaweave is the new cloth and zin’anthid is the new herb. All of these things will be found in nazjatar
and probably mechagon. On the PTR I was getting seaweave cloth drops
out there but not seeing any zin’anthid herbs so we’ll see. All of the typical gear-crafting professions
will be able to make new higher item level versions of gear. There’s Gilded gear at 410, Reinforced at
425 and Banded gear at 440. there will also be new notorious starter pvp
gear starting at 370. The models don’t seem to be new, I don’t think,
so we’re going to just breeze right through them. Another fun fact is All professions are seeing
a 25 point bump to the skill cap, with a new cap of 175. If you thought you were done leveling, now
you’re not. Let’s kick things off with Enchanting. There’s a new tier of stat-to-ring enchants
called Accord of whatever-stat-you-want. We’ve also got some new weapon enchants. Force Multiplier is a Strength or Agility
proc, hopefully depending on your spec and not just randomly picking one. While that’s up, your moves will sometimes
proc 100 of your highest secondary stat, stacking up to five times. Basically, hit harder. Hooray. Machinist’s Brilliance is the same thing,
just with an Intellect proc, which makes you wonder why Strength and Agility have to share. Naga Hide is again, a strength or agi proc
but instead of the stacking secondaries it just gives you a flat 15k absorb shield. And Finally, Oceanic Restoration is an int
proc with 500 mana per second coming to you while it runs. One might even say 2500 mp5. For Alchemy we’ve got tiers of Alchemist Stones
to match the crafted gear item level bumps. There’s also a fresh batch of primary stat
potions and flasks with a newcauldron to match. We’re also getting some new more specific
potions. Wild Mending gives your heals a chance to
heal an extra flat amount. Unbridled Fury gives your attacks a chance
to damage an extra flat amount with a spicy little -bit of fireball. Focused Resolve marks your target, giving
you a 20% increased chance to crit but only as long as you only damage that target. Last, Empowered Proximity increases your primary
stat based on how many enemies are within 8 yards of you, up to a max of 1800. I initially misunderstood and thought it was
capped at 1800 nearby enemies but based on how graphics card melting that would be they
probably mean 1800 stat, so like, 5 enemies. For Jewelcrafting, you can prospect the new
ore, make higher item level rings, gems, just more of the same. There is a new Straddling gem which gives
5% movement speed, up from the 3% of the straddling Viridium, but since they’re still unique equipped
it’s not that exciting. I’d like to be able to use a ton of them in
a mount-running set of gear but we can’t have everything. For Inscription we’re getting new Contracts
for the Ankoan and Unshackled as well as the Rustbolt Resistance to help you grind those
new 8.2 Reps. There’s also a new vantus runes and crafted
offhands, and that’s it. For Tailoring, on top of the obvious gear
upgrades there are some mount items. The Seabreeze Saddle Blanket is not mount
equipment, even if it sounds like it should be. Like the Bloodtotem saddle blanket, the Seabreeze
one is vanity only and doesn’t actually do anything. This is for roleplayers, or for messing with
your friends by trying to convince them they need one. In more useful mount stuff is the Saddlechute,
which is the parachute mount equipment. I feel like competing with water walking means
this one’s going to be less popular, but maybe I’m biased because I play a priest and already
have a slowfall. Mount equipment works like gems, so there’s
no duration once you’ve equipped it, but if you put a different one on the first one is
destroyed. Speaking of Mount Equipment, Leatherworking
is getting the Comfortable Rider’s Barding. This one prevents you from being dazed while
mounted. Assuming you can give up Water Walking, this
one might be extra valuable while leveling. Mount Equipment will not stack with the herbing
mounts, though, so if you want to be a dazeproof flower robot you’ll still need the consumable
barding. Leatherworkers can also make Dredged LEather
Bladders, which are a component of one Blacksmithing pattern in particular. Speaking of Blacksmiths, of course they get
new gear, but they also get my favourite of the mount equipment- the water walking shoes. Those will need those leatherworking bladders. There is, however, kind of a flaw in the market
for these though. anyone who had a water strider gets free water
shoes just mailed to all of their alts, and can just pick up more for themselves from
the angler’s rep for 40 gold. The crafted ones are just for those who never
did get themselves a water bug. Blacksmiths also can craft the Monelite Reinforced
Chassis, which is half of a new mount. The other half is made by engineers, which
we’ll look at in a sec. Over in Engineering, there’s updated goggles
and gear. New and exciting is the Blingtron 7000. Like his…ancestors…he’ll offer a daily
quest for some junk, mostly and fight with other Blingtrons. There’s also a Super Charged Engine, which
you can combine with that blacksmith-crafted Chassis to make the Xiwyllag mount. I don’t know how to pronounce this, and let’s
be honest, neither do you. I doubt whoever invented the name knows. It’s probably some kind of practical joke. Cool mount, though. Our last crafting professoin is Cooking, which
would’ve gotten it’s own video except there’s not much here. there’s better stat food and better feasts. Some of those use mechagon tinker parts as
mats, which are really easy to get so that’s nice. There’s also Mecha Bytes. The recipe for that is almost certainly on
Mechagon somewhere, and I have no idea what they do. Based on how cheap these will be to make,
it’s probably a random effect that’ll be equal parts fun and dumb. Can’t wait. So that’s what we’ll be crafting in 8.2! It is still PTR so more things could be on
the way, but this is a pretty comprehensive update to professions. Thanks so much for watching, let me know what
you think and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!

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  1. You can make jokes about the parachute attachment if you want, but as a member of the Horde who has to live on top of a giant pyramid these days, I AM PLEASED.

  2. im guessing those nutty bites means blizz is finally making food hunter mech pets WILL eat for a fast heal. i also need that mount from bs/eng. glad i have most mats for one already.

  3. The dirty secret… Anything you do in this expansion, will not matter for next since they now broke each profession up by expansion.

  4. Hi Hazel, thx for your entertaining videos. Are you going to post infos about the upcoming children's week and I think four new battle pets? How to get them etc…?

  5. As soon as people will get flying, they will forget about water walking until next expansion, just saying 🙂 I guess most popular will be parachute for people playing with war mode and without any kind of slow fall (because that pvp thing to dismount has a HUGE range), rest will probably get the speed boost? I don't see anti-daze being very useful when flying.

  6. Awesome video as always! Looking forward to your video about all the new pets coming in the new patch 😄

  7. I feel like the Gallywix mount could have been faction specific… with a gnomish themed one for Alliance… seems like a missed opportunity to bring back the Gnomes vs Goblins theme even if it would have been just for a mount.

  8. The blanket again? Does it even show up while mounted?

    Also, there's a skill cap increase so we'll be getting 8.2 the Tuesday after DMF leaves. So I'm thinking June 11.

  9. 0:40 so will it become easier to salvage parts as Ingi?
    Since the higher skill should increas the droprate of items for the MK2 Mogul Mount

  10. the parachute will become very useful after people unlock flying… the waterwalking shoes will be useful at the start of new expansions when we cant fly..

  11. Cooking has the engineering watermark and it's also broken half way through (text bleed outside background).

  12. I'm hoping that with a gnome themed zone (with a mega dungeon, no less) coming AND a new Blingtron means that we'll finally get some payoff to those decoded messages from the Blingtron 5k.

    I still want to see some of the shit described in those messages.

  13. I hate these hydrocore,breath, sanguicell esque materials because by the time I get to craft gear by getting enough of them, I already have better gear.

  14. From the amount of raw materials needed to craft pve 410 gear. still looks overly grindy and wearer has to have that skill to use the gear. Sad face for auctioneers. It's probably still only 2 peices which is another bummer. Sounds like ifyou want to make gold from professions still to just stick with gathering, which to me is not as fun. Good informative video, but upset with blizzard profession choices still.

  15. The tailoring blanket is not useless/vanity, it is used in the crafting recipe for the LW mount equipment rider's barding.

  16. "Contains a jagged metal rusty-O" on the mechabytes. I think the use effect will give you appendicitis.

    That Simpsons ref is older than WoW.

  17. LETS JUST ADD A FEM NUMBERS TOO IT THEY WILL BE HAPPY, all this feels like the same shit over n over

  18. Daily based cds, like in wod. Remove Soulbound from breath, hydrocore, sang,expulsom etc.
    Right now, the only profitable thing to do is farming. Need changes!

  19. Daily based cds, like in wod. Remove Soulbound from breath, hydrocore, sang,expulsom etc.
    Right now, the only profitable thing to do is farming. Need changes!

  20. Does the new crafted gear for Tailoring/LW/BS provide 2 pieces of gear with sockets or is it only 1 item because we get a socket?

  21. You can always use the Goblin Glider (engineer's bias), so I'm indeed sticking to the waterwalking lol

  22. Just gonna keep patting myself on the back for doing that anglers grind all those years ago. Good job younger me

  23. This means that they still haven't fixed crafting, it's still dull, no world drop recipe, no custom transmogs, no custom powerups (by custom I mean that they depend on your craft), crafting in BC to Pandaria was best.

  24. The saddle blankets do stuff. Something about logging on a mount with the blanket on? Like you are always rested?

  25. Well at least if that new mount has to have two different professions to make it that means you won't have to be an engineer solely to use it, thank God!

  26. im sick of playing seasons of an mmo, i want the whole expansion to feel like something. feels bad that all my gear is just going to be garbage every new season. I guess this is wow now, boooo

  27. Those water walking shoes wouldnt happen to work on Druid travel form would they? I'm guessing thats gonna be a big ole sad face since theres no mount slot for travel form >.<

  28. Seabreeze saddle blanket will not do nothing. I'd guess it works like the previous one, which gave rested XP when mounted, and not just in inns or allied cities

  29. Great video! It seems like there will be new trinkets similar to a new tier of Darkmoon Cards coming to Inscription!

  30. Thanks Hazel for all your research! These look fun. Can’t wait. I do hope in 8.3 we get a huge fishing update like the under light angler. That was so fun!

  31. I just capped my HoA at 50. After 6 months grinding world quests every single day, now I look at the map, and it is almost all azerite. I feelz lost.

  32. 3:05 Hazel, I think the parachute is going to be hugely popular. Everyone will put their free WW shoes on when 8.2 hits, then get flying, making the parachute a much better option until next expansion (when everyone will just buy shoes from the Anglers). So, once again, Blacksmiths will get screwed. Hard.

    And, no, having one mount item to make is not enough to save the profession. Blacksmiths need regularly consumed items to sell. Like gems, or tomes, or drums/gliders, or item enhancements like enchanting. In other words, we need them to bring back belt buckles and give us another new unique-equipped item to give players a gem slot on their choice piece of gear as well.

  33. since it isnt the old rare gems anymore for the jewlry ring, they arent gonne be crafted a lot if at all, or they cost like 500k a tier

  34. I think you need to update this guide, the Seabreeze is a reagent for the mount accesory Confortable Rider's Barding.

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