50 Replies to “New Device Uses Shock Wave Therapy To Treat Erectile Dysfunction”

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  2. Been used in Europe for years and a lot cheaper than in the states. Doctors are stealing from us for this simple therapy

  3. Thia device can be make it under 500 and should available for Home use without the doctors.
    These Doctors are trying to make money for a simple device.They have to go to hell

  4. Good info, just seems a bit too costly.
    Guys try kegel exercises for men and you'll see improvements over time.
    I'm 53 years young and a prostate cancer survivor.

  5. Long time ago I made me the same instrument with six dollars . although not fancy but works fine.
    I am an Electronic Engineer and mechanical designer. Why thousands?

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  12. Have you heard about Mario Volpstein's approach by any chance? It's dangerously effective. Doesn’t matter what you've tried, you can get massive, rock hard erections and give your partner all sorts of pleasures by using some silly techniques. Look for it in google to see what I mean.

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  18. Please send me details particular of dysfunction therapy, prise,country, and how many times to longgifivity.thank you very much

  19. It worked great. Side Effects: I now ejaculate lightning bolts from my penis. Girlfriend no like.

  20. sounds like it's always the medical industry they put financial gain before human beings help and well-being for that much money you might as well buy an implant seems like you just have to eat it take the pill I'll just try to find someone that can help you

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    Second, at $1000 it is eightfold overpriced. You can order exactly, and I do mean EXACTLY the same product through several other companies online for $150. Same case, same power supply, exact same unit, exact same power settings, frequency, buttons, exact same gel.

    Even the instruction manual is exactly the same. By that I mean a perfect copy on each and every page. Exact same wording and information. B-Potent just took someone else's instructions, ran them through Photoshop to remove the other companies identifying information and add their own. Please use any other company here is a link below for exactly the same thing for $850 less.


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  25. once someone said a phrase" kill all doctors " those who are using their MD power for treating patients and making money on them…I agree with comments and this should be and can be used at home )).
    It is used I think by Skin care therapists to treat skin.)
    Life was and is Greedy and some people and countries will never achieve high level life ,,,
    search the Youtube and I am sure you can find so many amazing things.)
    thanks !

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  28. Eating more pussy is a way to treat ED the pussy juices help me get rock hard.So real men just eat your old lady's pussy and your ED well improve.

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