[NEW] The Most Powerful People In The World Use These Techniques | Dr. Bruce Lipton

[NEW] The Most Powerful People In The World Use These Techniques | Dr. Bruce Lipton

do you think that’s a minor thing that just would have slipped away in history that you can control the population by programming the first six years of their life it’s a manipulation of people who are we whatever we’ve been programmed to be I get the first six years of programming I own your life it’s not your choice now it’s unconscious it will take you there whether you’re paying attention or not you look at the world and say look am i powerful maybe okay I’m not so powerful why there’s some very powerful people over there and then you may say well how did they get to be so powerful they didn’t get more powerful they just took away the power from us we’ve been programmed to be disempowered if I get the first six years of programming I own your life they knew that they boasted about it do you think that’s a minor thing that just would have slipped away in history that you can control the population by programming the first six years of their lives thing is are you kidding me that’s that’s fundamental to the leadership of the whoever’s in leadership capacity think about this there’s a book Rich Dad Poor Dad and this is a book about power empowerment and disempowerment and what’s the point people from poor families will grow up and remain poor and people from rich families will generally grow up and remain rich is it genetics no it’s the programming that the rich give to their family which is completely the opposite of the programming the poor give to their family it’s not the individual it’s not the person it’s the programming and and this is not new this is 500 years of boasting that fact not much I mean ain’t keep it a secret they actually said this just give me the kid for six years belongs to the church for the rest of its life they knew our consciousness either enhances us like a placebo effect or the same consciousness can take away your strength and kill you what which is called a nocebo effect it’s actually a name for that so it’s the power of your thinking and the thinking is who are we and we can program the belief that we’re frail and vulnerable you know like all kinds of things are out there to get us and and we have to protect ourselves and all that and it’s like this is a totally insane because we’re so powerful that we even don’t believe it you can heal yourself with energy you can heal yourself with thoughts you can hear yourself with with the right vibrational food and everything else surrounded by dealing with the vibration part so you say well we know this for a thousand years why why isn’t it recognized by the world and the answer it’s not in the interest of an industry that sells drugs because if I can heal you for free then what are you gonna do with the drug market if you get down to the simple understanding how your mind controls your genetics and your biological behavior then you have to recognize them the question is what programs have you been programmed with because those are the programs are going to shape your life the world we live in sees truth based on whether science says it’s true or not if the science is limited then the knowledge is power lack of knowledge lack of power if the science is not fully knowledgeable and limits it to that little narrow knowledge then we’ve limited our power and the fact is there’s new science that undermines all this stuff that you learned in school all the stuff I talked in medical school that science is in the last fifteen years man is it’s a revolution and the revolution is the rebels in the front the the the old guard is still in the back were the old textbooks with outdated information it’s totally outdated the the Newtonian physicist the ones that only saw the mechanical material world as real and didn’t consider the invisible realm as anything quantum physics comes in and says it’s the invisible realm that is actually shaping the physical realm energy shapes matter your vibration so first of all we see ourselves as physical reality but physical reality is an illusion atoms or vibrational units there there is no physicality to it so your vibration and the significance is when you get other vibrations that are in harmony with you that’s called constructive interference that means good vibes when you find your pull itself with other people that have the same vibration as you your energy gets enhanced it’s good vibes if you find yourself in a threatening environment the energy gets cancelled and that’s why you feel of a sudden drained week you feel very vulnerable and it’s because you’re an environment where the energy of the environment is not in harmony with who you are so organisms unconsciously will move to environments that strengthen their vibration will seek it out that’s so you’re that’s why we’re naturally designed to to seek out harmony in the world that’s that’s our intention the mind has two parts there’s a conscious part and a subconscious part the conscious part is you your personal identity it’s creative it has your wishes and desires the subconscious part is like a record playback mechanism it learns experiences push the button plays experiences back okay so now I say well okay our personal drive is our conscious wish and desire and then I’m going to tell you a fact and this is the freaky fact science has shown that we only run our lives 5 percent of the time with our conscious mind our creative mind the mind with your wishes and what you want out of life 95 percent of our life comes from the subconscious automated programs that play when we don’t even pay attention you know you can drive the car without paying attention it’s an automatic program you can do your job without paying attention it’s an automatic program so why is it important only 5% of our life comes from what we want 95 percent comes from the subconscious programs and then here’s the catch the first six years you are downloading behavior from your environment and those become your fundamental programs you watch your parents your family your community so who are we whatever we’ve been programmed to be you can change your programs and change your life virtually instantaneously but you have to know what you’re trying to do it and that’s the whole idea if nobody knows a that they’re even behaving from their their unconscious programs they don’t believe that they think oh oh I’m running my life with my intentions and my wishes it’s like what they’re thinking and I say that’s 5% but I in my lectures I give I say to people I said look I know some time in your life you had a very close friend you knew your friends behavior and you happen to know your friends parent and at some point you may have seen that your friend had some of the same behavior so you volunteered you go yeah you know Bill you’re just like your dad and the first guy you back away from is Bill he’s gonna go ballistic and say how can you compare me to my dad and I tell people that that’s so profound a story for what reason here it is everyone else can see that Bill behaves like his dad the only one who doesn’t see it is Bill and and we’re all bill meaning we play behaviors that don’t even harmonize with our wishes and desires but when we played them we don’t see them because they’re automatic and unconscious and then we wonder why our life isn’t going where we wanted to go and we didn’t realize fundamentally we were the ones that were shooting ourselves in the foot in the first place and it’s because we didn’t understand that the control can be controlled by the conscious mind but when the conscious mind is thinking about stuff then the default is the subconscious but the subconscious programmed by other people but if you reprogram the subconscious mind to have the same beliefs and wishes and desires that your conscious mind has so that both Minds have the same vision and destiny then there’s the honeymoon the rest of your life it doesn’t and then because you put in your wishes and desire so even when you’re not paying attention that’s when your subconscious playing is still going to play the same wishes and desires that you want in your life anyway but right now it plays the programs that you got from other people when you’re not paying attention that’s why you lose control over your life [Music] when you grow up in a threatening environment the fetus will develop bigger arms and legs and a much better hind brain because this is what is necessary for defense and we say look look well okay look blacks are great athletes I said yeah look where they all come from they all come from you know essentially an environment that is totally not supportive which means biologically they have to acquire the ability to fight to survive so their bodies are designed much healthier in that regard and and this is why we have to recognize biological organisms are designed to be a complement to their environment [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music]

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  1. Wait. So you鈥檙e telling me, that African Americans acquire longer, bigger, stronger, physiques because during childhood they went through some sort of trauma and their mind caused their bodies to grow?! Someone, please tell me this is not the case. Sounds like a strange theory to me. 馃槀

  2. No one cares about you book Brendon. People came here for Dr. Bruce Lipton. Stop making his talk your click bait dude. Not cool.

  3. Bruce Lipton is definately one of those who are at a higher level of consciousness. He is absolutely right – our lives are governed by our SOCIAL PROGRAMMING and the Elite are fully aware of this and use it to their best advantage.

  4. The comment about black people must've been to make white feel better about the genetic differences. There are plenty of white people who are born in unsupportive environments and still are low toned when speaking and frail in structure. We're just built different genetically. This explanation of why black people are stronger was offensive.

  5. Very Profound. With help of personal inventory via 12 steps (Fear environment) and awareness from meditation I agree with the mention of black and physical. Even when I didn't think I was afraid, I became very fast and quick runner (out of unconsciousfear)

  6. hey there at my place i have no one who understands this good shit of self development would love to have a friend that i can discuss this with freely, it really will make me a lot.

  7. The outside world, reflects our inner beliefs.
    Everyone we meet, is simply a mirror, reflecting our beliefs and perceptions back to us.
    Until you start believing in yourself, you will continue to receive a reflection that's unsupportive, resistant and negative.

  8. I woke up out of my sick 5 years of apathy in 81. Know the media wants you to feel powerless and can't make a difference. Crap.. I know that everyone can do something. If they can convince you that nothing can get better than the evils win

  9. 4:00 – 4:30

    WOW. This explained so much about my life and my sphere of influence and why I thought I was bipolar for so long. I鈥檓 not. I feel so happy around family and spiritual people. I feel so drained and depressed after hanging around some friends, even though it鈥檚 quite fun hanging around them. Their energy in canceling out mine and making me feel weak and vulnerable.

  10. Children from poor families most of the time get rich because of their TRYING not to be poor again. Didn't you know that?

  11. Good to see viewers of INFINITE WATERS here. I guess we are all on the same path to achieving our goals and that is to be our greatest versions and manifesting our dreams and desires

  12. Dr Bruce Lipton is an Amazing man. Thank you so much for sharing this video with us. Love and light. 馃榾馃鉂わ笍馃檹馃槝

  13. t seems my manifestations are being blocked… They get so close to happening then something happens and they are gone. Any ideas? This is dealing with dating and relationships. I will visualize something and it almost exactly happens but then it falls through almost like a spell or curse lol… What do you think? Liked your video. Maybe I am not detaching but things are happening so close then they stop completely.

  14. I guess it's good that I was neglected for my first 6 years. I found out: money is a tool; the public has herd mentality; we can work outside the box; failure is a learning method; you can nourish your body to not need medicine; and you create your reality.

  15. I am gonna work with you someday鉂も潳鉂も潳 love you Dr Bruce Lipton you helped mech an he my life…

  16. Moral of the story=don.t believe white bastard especially this 1 he just copy&paste what robert kiyosaki words..fucking white cun.t

  17. it's amazing how many people think we just happen to be the only "animals" who talk how we do and are as intelligent as we are to create rockets (and other incredible inventions) that go out of our world … why are we the only "animals" that wear clothes(the bible explains it, but I bet you can't), why did we feel we are naked? a goat doesn't wear clothes, a dog don't unless we put it on them… they don't run TV shows, they don't make youtube videos..why in the world would you not think your intelligence came from somewhere… you think a goat got a sub-conscious mind?… there are night and day, the sun and moon, there are seasons that come at intervals and in an orderly fashion, can you explain any of this? What man created the sun or moon. What man can go near the sun? How do you see all of this order and still think there is no GOD…really think about it

  18. My son turns 6 at the end of this month… How can I help reprogram his brain before he turns 7? He listens to sleep affirmations and I teach him about spirituality so hopefully I'm already doing enough 馃グ

  19. 7.17 fuck I wish I was Bill he look like he living the life I want and that sweet lady on his arm don't hurt either ,,馃榿

  20. Its true. Look at generation and generations of people on welfare in America. And yet poor legal immigrants come to America and in one generation become rich. Yet the poor American welfare family are still on welfare after 100 years.
    This is not normal. except for liberal governments who want people to continue being on welfare.

  21. This is quite a good starter , especially for those of us prone to procrastination. However, sometimes the problem goes a little deeper and needs some unpicking. Why do we self-sabotage? You can help get to your root causes of unproductivity with the help of a skilled therapist. Email [email protected] to set up a meeting or an online session.

  22. Its our duty to change the mindset of who we are. We are not only the poor being as been programmed by the authority. We must get out of the box, we are super powerful being not the poor image they boxed us in. Get out and start projecting ourselves as the co creator of the Divine. We can because we are one with Him. Go to my link, I am starting my own channel. My next coming video is about money vibration.

  23. I like Dr Lipton but he disappointed me at the black people comment. I鈥檓 sure there are poor white males saying 鈥渨hy isn鈥檛 my body built for my environment?鈥…

  24. It's amazing how everyone knows how hard it is to be black in America but local, state, and federal governments do nothing to help fix these fucked up policies, laws, or economical biasness black people are dealing with everyday. Wow… I guess everyone is programming themselves not to see! Lol….

  25. ok to be fair that's a good start and important to know, but how we can change those programs? What to do exactly?

  26. Can't even go through an 11 minute video without you bastards trying to monetize it, you suck and you are part of the problem your video is trying to get across

  27. And here is what I have learned about "programming" at a young age. In most urban area's, there is a campaign to entice young parents into placing their child/children into headstart(mindful of the wording) programs. It all makes sense now. Get em young while their minds are absorbing the indoctrination early! By the time a child is 6 or 7, they are conditioned. Logically, why would any parent place their 6 weeks old or 2-year-old into daycare? That is insane to me. This might be off topic, however, it's relevant because it all plays into programming

  28. Dr. Bruce lipton is my best lifecoach. Each video is lifechanging and motivating. Waiting eagerly for more videos.

  29. we have to realise that others who are above us they used us somehow in order to get that position or feelings or whatever maybes

  30. TRUE
    My life journey alone around the world since child was also part of the plan/programming of my Ancestors.
    "The closer you look, the less you see". My Ancestor wanted me to be prepared to re-Rise.
    As my Ancestors the kings and queens of Sumatra and Java are multiracial came from allover part of the world, they know.
    Just as the impression we always say: To look everything you need to be far away. True, I see now everything what has happened, I looked closer, I was there closer, I didn't understand anything, the more I was away and keep watching, the more I understand.
    (not to be misunderstood as not to be in the present, as everything is connected, the experience from the past and the now are connected to eachother).
    Also They always say, translated from our Minangkabau language of Sumatra, the root of present formal Indonesia languages "Bahasa Indonesia":
    Wide open Nature, let it be your guru/teacher.
    I've mentioned so many times in my previous posts about "Sun" stands alone but always shines no matter that some people hate it, talk or done about it, it benefits some, it destroys some. Its own power comes within itself not what other people talk, do to, think about him/the Sun.

  31. How much of a free will, of a free will of thought and a free will of action we actually do have? Those that keep me on the mind control responsible for my choices that they cause "SINs".

  32. a group singer in the 80's Pink Floyd says "we don't need no education…we don't need no thought control". They know something

  33. Not just blacks, ..Spanish, Irish, Indian, Natives, and some Islanders come from threatening environments. It starts with the energy within.

  34. Where is the video of Connor mc Gregor with gangsta paradise background music?? I've been searching it for weeks

  35. Guess the way is to let go of our beliefs, all those blockage and identity of low vibration that we identified with and restart our engine to positivity and start believing in what we really want again…

  36. Of course they know these things. But they can't hide it forever. The awakening has begun already. It can't be stopped.

  37. So true.
    Many of my cousins were told to achieve and be BETTER and they achieved BIG time.
    My dad taught me 'ordinary people don't have these things' and guess what?
    I never got to have any of those things I wanted, because my dad programmed me that people such as us don't have.
    Who the hell says we don't have certain things?
    Too late now, but if you are young and not sick then reach out and DO things!

  38. When one undergoes a God-enlightening experience and wholly changes and freely chooses to follow this new way, one's parents etc are all doing the opposite and object to us. When we follow our new way our personalities do change – we can always change and with the grace of God we can change dramatically and be nothing like our聽 'grow-up early environment or the characteristics of our parents.

  39. Wow I love Dr Bruce, his information has completely changed my life, thank you thank you thank you!

  40. Please help everyone in this universe by providing translation in all languages. So that everyone choose their mother tongue to understand in best manner. Thank you

  41. No. There are strong forces at work that keep the rich rich and the poor poor. Laws, techniques, and more keep people down.

  42. You can't heal yourself with thought/energy! If that was true no one would dies from cancer and other terminal illness.

  43. The economic system defines your start in life!

    Silver spoons no silver spoons!

    Don鈥檛 believe this shit like it鈥檚 your fault your poor.

    It鈥檚 your fault if you stay poor

  44. Not that you don't already know that you are brilliant but this is such an Awakening moment for me everything makes sense now thank you so much

  45. Bruce, i've been knowing you for the last 22 years as you were my teacher for FRACTAL BIOLOGY…so , i'm NOT YOUR teacher…but let me tell you anyway that I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!! 馃檪 as you never gave up the crazy idea to reach the point where you are now and the impact on us, the people, and the scientific world! THIS has been the best lesson for me and many other people! ps. please come more often here in italy ! ciao!!

  46. gyogyszer csak nektek kell vegy茅l be egy aranyerre kupot vagy kenegesd fel :)))) vagy tal谩n bet茅t kell?:))))

  47. I agree with most but what about the rich Africans with big muscles? Some of the wealthiest people on the planet are Big, Black people.

  48. Did he really just say (and I鈥檓 paraphrasing) great black athletes all come from threatening environments which causes them to develop larger limbs and larger hind-brains, ostensibly explaining how they became great?? @10:02 (What year is it?) And which scientific journal published the double blind controlled study from which this theory was derived?
    I literally had to stop my jog bc I almost tripped over my jaw, which is now firmly affixed to the ground…

  49. So no one has an issue that he said all BLACK ATHLETES came from threatening, unsupportive environments; that's why they are better athletes…come the fuck on…so what about ALL THE OTHER ETHNICITIES in trailer parks, slums and ghettos. Hell if that's the case, there should be an equal distribution of athletic talent.


  51. Flawless motivation!! Life concept is "what you think you will become", if you think positively you will be; moreover, if you think negatively that same will attract in your life. Subconscious mind has incredible power that will work on everyone's life. The simple concept everyone follow in your life that always think positive no matter how miserable it is keep your head up and move on till you accomplish it.

  52. I鈥檝e done the hypnosis therapy at home . It works . I did it off and on for a month .
    It is real it happens and it is real .
    An experience happened.

    This song Toto used to come on all the time when I was little . Hated that song . Not because of a bad experience it was just a boring song to me .
    Then after I started doing the hypnotherapy. The Toto song started coming on whenever I listened to music . I listened to the words and thought to myself , 鈥渘obody鈥檚 knows what they are talking about 鈥
    Then at work the next day the song started playing . A co worker said 鈥 this is Africa Toto but nobody鈥檚 knew what they were talking about 鈥

  53. What this video says is mostly the same thing which science has been saying all their life, your surrounding decide what you will become in ur life. Now there is a scientific logic behind, that is associated to your sub consious mind. You change the way you think, you will attract better things. Kind of what law of attraction keeps telling you.
    But not everything is associated to your sub consious mind. I have seen some real wealthy ppl life going topsy turvy and they became pauper in seconds. Some real healthy ppl living in amazing environment never smoked a cigarette in their life gets cancer. Some real good people, all their life has helped ppl, die in the most bizzare way. How these things happen then? Their sub consious mind lived in abundance and was trained to be see happiness and kindness everywhere. They should have lived this life till their death.
    This is where the universe/god part comes into the picture. There are certain things which are beyond the control of a human and these things created the religion all this centuries. Yes I understand we are energies and we are basically various energies interacting with each other and that is creating our reality.
    Something which the quantum science talks about. We are in the right frequency we will basically attract the right frequency. This will work 90% of the time but yes there are certain 10% cases which goes completely against his frequency,his behavior and his sub consious mind.
    The reason many people's life are changing a little by this video is bcoz of the negativity which we have created in ourselves by seeing the unpredictability we see around us. So these create wrong frequency and we stay our life in that shell even when the universe had no plans for them. But as I say there are certain things which happen completely out of a person's current reality, which frequency and sub consious mind do not explain.
    I am not sure how many ppl this comment will reach. There are many things we still need to understand which is beyond the energy and frequency of a person, something may be quantum realm can explain where some destinies are written.

  54. Powerful people make up shit to tax ignorant poor people. Destroy the country's that have industry and suck you into a socialist government. They pay stupid people to protest progress while they wallow in their wealth ignoring the lies they preach. 馃憥

  55. Good luck for you to find any more information about you so much more than this 馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憣馃尫馃尫馃尫馃尫馃尫馃尫馃尫馃尫馃尫馃尫馃尫馃尫馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮

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